Democratic Fascist Attempt to Railroad Greece’s Golden Dawn Falters on“Flimsy Science Fiction” Indictment

An eighteen hour court session in Athens has ended with the release on bail without specific charges of three democratically-elected lawmakers from the Golden Dawn party, because of the “flimsy science fiction” indictment, that party has said.

The release of the men has severely undermined the basis for the democratic fascists’ attempt to outlaw that party as it has cast a shadow over the strength of the case against Golden Dawn.


 “In agreement with the investigators and prosecutors, comrade deputies Kasidiaris, Panagiotara and Michos were released,” said Golden Dawn in an official statement on their website.

“Bail has been imposed on Kasidiaris, while the other two have been forbidden from leaving the country.

Comrade Yannis Lagos was kept in detention, obviously for political reasons, as it will soon be proven that he has nothing to do with this flimsy science fiction indictment.

“It becomes clear that the Greek Justice system refused to execute the political crime of the occupation government,” the Golden Dawn statement continued.

“Both investigators and prosecutors conferred for hours to decide the fate of the four defendants. The unconstitutional and totally beyond any notion of law conspiracy by the government crumbled in front of the glaring truth and common sense before the court.

“The government and the kleptocratic parties, professional snitches, media channels, newspapers and radio will be held accountable for the four days of incredible lies and slanders which they propagated against the nationalist peoples’ movement.

“Golden Dawn, stronger and more determined than ever, will continue the legitimate political struggle for the freedom of our people and our homeland from international moneylenders and domestic servants of foreign powers! Golden Dawn does not die, Greece will win!” the statement concluded.

Over 400,000 Greeks voted for Golden Dawn, electing eighteen members of the Greek parliament. Most of these lawmakers were arrested over the past weekend in swoops by masked and armed hooded democratic secret police upon the orders of the government, and have been charged with murder, money smuggling and running a “criminal organization.”

The “murder” charge relates to the death of an obscure rapper who claimed to be “anti-fascist.” The state alleges that the Golden Dawn leadership was somehow directly involved in the murder, even though Golden Dawn has already produced evidence showing that the argument which led to the stabbing was a bar fight over a football match and that the alleged murderer was not even a member of the party.

The other charges are obviously equally made-up and tenuous—hence the release of the first batch of lawmakers so early in the state’s case.

Party spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris and fellow lawmakers Ilias Panagiotaros and Nikos Michos stormed out of the court to cheers of “bravo” from supporters.

“We will not back down!” Michos shouted. “You can only stop us with bullets. Even from the grave, we will rise up—know this well!”

A fourth Golden Dawn legislator, Yannis Lagos, was ordered to be kept in detention. All four denied charges against them.

Kasidiaris was released on bail of 50,000 euros ($67,600).

Party leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos is due to appear before the same judge later.

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