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Danish Parliament Opposes Ethnic Cleansing of Europeans

History was made this past week when the Danish parliament officially adopted a motion opposing the ethnic cleansing of white European people by Third World immigration, and called on that country’s government to take urgent steps to prevent white Danish people from becoming a minority.

The groundbreaking motion—which was fiercely opposed by the openly communist parties and the crypto-communist “socialist” parties in parliament, was passed on February 15.

Titled “About the number of residents in Brøndby Strand with immigrant backgrounds,” the motion reads as follows:

Parliament notes with concern that today there are areas in Denmark, where the proportion of immigrants and descendants from non-Western countries is over 50 percent. It is the belief of the Folketing [parliament] that Danes should not be in the minority in neighborhoods in Denmark.

The government and parliament have implemented a number of austerity measures that have limited asylum flows significantly, and which prevents parallel societies.

Parliament calls on the government to proceed with a political objective to reduce the number of asylum seekers and the number of family reunification, coming to Denmark.

The motion was adopted by 55 votes to 54 in the 170-seat parliament, and was proposed by Martin Henriksen from the Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti), Jakob Engel Schmidt from the Left, Denmark’s Liberal Party (Venstre Danmarks liberale parti), Laura Lindahl from the Liberal Alliance (which uses that English name), and, ironically, Syrian-origin Naser Khader from the Conservative People’s Party (Det Konservative Folkeparti).

The motion was opposed by the Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterne), the Red-Green Alliance (Enhedslisten—De Rød-Grønne), The Alternative (Alternativet), the Radical Left (Det Radikale Venstre), and the Socialist People’s Party (Socialistisk Folkeparti).

Not all Danish parliamentarians were present for the vote, but the four parties who voted in favor of the motion together hold 90 of the 170 seats, so the motion would have likely been passed had all members been present.

The current Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, of the Venstre party, governs in a loose coalition with the support of the other three parties which voted for the motion.

The motion was created after Danish media reports revealed that out of the 14,754 citizens living in Brøndby Strand, 51 percent are either immigrants or their descendants who were born in Denmark.

In Odense, immigrants and their descendants also constitute more than half the residents. Some 8,645 are of Danish origin, while 8,749 are either immigrants or their descendants.

According to the only available figures from Statistics Denmark—which are outdated—other areas with large “non-western” immigrant populations include Brabrand (36 percent), Ishøj (32 percent), Bronshoj (28 percent), Tilst (28 percent), Aarhus V (27 percent), Taastrup (24 percent), Copenhagen NV (23 percent), and Esbjerg Ø (22 percent).

It is still not clear exactly how the new motion can be implemented by the Danish government, but the mere fact that a European parliament has finally officially taken notice of the ethnic cleansing of white people by Third World immigration, is a breakthrough in itself.


    1. Rather small hope when it was 55 to 54, and yes, I read about the 90 out of 170, but I’d have expected 108/1! Pathetic!

  1. One small question. The so-called, ‘Refugees’ breed like rabbits in comparison with the indigenous population and what with their, ‘Human Rights’ (which part of this decision seems contrary to) in bringing in family from outside, precisely what prevents the “….ethnic cleansing….” referred to from continuing by, in effect, overwhelming?
    Sounds to me like the proverbial, ‘stable door’……….
    Whereas, if there was some sort of declaration that would ensure that most “Refugees” were shipped back, that would be another matter.

  2. It is a start but far from enough. All benefits to invaders MUST be suspended, no multiple wives as it’s against the western law and if they do not speak the lingo withing 6 months of arrival, out them.
    However, there is one good thing about it. It will, hopefully, awaken ordinary sheeple to the fact that even government is now seeing the reality of the situation and dangers associated with multiculturalism and make them act requesting more action. But don’t hold your breath though.

    1. The politicians are only doing this to save their jobs, if you think they just started giving a darn you are out of touch with what a real politician is all about. They will just ship the “refugees” to areas that have less invasion.

      1. Well aware of it my friend. But, move like that does have impact on shitizen sheeple who might, just might, put more pressure up and start ball rolling for those who, like Farage and Trump, Le Pen and Wilders etc. etc. can benefit from wider support.

  3. Just why and how did third worlders impose themselves upon tiny Denmark in the first place?
    As far as I know, one of Denmark’s biggest industries is the raising and slaughtering of swine – hardly an industry to attract Muslim immigrants.

  4. What was the specific name of this resolution because I cannot find anything related anywhere else on the internet. Thank you.

    Editorial note: The link to the original motion is included in the article above, but here it is again for you: Forslag til vedtagelse V 38 Om antal beboere i Brøndby Strand med indvandrerbaggrund.” (Proposal to adopt V 38 About the number of residents in Brøndby Strand with immigrant backgrounds.) The link is directly to the Danish Parliament website.


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