“Defend Europe” Anti-Invasion Ship Celebrates 76% Drop in Invaders Since Mission Starts

The C-Star “Defend Europe” anti-invasion boat—funded by public subscription to the Generation Identity organization—has issued a statement celebrating a 76 percent drop in African invaders trying to land in Europe since their mission began at the beginning of August.
The drop is marked: from August 1 to August 10, 2016, some 6,554 invaders landed in Europe, while for the same period in 2017, “only” 1,572 invaders managed to make it ashore.
The C-Star statement—issued on Twitter—said that the “decrease in the number of illegal immigrants departures isn’t due to chance but the consequence of political decisions made by Italy and of its negotiations with Tripoli.
“However, the left-wing government, based in Rome only reacted thanks to the growing media pressure during several weeks.
“The Defend Europe mission has played a crucial role in that sense, as you can simply check out on the recent media coverage.
“Our action shows that European citizens can coordinate at the [grass]root [level] in order to efficiently substitute [for the] state’s [in]action,” the C-Star statement continued.
At some point, the statement said, ten men on a ship, supported by millions of their peers on land, counted for more than all of the “charities” which are engaged in the illegal smuggling of invaders across the Mediterranean Sea.
This drastic fall in the number of crossing attempts “definitely proves” that the “charities” and their “uncontrolled operations are directly responsible for the massive arrival of illegal immigrants,” the statement added.
The figures about the decrease were released by Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti late last week. Minniti—a member of the Italian Communist Party from 1980 to 1991—is most certainly not motivated by any desire to protect Europe, and is, as the Defend Europe statement alluded to, only reacting to public pressure on the matter.
According to a Politico report, the Italian government decided to finance the resurrection of the Libyan coast guard, just one of the organizations which collapsed when Minniti’s European Union (EU) and the Obama administration decided to destroy the Gadhafi government in Libya,
The collapse of the Gadhafi government served to open the door for the mass African invasion which only started in earnest after that event.
“When we said we had to relaunch the Libyan coastguard, it seemed like a daydream. Last weekend they saved 1,180 migrants while the whole international apparatus only saved 130. In the past four years that had never occurred,” Minniti said at a press conference in Rome.
He went on to demand that the EU “allocate to Africa — and especially Libya, which currently accounts for 97 percent of departures—the same amount of “effort and resources” that it devoted last year to stemming the invasion through the Balkans.
“Minniti does not expect €3 billion overnight,” Politico reported,—but he wants Europe to consider stumping up “a similar amount,” and he wants it “to happen rapidly since the mechanism is working in Libya and needs to be sustained.”
Such resources should mainly be committed to the protection of borders, both on the coast and along Libya’s southern frontier, including providing funding and training for the country’s coast guard and border guard services.
Thus European taxpayers are once again expected to pick up the tab for idiotic decisions made by the EU. In reality, the only way that the invasion can be stopped is by Europe declaring itself a non-immigration destination—like Japan or China—and by using force to halt the invasion.
* The C-Star Twitter account also made fun of recent controlled media reports that the ship had to be “rescued” by a pro-invasion “charity” smuggler boat. In reality, the C-Star experienced a minor technical problem which was quickly fixed without outside help, and all reports claiming that it had to be “rescued” are false.

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