Danish Patriot Charged over “Asylum Spray”

The leader of the Danish nationalist Danskernes Parti (Danes’ Party), Daniel Carlsen, has been charged with “racism” for a publicity stunt in which he handed out cans of hair spray which he had labelled as “asylum spray.”

The cans’ new labels said that they were an “effective” and “legal” means for Danes to protect themselves from “asylum seekers.”


Carlsen handed out 100 cans of the relabeled hair spray two weeks ago in the streets of Haderslev in southern Jutland, in a move which attracted worldwide publicity.

For this “crime,” South Jutland Police have confirmed to TV Syd that a racism charge had been filed against Carlsen.

Carlsen said the police charge was “political theater. I think it is a very, very weak case. We handed out hairspray with a sticker on it so I doubt that anything at all comes out of the charges.”

He added that the police likely acted on “political pressure” from parliament.


Carlsen said that the cans of “asylum spray” were meant to help people feel safe in Haderslev, where an invader center houses around 140 nonwhite invaders pretending to be asylum seekers.

Earlier this year, police confirmed a number of cases where local white women were sexually harassed by the nonwhites from the center.

“There is a sense of insecurity, including in Haderslev, where we have experienced a rape committed by an asylum seeker and that is the insecurity that we are trying to do something about,” Carlsen told TV Syd while handing out the cans.

Denmark’s so-called ‘racism paragraph’ often leads to formal police complaints.

The Danish racism law is not always applied consistently. Just last week, prosecutors said that no formal charges would be pursued against a Danish People’s Party politician who was reported for racism after she said that foreigners “cheat, they steal, they rape, and they kill.”

However, another Danish People’s Party politician was convicted of “racism” after he compared Muslims to Hitler, and a man from the island of Lolland, who spat from a bridge onto a swarm of invaders pouring along a motorway in Denmark, recently chose to be fined 5,000 kroner rather than have his racism case go to court.

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  1. Wasp spray works better, as being sprayed in the eyes will send one to the hospital. Wasp spray has a range of about 20 feet, making it effective at a distance…

  2. Hairspray is not much good.
    I reccomend a can of “Deep Heat”, “Fiery Jack” or similar. If stopped, it’s for your tennis elbow or frozen shoulder.

  3. When using the asylum hold lighter in front of nozzle for better effect! Also good for use on politicians who allow this trash into your country!

  4. Does not anyone see that a plan was long ago devised and put into effect way prior to the invaders arrival, a plan that made laws to silence opposition to what they already knew they were going to do ?
    This invasion is not by accident,it was planned and it was for this very reason that they took away the weapons from Europeans and also created all the anti racism laws. They have taken away your means to fight back both physicaly and verbally. The enemy is very sly to create and put all of this into place beforehand. Of course when all was orderly and the society was living lawfully then no one would believe that they needed arms and the enemy could easily slip in laws prohibiting arms and the same with racism laws, its quite diabolical and beyond the belief of most people that there is an enemy that devises such long range plans and actually puts them into action.
    People must learn to realize that every move the enemy puts into place is for the advancement of their genocidal agenda and the means to protect this. If they want to take away your weapons its so that you can not protect yourself from their planned agenda. The same with the racism laws , its all to silence opposition to their genocidal warfare against the white race.

    1. Bob, I don’t subscribe to the claim by the adherents to the Coundenhove-Kalegri Conspiracy Plan that the World is working to that agenda. I only know that you need look no further than the United Nations to see what they advocate to understand the plan to dilute the ‘European’ into some ‘coffee-coloured’ multinational person. Studying the UN and UN speeches, (principally Peter Sunderland) and the list of Nation supporters of the UN, tells all. When it comes about, which surely it will by virtue of demographics alone, I will not be here but I observe here and now that the fatal flaw of the UN Plan is, simply, Islam. To think up and work to a plan devised in the 19th/20th Century believing it will trump all else demonstrates a quite unbelievable and naïve ignorance of what Islam stands for and has stood for since the year 743. Islam is riding on the back of the UN Plan at present, until their time is right……..

  5. They are let in by the politicians. Those politicians know very well what will happen. Anyone just open their doors to anyone will get things stolen or raped. No need high IQ to understand that. The people should go after the politicians that turn their countries into cesspits and vote the right politicians in.

    1. Exactly. While our men should patrol the streets to protect our women and elderly, always keep the heat up NONSTOP on our politicians who let them in. That’s what Germans are learning to do. Just as the Romanians rose up against Ceausescu.

  6. Its hopeless trying to decide which of the two sides hate the white European more – the Government or the Cult of Submissions’ resident army. Maybe I’ll flick a coin…….

  7. So when a fake migrant assaults a child or woman, what name do they call it? Is it called racism and assault, terrorism? They won’t even call terror attacks, terrorism.

  8. Won’t be long before they start throwing gasoline on you guys and lighting you up. Mark my words, their evilness has no bounds!

    1. Yes it’s as though some folks still don’t fully accept the reality of the situation or what is required to remedy it. Cans of hairspray, wasp spray, shark spray it ain’t.

    2. If events continue to rapidly degenerate and deteriorate,what are the chances of the formation of hardcore paramilitary units to deal with all this, comprising of Brit, American and European resistance fighters, capable of fast deployment at short notice. The writing’s on the wall for zog and their zombie army.

      1. I think you nailed it with degenerate, so few will step up, at least in the urban theater.
        Good news, you can’t plant corn in concrete.

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