Czechs Reject Turkey “Deal”

The Czech parliament this week rejected the European Union’s “deal” with Turkey—and has refused to take part in the EU’s planned “redistribution” of nonwhite invaders throughout Europe.

In addition, the Chamber of Deputies also rejected the idea of visa-free Turkish movement through Europe, and demanded that Greece be expelled from the EU.


The vote was the first definite statement of intent from the new parliament following recent elections where most of the pro-invasion politicians were removed from that body.

The development, coming so soon after the Polish government’s announcement that it too would not take part in any invader “redistribution” plan, has strengthened the possibility of a serious and unpredictable in its outcome—clash between the western European governments and those of eastern Europe.

Apart from dismissing the “redistribution of refugees” among EU countries, the Czech parliamentarians also called for the protection of the EU’s “outer borders” and humanitarian aid to genuine refugees—but that this was to take place outside of Europe.

In addition, the final resolution adopted by the Chamber read that those European countries which are “unable to protect the Schengen border should leave the zone since they threaten the security of the inhabitants of all EU countries.”

This was a direct reference to Greece, whose far-left government has been one of the primary causes of the crisis, by not firmly cracking down on the seaborne invasion.

Earlier, the Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka had offered the Greek government ten Czech “asylum experts” and thirty police officers to help that country cope with the invasion.

Speaking to the Chamber, Sobotka said that the closure of the “Balkans route” had meant that the “numbers of those getting to further European countries has markedly decreased.”

If any new routes appear, “Europe must close them too,” he added.

He also announced that the Czech government had allocated KZK100 million (Czech koruna, or in English, “crowns,” equivalent to just over $4 million) to support European countries confronted with the invasion.

The first recipient of this aid will be Macedonia, which has been given CZK20 million to help control its border with Greece.

* Following the Brussels attacks, the Czech government also approved a special decree giving the army the right to help police protect vital points such as airports, nuclear plants, some embassies, and the Prague metro.

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  1. The outcome of the clash between E & W Europe is not at all unpredictable. The E. European nations will split from the EU. They will quarantine themselves from the PC insanity virus and protect themselves from the human WMDs Merkel has launched in their direction. If necessary they will make a new alliance with Russia. This will happen quickly. The only uncertainty concerns Austria & Bavaria, whether they will have the sense to defy Merkel and join the East.

    1. Bavaria has already been advised to secede from the Federal Republic of G and join Austria. Good idea: Anschluß with the roles reversed.

    2. I agree they will split the EU, but I can’t see them making any alliance with Russia. They were under the thumb of Soviet rule for far too long to trust the Russians.

        1. Norway has filled itself up with Pakistanis, and has been accepting “refugees”. It is not run by anyone remotely like the people in charge in Poland or the Czech Republic. So what good is an alliance with Norway?

      1. We all know Sweden is finished. The other Northern countries should lock their border with Sweden to allow no one to enter.

      2. I only can speak about the situation in Sweden, and do not see the slightest chance for Sweden’s acting in the interest of the Swedish nation. Rather the opposite because of the since decades deeply ingrained culture of conformism where any expressions of different opinion have been surpressed – and lately even render you the epithet “racist”, “fascist”, etc. Yet, Swedes are surprisingly knowledgeable in the aeria of racial belonging, which they however wouldn’t disclose otherwise than within a strictly private circle.

      3. Scandinavia is finished. Sweden is almost lost and the others are not far behind. I expect a strong reaction from Russia because Putin will not, cannot, tolerate a new Islamic state on his doorstep. The strategic consequences of an Islamic takeover are horrifying. They would have ports in the Baltic, the North Sea and the Atlantic. They would have not just a bridgehead but an entire peninsula on Europe’s NW border from where they could fire at will.

    3. dunroamin you are so right. The ugly old cow in Berlin has no idea. Germany could end up in civil war as well. Perhaps Merkel has mad cow disease ? She is making a proper mess of Europe.

      1. There are other good global security (protection racketeering, if you insist) providers emerging. Russia is one of them.

  2. It’s good to see that Sobotka is finally “getting it” and not just president Zeman. As a Czechman I can be proud of how our government is handling the crisis which Merkel has inflicted on Europe. We have a lot of cheerleaders inside western Europe and the invasion has sparked a secondary wave of immigration in that not only are many Czechs moving back to CZ, but many other people from the big western European cities are coming here as well. Even if there is a successful forced distribution of invaders, the invaders themselves will not want to come to countries like CZ, simply because they’d only get 60 Euros a month, and not 800 like in some of the German states, or 1800 like in Switzerland. Furthermore, we LOVE our beer, our pork, and our dogs a lot more than some Mu**ims. We also have a talent for getting rid of people like them by making their lives a living hell, like we did with all the other invaders throughout history. Oh, and did I mention the fact that most Czechs have guns?

    1. hey, thanks for advertising switzerland – not! your analysis is a bit simplistic as the cost of living varies enormously between countries in europe.

    2. We love our beer, pork, bacon etc too in Britain, but we’re forced to eat meat which has been slaughtered in a cruel manner, because our government won’t allow us to choose non-Halal meat. Muslims have taken over most of our meat industry, and supply all schools, McDonald’s etc, with Halal meat whether we like it or not.
      It seems to be we British who are being discriminated against by our own government!

  3. Good news. Macedonia is aided with its border patrol And Greece is being called out on its leaky immigration policy. I think some Western European countries WILL indeed follow the Visegrad examples of common sense.

  4. Oh good the natives are almost beyond being restless and action is not far away.

    DUMP THE EU AS FAST AS YOU CAN. 80% of the western world is with you. Don’t believe what the media say they are still lying as are the western governments. Let’s get rid of all the mongrels.!!

    1. Indigenous Europeans on the whole continent are important, this is the only meme that struggles to hold this union together. But the organization they are using right now is broken and is in state of being thrown overboard as beyond repair. Discussion is already in state “is there something valuable (left) worth saving”.

  5. Latest news I’ve seen is seriously worrying for Brussels.
    53% of French people are demanding a UK style referendum (FREXIT) on continued EU membership, and Germans are calling for their own referendum also, I suppose that will be called GEXIT 🙂
    Looks like this “migrant” crisis may well destroy the corrupt organization!

  6. Are you working for the “stay in” brigade? Norway has shared resources and culture dating back over a thousand years. Sweden and Denmark are lost. Germany is a cesspit. Pakistani migrants are also a shared commodity, albeit for negative reasons. You wish for meltdown? Who do you favour for union?? Huh?

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