Delaware: Whites Blamed for Nonwhite Academic Failure

The “state of Delaware”—(i.e. the white establishment) is to blame because between 70 and 89 percent of “low-income students, and English learners” (i.e. nonwhites) are unable to meet the state’s own math, and English Language Arts standards, claims a new law suit filed by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

The Joseph H. Douglass school in Wilmington, Delaware.

The suit, lodged by the American Civil Liberties Union of Delaware on behalf of the NAACP and anotehr anti-white organization calling itself “Delawareans for Educational Opportunity,” accuses the state “of violating a requirement in the state constitution to ensure adequate education funding for disadvantaged students.”

In a 55-page complaint, the suit claims that “state policies favor students in wealthy school districts over those living in poverty” and that “students with disabilities and English language learners are not being provided with adequate resources to succeed in school.”

The real reason for the disparity—differences in race and IQ—are of course, ignored. All IQ tests have shown that whites and certain groups of Asians have an average IQ of 102 and 108 respectively, allowing them to perform better at cognitive tasks than American “blacks” and Hispanics, who have average IQs of 80 and 85 respectively.

Because this scientific fact is denied, the ACLU, NAACP and other organizations must therefore always look to some other environmental reason for the difference in scholastic ability—anything rather than admit that race, IQ, and achievement are directly linked.

This “something else” always takes on the form of blaming “discrimination” in one form or another, and this “discrimination” is always carried out by white people, either individually or as a group.

Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. If anything, whites as a group bend over backwards to try and help and accommodate nonwhites in every conceivable field, ranging from agreeing to “affirmative action” programs to push unqualified nonwhites ahead of qualified whites, to massive tax subsidies for endless “upliftment” programs.

The fact that all these “uplftment” programs always fail, is a source of great mystery to the race-denying establishment, and their answer is always to blame white people once again.

The latest suit in Delaware is no different. Despite millions have been pumped into the education system in that state, and nationally, nonwhites still fail to achieve and maintain white standards and grades—but this biologically-determined fact is unacceptable.

According to the suit, state- and county-level officials have “breached a provision of the Delaware Constitution” that guarantees a “general and efficient system of free public schools” in the state.

The suit admits that test scores for the “disadvantaged students registered well below the state’s own benchmarks,” but, it says, this is a “clear failure to adequately educate the students.”

In other words, it is the state (i.e. white taxpayers) who are to blame because the “disadvantaged students” do not perform well.

The suit says that 64 percent of “low-income students,” 85 percent of “English language learners” and 86 percent of “students with disabilities” did not meet the state standards in grades three through eight for English language arts.

At the same time, it continues, 74 percent of “low-income students,” 81 percent of “English learners” and 89 percent of “students with disabilities” fell below the state’s math standards in those grades.

The suit claims that the state is to blame because it has employed a “system for public school funding that created disparities between districts and failed to account for greater needs among disadvantaged students.”

In other word, the state has not spent enough on the “disadvantaged” schools, and should take away money from schools in “advantaged” areas and spend it in the “disadvantaged” areas. All these words are, of course, code for “nonwhite” and “white.”

Among other things, the plaintiffs are seeking permanent injunctions compelling the officials to “establish, fund and maintain a general and efficient system of free public schools that provides all disadvantaged students.”

The state of Delaware has indicated that it is going to contest the case.

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