“Democracy” in Action: France Bans Tiny “Right Wing” Parties

In a move quite typical for modern Western “democrats,” the French government has banned a further two tiny “right wing” groups after an altercation in Paris’s city center saw a young homosexual communist thug die after taking part in an attack on “nationalist” youths at a clothing shop.

Dead Communist Clément Méric (with mask) during militant homosexual march in Paris.

The French government announced this week that it was banning what it called “two far-right militant groups” after outlawing three others earlier this month.

“There is no place in our country for hate, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, or anti-Muslim acts,” Interior Minister Manuel Valls said following a cabinet meeting that agreed to dissolve L’Oeuvre Francaise (The French Work) and the Jeunesses Nationalistes (Nationalist Youth).

While banning groups will have “little impact” on the politics of their supporters, the “gesture” of banning an organization sends a strong message that the government is fighting extremism “in all its forms”, he said.

Valls does not seem to appreciate that in a democracy, opinions do not get “banned”—in fact, that sort of behavior is exactly what he and his ilk accuse fascists of doing. This obvious contradiction—quite common in western European “democracies” is never even discussed in the controlled political climate.

Earlier in July, the French government closed the Troisieme Voie (Third Way) organization and what they called its “militant wing,” claiming that “some of its members” were allegedly involved in the June brawl which resulted in the death of communist thug Clément Méric.

According to the “democrats,” the now banned organizations “form the hard core of around a dozen far-right movements, with up to 3,000 members.”

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