DNC Erects Trump Wall at Convention

Philadelphia—The Democratic National Convention (DNC) has erected a four-mile, eight-foot wall around itself—and has also demanded that all voters produce photo ID.

At the same time, the party opposes Trump’s border wall, and objects to any requirement for voter ID at national elections.


The massive Donald Trump-style wall has been erected around the Wells Fargo Center in order to protect the DNC from demonstrators—in this case, most likely to be Bernie Sanders supporters angry at the clearly illegal way the party snuffed out his candidature bid.

This is also apparently the motivation for the demand for all congress-goers to produce photo-ID before they are allowed to pick up their voting papers inside the conference.


When it comes to the US border, the Democratic Party—and Hilary Clinton in particular—have expressed vehement opposition to Donald Trump’s call for a wall.

At the same time, the Obama administration approved a plan earlier this year to raise the height of the wall around the White House by 5 feet and add a new concrete foundation to reduce the risk of fence-jumpers.

In March this year, Hilary Clinton, in a statement condemning Trump for proposing the building of a wall on the US border, said that that idea was “both wrong and dangerous.”

In a reference to Trump and his signature proposal to build a wall on the Mexican border, Clinton said: “Walls will not protect us from this threat. We cannot contain ISIS — we must defeat ISIS.”

“When other candidates talk about building walls around America, I want to ask them: How high does the wall have to be to keep the Internet out?” Clinton said, deliberately confusing the issue between physical security and the Internet in an attempt to hide the fact that she relies on fences all the time to protect her own property.

The DNC got off to a rocky start generally with the leaking of emails from the Democratic Party head office which revealed that the party’s top Jew, chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, had resorted to a range of underhanded and borderline illegal tactics to try and sabotage the communist Jew Bernie Sander’s bid at the Democratic nomination.

The extent of the revealed scandal forced Wasserman-Schulz’s resignation, and she was booed off the stage during the first day of the DNC. Wasserman-Schulz’s replacement has not yet been finalized, but a current strong contender is the DNC’s treasurer, a homosexual Jew by the name of Andrew Tobias.

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  1. Just proves that politics is 95% hypocrisy, if not 100%! What is said in order to win elections has no bearing on what happens when in power.

    1. Theresa May is walking a tightrope at present, and she should know that any back-tracking on “BREXIT MEANS BREXIT” there are enough MP’s that can bring her down by voting against her.

  2. Maybe the security is to keep the hordes of rentamob clowns, Jew patsies, immigrant scroungers, Jew opportunists, crooks in Clinton’s pay, spies, agents, rent collectors, ‘Christian’ Zionists, fake academics and media liars corralled in?

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