Dead Children Pictures: A Study in the Controlled Media’s Anti-European Double Standards

The disparity in media coverage given to the images of the tragic beach drowning of a Syrian boy and the Israeli murder of four children on a beach in Gaza in 2014 serve as a perfect example of the controlled media’s double standards with regard to Europeans and Jews.


While the media has focused on promoting the image of the drowned five-year-old, the son of would-be illegal immigrants from Syria whose death was the fault of his irresponsible parents, the images of the murdered Palestinian children has effectively been blacked out from public knowledge.

The media censorship applied to the Israeli murders has been so complete that hardly anyone even knows the names of the dead Palestinian children—unlike the recently drowned Aylan Kurdi, whose name and family situation has been spread far and wide.

Ismail, Ahed, Zakaria, and Mohammed Bakr were four cousins (aged between 9 and 11) who were playing hide and seek on a beach in Gaza just before 4pm on July 16, 2014.

It took place at the height of that year’s Jewish Israeli attack upon Gaza, which the controlled media had already spun as a “defense” against “Palestinian rockets.”

(In actuality, the “Palestinian rockets” were homemade steel pipes filled with crude propellants which hardly ever hit anything, as opposed to Israel’s US-financed and supplied advanced missiles, jets, and attack helicopters, but readers of the controlled media were also routinely denied those facts as well.)

The Israeli attack on the Gaza City beach which resulted in the four boys’ deaths started at 4 pm, right in front of the Al-Deira hotel, which was being used as a base by many journalists covering the ongoing attack by Israel against Gaza.

As a result, the tragedy was captured on film by dozens of photographers who also served as eye-witnesses—but in spite of this, the coverage given to the events was minimal.

The first Israeli rocket attack on the beach hit Gaza City’s harbor wall, and as the smoke cleared, the four children could be seen running along the wall and onto the beach in an attempt to cross the short distance to the safety of the hotel.

As the children waved and shouted at the watching journalists, a second rocket hit the beach, its aim having been clearly adjusted to target the fleeing survivors, even though it was obvious they were children.


In seconds, the four cousins were dead. The photographs of that murder appeared briefly in some media outlets, but most of them were far too busy promoting pro-Israeli propaganda to give any serious airtime or coverage to the incident.

Ismail-Bakr-04 Ismail-Bakr-05

However, the more recent tragedy—that of the drowning of Aylan Kurdi—which occurred after his would-be illegal immigrant parents irresponsibly put him on a crowded dinghy in the Mediterranean Sea, has been given extensive worldwide coverage by the same media—all with the intention of changing public policy over the ongoing invasion.

The double standards are clear on a number of levels:

-Firstly, the media’s promotion of the picture of the drowned Syrian child is clearly being done to morally justify the invasion of Europe by Third World swarms, even though the facts of the situation show clearly that the vast majority do not even qualify as “refugees.”

– Secondly, the media’s lack of promotion of the pictures of the murdered Palestinian children shows clearly their bias in promoting and protecting Israel;

– Thirdly, the media continually fails to draw attention to the fact that Israel refuses to allow anyone but racially-defined Jews into their country, while Jewish activists in Europe and America continuously demand that Europeans absorb all manner of Third World invaders.

The biased and essentially anti-European mass media’s coverage of children’s deaths is clearly linked to the disproportionately high involvement of Jews in the mass media, as the Daily Mail itself once alluded to in an editorial piece.

Fortunately, the existence of the Internet has now served as a conduit to bypass the controlled media, and increasingly large numbers of people are able to access the full facts about matters such as the Jewish promotion of the Third World immigration flood into every county—except Israel, where illegal immigrants are routinely rounded up, arrested, deported—and officially described as “infiltrators.

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  1. Probably less than 1% of the invaders are children, but these pictures are rammed down our throats, when the men probably let the kids drown to save themselves…sick of it…!!!

  2. The posed images of the drowned Syrian boy (yes, the MSM hyenas actually moved his body a few hundred yards to get better camera angles, see was used in what is known as “manufacturing consent” – a cynical attempt at emotional blackmail and hugely effective too, judging from the resulting uproar.

    It is said the only difference between rape and consensual sex is ‘salesmanship’. So, you want the European whore to spread her legs for millions of filthy unwashed rapefugees, just show her some dead kid pics.

    Editorial note: We would suggest not using that blog post as a source. If you read it in its entirety, you will see that it contains ad admission at the end that the report is false and the pictures are different.

  3. They consider themselves so unique that they are putting themselves in a box to keep themselves pure. I guess that is what you call zionism

  4. All these tragedies will happen when the wrong people are voted into powerful positions. And over population. Look at all your African countries, every one of them have turned into wastelands when the whites left. South Africa is no exception, the white farmers are leaving or have been murdered. The beautiful asserts that were left are no more. The only thing that will save us is educating kids from grade R, to create a middle class. Free education to Matric not free colleges or free universities. Create trade schools for those with the ability to be practical and not have the ability to study further than Matric. A number of the striking students don’t deserve to be at university, they drop out half way because they have a 33% pass rate. Or they are just thugs, and troublemakers.

    1. “All these tragedies will happen when the wrong people are voted into powerful positions.” – Absolutely, but look around, are the right people EVER voted into these positions?! Many such positions aren’t elected anyway, but of those which are, is the system safe against the manipulation of rich “donors”? Seems to me that democracy can only work if it is totally direct – regular referenda on all major issues, in response to public demand – or shielded by so many failsafes that it almost ceases to be a democracy, turning into a managed system relying on the good conscience of whatever guardians are appointed to oversee its implementation. Whenever the right people do get in, they will have a big job to ensure that any ground won translates into durable change.

  5. This European gold rush is going to cause a lot of deaths, the bad part, many will be European. The third worlders are coming to stake their claim in Europe and the European women and children are as much of the bounty as the entitlements, so don’t get all soft and gooey over this, you may need to save it for a family member.

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