Demographic Realities Sour Trump’s Victory

Donald Trump’s victory is soured by the fact that he polled nearly one million fewer votes than Mitt Romney in 2012, and around 150,000 fewer votes than Hilary Clinton—and was only saved by the skewed Electoral College system combined with a smaller nonwhite voter turnout.


As of 9:45 AM ET, Clinton had polled 59,248,278 votes to Trump’s 59,095,507—a figure which will change slightly with final results, but which indicate the true racial undertones of the election. Clinton polled five million fewer votes than Obama in 2012.

These racial fault lines were demonstrated most clearly in the nonwhite-majority Hispanic state of California, where Clinton polled around 5.4 million votes to Trump’s 2.9 million.

Another good example was New York state, where Clinton won the four counties making up the New York City metropolitan area (Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn) by 1,902,359 votes to Trump’s 365,571—a majority which allowed her to win the entire state, even though Trump won almost all the New York counties outside of the city.


A map showing the size of the Clinton leads (above) reveals areas which provided the Democratic Party’s votes: The large cities of the East and West coasts, southern Florida, Detroit, Atlanta, and the large cities in Texas and other southern states—all big nonwhite concentration areas.

Trump also polled one million fewer votes than Mitt Romney in 2012, despite a supposed “white surge” in votes.

Romney polled 60,933,504 votes in 2012, to Barack Obama’s 65,915,795 votes.

Furthermore, Clinton’s failure to reach Obama’s total (which entailed a drop of over five million votes) is due to a lower nonwhite turnout across the board.

According to Edison Research’s national election poll, 58 percent of whites voted for Trump, and 37 percent for Clinton.

Nonwhites voted overwhelmingly for Clinton. Some 92 percent of blacks voted for her, as did 71 percent of “Latinos.”

Trump’s 29 percent of “Latino” votes is most likely being distorted because at least of those classed as “Latinos” will in fact be white.

Trump’s core vote was therefore white. According to the exit polls, a majority of white men—63 percent—voted for Trump, as did a majority of white women (53 percent). The voting turnouts show however that, despite Trump winning the Electoral College vote, he has nowhere near “safe” majority support within the U.S.

Just over half the country’s voters turned out against him, and if the nonwhite turnout had been marginally higher—a few percentage points—he would have lost.

Given that 800,000 Hispanic teenagers turn 18 each year—and therefore become eligible to vote—it is clear that even under the Electoral College system, each passing year snatches more and more winnable states from the Republican Party.

If Trump even understands the enormity of the demographic issue at stake (and no one knows if he does), then he now faces what might be his most difficult task of all. This task will be to deal with the reality that unless legal Third World immigration to America is reversed, than the ongoing racial demographic swing against whites will make a Trump re-election impossible—and America will be plunged into majority Third World status within a few decades.

It might be possible that Hispanics will leave by themselves if and when President Trump starts building walls to keep other Hispanics out.

It may also be possible that President Trump will enact other measures to reduce the growing domestic nonwhite population, although what those might be, is open to speculation.

Another alternative—and one which might ultimately be more politically viable than deporting millions of legal immigrants—would be to balkanize America into different independent states, along the lines of the map above.

How far any of this is fantasy, and what might be possible, is unknown at this stage. Given the extent of the Trump earthquake, anything might happen.

All that can be said at this stage is that Trump’s victory is precarious, despite his Electoral College success, and that firm anti-Third World immigration policies will be necessary to sustain even this wafer-thin victory.

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  1. Agreed. But, it also shows that Trump was right in saying that immigration is ruining US. And the only reason most of those minorities, I wander how many were illegals, voted (multiple times?) for Killary was her promise of open borders. Blacks, despite all the evidence that she hates them, are stuck in a plantation mentality and must love being called predators. And muslims are, due to their violent ideology, not welcome anywhere.

  2. I couldn`t care less how many voters voted for whoever however many years before . Thank goodness harridan Hillary didn`t manage to pull off the presidency.

  3. Most of the hispanics in California are not allowed to vote, they’re not citizens. A lot of these blacks and mexicans don’t vote anyway.

      1. Lots and lots of voter fraud; busing people around to vote in more than one location, registering people to vote under the names of deceased citizens, etc. Let’s not forget jimmying with all the “digital” voting behind the scenes, too. Everyone knows blacks, Latinos and immigrants as a whole do not have the same level of civic mindedness as Whites and do not show up at the polls in anywhere near the same numbers unless the Marxists are lighting a fire under them providing the transportation and other means for them to vote…often more than once.

    1. You are VERY mistaken!

      California prohibits anyone asking for ID when voting. As a result almost all of the illegals vote, many of them multiple times.
      I have seen on my own eyes in San Jose, they bring numerous family members who do not speak a word in English, yet they were all guided during voting process.

      The only reason California has one-party system is because there is mass voter fraud.

  4. Many observers said that this election was white Americas last chance to save themselves. I am sure that Trump knows as well as anyone that he faces a daunting task. I am sure too that he knows the first rule of holes, which is that when you are in one, stop digging.

  5. How is it even possible to find out the race of voters, if voting is supposed to be anonymous? Yes, you can do pre-election polling and exit polling, but there is no concrete way of getting solidly verifiable numbers on exactly who voted for which way. Naturally, common trends show the majority of conservative candidate voters are White and most blacks/Latinos/Arabs/etc. vote socialist/Marxist, but to break that down into state by state or county by county percentages is questionable.

    Commenters here have made some good points in that we have no idea how much voter fraud went on last night, and based on past elections, there was a LOT of it, and I’m not just talking about illegals voting, busing people around to vote at multiple locations or registering dead people to vote again and again. We won’t know the extent of vote fraud in this election for at least a year or two.

    Many of the states also have digital voting machines. If you think those votes aren’t being manipulated behind the scenes, you’re really fooling yourself. Digital voting is a fraudster’s dream because once you press SUBMIT on the screen, there is no physical record of your ballot or how you voted. I’m of the firm belief that Trump won with a much larger margin, but the powers that be don’t want people to know that. They don’t want them to get excited that there are increasing amounts of like-minded White folks out there like them. They want us to think that our numbers are dwindling, that people are giving up and hopeless because the future looks to bleak for us. They want it to look like Hillary won the “popular” vote even though Trump won the electoral college “scheme” as this article so strangely puts it, and therefore, Trump doesn’t really have a mandate to lead when in fact, he actually has a very strong one.
    The other thing I question is why more than 9 or even 15 hours after polls have closed, several states haven’t been determined for Trump, like Arizona. These aren’t high population states and nowhere near 100% of the people are voting there, so what’s the hold up? Strange indeed.

    Isn’t it odd that Trump should win so many states that are thousands of miles from the “big” cities in the U.S. by so small a margin or that the anti-Second Amendment ballot issues should pass in places like Nevada by such a tiny percentage? It seems everything is always presented as being a “tight” race to give the impression that the U.S. is “bitterly divided” when in fact, it’s most likely not. Yes, legal and illegal immigration is out of control, but most people forget that without the Democrats putting a fire beneath them, blacks, Latinos and others don’t vote at the same rate as White voters. We’ll never know that true voting states, but I believe it’s better than what’s being presented.

  6. Watching the Jewish-run media was one of the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. They were in tears having to admit Trump won. No trying to hide their bias in the name of good journalism. It was the most blatant display I’ve ever witnessed in broadcast television of their plot to control the electorate.

  7. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Old glory will fly with pride again PRESIDENT TRUMP I SALUTE YOU SIR LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Excellent article. Never the less, it was a monumental win for America’s White population.

    Marine Le Pen congratulated Donald Trump on his win.

    I expect Trump to expand his influence to Europe’s current anti-INVADER movement with Nigel Farage, Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Fauke Petry, Victor Orban and the other anti-INVADER East European leaders. This Trump- European alliance will, hopefully, begin immediately.

    If Le Pen and Wilders WIN their 2017 elections, along with a German anti-Merkel win, those countries could Brexit their way out of the stinking European Union (EU) which would cause the EU to collapse out of existence.

    Turkey is the biggest threat to the indigenous European people. That’s because of the Bosporus Strait and WEST Istanbul are the corridor by which the Muslims and Turks are entering Europe.

    Also, the current Turkish Visa Plan to allow Turks to freely flow into Europe must also be stopped. Only the END and destruction of the EU will stop the Turkish-Muslim-African threat.

    Trump’s election win will get the international pro-White movement rolling.

    Trump can’t expel 11 million Muslims and illegal Mexicans from the USA instantly. But a slow, steady, quiet reduction of the non-citizens would be enough to make a second Trump win possible.

  9. Trump won because Obama and Hillary screwed up. Under Obama rule, there are more poverty , job losses, foreclosures, homelessness, debts . Its just as simple as that.

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