Danish People’s Party MP Unimpressed by “Multicultural” Welcome in New Zealand

Outspoken anti-immigration Danish People’s Party Member of Parliament Marie Krarup was unimpressed by a “native” welcome accorded her on a recent official trip to New Zealand which she described as a “grotesque” mark of multicultural worship.


Writing in Danish on her blog, Ms Krarup said that she had recently completed an official trip with the Danish parliament’s defence committee to various installations in New Zealand.

“And I must say that civilization and its opposite exists there,” she added.

“At a naval base, we were not greeted with handshakes or salutes by uniformed men which is the norm. No, we were greeted with a Maori dance ritual, by a half-naked man in a grass skirt, who shouted and screamed in Maori.

“He performed strange rituals and stuck his tongue out while we looked on. We were told by a local that we were not allowed to laugh, and that after his noisy performance we would go into a Maori Temple, where the naval officers were waiting for us.

“But even there, they were still not allowed to shake hands with us. We had to go through a long ritual in Maori, where the neat, white-robed and European maritime officers had to speak in broken Maori and sang a song that sounded like “The Ladybird is always happy”* in Maori—complete with guitar accompaniment.

“I tried to catch some of the officers’ eyes during this performance, but they just looked downwards. After this ritual was complete, we were finally allowed to greet the officers—but only by touching noses, not with a handshake.

“I must tell you, you feel like an idiot when you are forced to rub noses with 10 European naval officers. I was grateful when one of them gave me a kiss on the cheek instead of a nose rub!

“After the ritual was complete, we could switch into English and in general have a civilized visit.

“However, we were still in the Maori Temple, which was decorated with angry-faced deities and large erect penises. It is a mystery to me how the poor naval officers could endure both the ceremony and the surroundings.

“The temple is one of several designed to enhance ‘cultural awareness’ and even more are planned to receive official guests to defense installations in New Zealand.

“One might also call it cultural self-destruction, or grotesque multi-culti-worship. But it had obviously had its effect on the New Zealand naval officers!

“Later in the visit I was informed by a concerned conservative politician that between 50,000 and 80,000 New Zealanders leave the country every year. But the population does not fall. The outgoing—mostly of European descent—are replaced by Asian immigrants.

“He told me that it ‘it will not be long and we will have a brown population.’

“How will the culture be in the future New Zealand? Hardly like it has been in the last 200 years.

“Valdemar Rørdam wrote, as you know, ‘that never can a people perish, if they do not will it.’ It  seems as if New Zealand is a nation that will not endure, either physically or culturally.

“Never let Denmark reach that stage,” she concluded.

Ms Krarup told a Danish newspaper that she had received hate mail from New Zealanders calling her a racist, but insisted she did not look down upon the Maori culture, which she said was “very foreign” to her.”

She did, however, question why European New Zealanders were not able to “defend their culture.”

The Danish People’s Party is the third largest party in Denmark, and was previously a coalition partner in government until 2011.

* A Danish children’s song.

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  1. Cowards the whole lot. Or just too stupid to see whats happening. I like the kiwis but they really don’t have any foresight!

  2. We have similar drivel in Australia though it’s not as bad as in NZ. At any public gathering there’s an insulting “welcome to country” by an ‘aboriginal’ elder – usually a white man with maybe one sixty-fourth aboriginal heritage. It’s a new thing. It didn’t exist when I was young and even one full blood aboriginal woman has said it’s rubbish. But everybody looks solemn and respectful.

    Maybe it is time for whites to disappear they are so gutless. I think the two fratricidal wars in Europe killed our bravest and best.

  3. The Danish MP is quite clearly ignorant, under the Treaty of Waitangi the indigenous Maori population have the right to retain their customs etc and unlike the nutters in Europe, except for some of the eastern countries, NZ arent trying to replace their indigenous populations with Islam. Unlike a lot of Pakeha, Maori respect the land and are natural environmentalists, look at how the Chinese, Americans etc have polluted their countries in the name of greed. Whats more primitive dancing in a grass skirt or sh*ting in your food basket?

    1. Do you mean that under the Treaty of Waitangi the New Zealand (white) naval officers have to dress in Maori robes and rub noses with foreign guests to NZ? You deem this superior to allowing Muslim excesses in Europe, don’t you? Why? Isn’t it as bad?

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