‘Democratic’ Fascist Hypocrites in Greece Arrest Golden Dawn Opponents

The establishment’s so-called “democrats” in Greece have revealed their true fascist nature by today arresting the leader and other members of the Golden Dawn party on made-up charges of “founding a criminal organization.”


The fascist “democrats” struck early in the morning, sending in secret police teams to arrest Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos, 56, at home.

Arrest warrants have been issued for “dozens more” party members and members, including all the party’s elected lawmakers in the Greek parliament.

The arrests follow communist-organized demonstrations following the death of an obscure half-Turkish “rapper” who was killed in a bar fight over a soccer match, but which the extremist leftist media and their establishment allies blamed on Golden Dawn.

Golden Dawn has of course nothing to do with the killing—but the establishment has used it as an excuse to blame the entire party.

This is by itself an outrage—considering that in 1991, the currently ruling New Democracy party—the same ones who have now ordered the arrest of the Golden Dawn leaders—saw its members murder leftist teacher Nikos Temponeras.

That murder caused major riots in all main Greek towns, with a 25,000-strong demonstration in Patra where Temponeras was killed.  This was followed by the burning of the police station and the Town Hall, and public violence in Athens which only abated after the Minister of Education resigned.

There were no moves to ban New Democracy after this incident, and the obvious double standards being applied to Golden Dawn are typical of the facade of modern liberals, who pretend to be tolerant only as long as their opponents agree with them. As soon as they face real opposition which threatens their hold on power, these “democrats” morph into the worst sort of vicious fascists who they claim to oppose.

Chrysi Avgi, or Golden Dawn, won 21 seats in the Greek parliament during the 2012 election, making it Greece’s third most popular political party.

At time of writing, the Greek democratic secret police’s “counterterrorism unit” is hunting down all the deputies.

The arrests have come at the urging of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece, according to an article in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

“We urge the Prime Minister, as well as all the leaders of the democratic parties to work together … to cooperate for the voting of a strong and effective legislation that will combat racism, intolerance and anti-Semitism,” the Central Board’s statement said. “All parties have to turn their promises into legislative action and finally stop those who seek the return of the darkest period of our history.”

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  1. ” Golden Dawn has of course nothing to do with the killing—but the establishment has used it as an excuse to blame the entire party.”

    This is the very same ruse used to take down Iraq and the list of nations since that nasty trick.

    This will go on being used against every nation until we UNITE and stop it.

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