Denmark: Child Brides “Must be Legal”

There are now so many child brides among nonwhite invaders in Denmark’s invader centers that the time has come for that country to change the law regarding underage marriage, one of the most prominent Islamic leaders there has said.


According to an article in Denmark’s Metro Express newspaper, the imam of the Danish city of Aarhus, Osama El-Saadi, has called for the legalization of child marriages because it is the invaders’ “culture.”

The imam of Aarhus, Osama El-Saadi.

Speaking out after Danish government officials started considering the idea of deporting “asylum seekers” who are married to minors, El-Saadi said that the marriages should be allowed “out of respect for the culture of the refugees.”

According to the Metro Express, there are more and more cases of forced married underage girls from Syria, Afghanistan, or Iraq living in invader centers around Europe.

One recent case in Denmark, the paper said, involved a 14-year-old who had just fallen pregnant. She is “married” to a much older invader and lives in an “asylum center” in Aarhus.

A media uproar over the pregnancy ended up in a debate in the Danish parliament, where a call was made for the immediate separation of the pair and the deportation of the man. The girl, however, would be allowed to stay.

Interviewed by the Express, El-Saadi said that “before one politically and morally condemns the men, it should be remembered that the applicants come from a completely different culture, where marriage [at this age] is often the way to security.

“It is often dangerous in the refugee camps. If your daughter is married as early as possible, this can help secure the safety of the entire family,” he said.

“Neither the age of the bride nor the age difference between the girl and her husband would justify an intervention by the State. Even if the man is twice as old, they have a family set up. We are forced to accept that this is a different culture. We cannot destroy the family unit.”

Another article in the Metro Express revealed that authorities are aware of at least twenty-seven “child brides” who fell pregnant in the camps, of which two have already given birth.

These events demonstrate once again the rapid rate of societal change which the massive influx of nonwhite invaders has caused, and also, even more importantly, it is an indicator that their fecundity levels far outstrip European reproduction rates.

If the invasion is not halted, and reversed, Europeans will be outbred by the nonwhite invaders within two generations.

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  1. How about respect for European culture. Sex with an underage minor constitutes rape and these ‘marriages’ require to be declared illegal and the husbands jailed followed by deported.

    1. Don´t be naive. They never respected anything from Europe.
      And suicide EU officials will allow this in time. Then they can ask for stoning, raping, acid punishment and Sharia will be not just in British court of concilliate, but in whole West.
      Why native europeans don´t demand they right of culutre. It is absurd that they can have sex with minors in Denmark and goverment simply don´t know what to do. Even the idea that they thinking about “what to do” is absurd. 27 children pregnant. Denmark should be charged by European court for abusing human rights, for not forcing laws, be investigated by EU comission for decadence of law. Not wathcing Poland for their laws and give penalty for producing more grain that is approved by EU. This should be watched.

  2. The invaders have not long landed and Moslime mission-creep is already on the agenda.
    We`ll all be moslimes before the year`s out at this rate.

  3. This is ridiculous. It’s time for the politicians from western countries to set a hard line from religious beliefs that go against the laws of the land these believers come from. Refugees and immigrants come for the freedom and sanctity that these laws provide. Assimilation, or non entry should be the rule.

    1. as soon as any one of these scum suggested a change of law for their culture he should have been deported straight away…even if he had said a “parking”law should be changed!!!There again..Sweden and the other scandi countries are finished anyway.!

    2. What normal couple would even consider producing a child in the circumstance of these people except as a way of ensuring they can claim maximum benefits and are not deported.

  4. Yes, let’s just normalize paedophilia (British spelling) in order to make the Muslims feel right at home. What the hell is happening to our world !

  5. We can solve the Danish problem by giving the Deprived Immigrants their own towns and their own farmland where they can do their own thing in Lubeck, Kiel and Rostock, then they can establish their own schools, marriage bureaus, Mosques, and other institutions for their self-determination, and live peacefully with their neighbours in the future.

      1. I forgot to suggest that the immigrants will have a right to political representation in the German parliament and Denmark will be a better place without them.

      2. Well Flashman, I had to give you a thumbs down on that one, for, much as your name implies, you were much too quick off the mark with your response to William’s (definitely NOT Mohammed LOL) brilliant suggestion. Just a teeny weeny fact check would have revealed to you that Lubeck, Kiel and Rostock are all outside of Denmark’s borders. Would serve Germany’s Merkel right to lay the problem squarely at her feet and let her and Germany figure it out.
        William, well said, sir!

  6. Western “leaders” are synonymous with indecision,weakness, Marxist/socialist ideology not to mention surrender to anyone who may raise their voice.

    Why else would Europe be in this predicament.
    The U.K. must exit the EU soonest, not only for their own benefit but on leaving the whole EU collapses thus freeing all nations to restore law, order and each nations sovereignty.

    God, or maybe Allah help if that does not happen!

  7. Is this Iman for real ? Going on about “it’s our culture…..etc”. That maybe so, in their own countries, come to Europe, or any other country, you adopt that countries rules & laws. If I was to enter into a relationship with an under 16, it would be classed as “Statutory Rape”…..& I could end up doing some serious time inside……..

  8. Should these things also be allowed? The pursuance of Salifism is at complete odds with ANY civilised society
    Thankfully we in the West have the benefit of centuries of civilised development of our cultures and the Third Worlders would do well to abide by our ways.
    This Imam is only emphasising the gross incompatibility of the advanced civilisations and the medieval one he wants to keep

  9. First of all, there are no culture where these invaders came from. Forcing childen to marriage is no culture. They are just a bunch of uncultured tribes, who just simply living into the world without making any thoughts about the tomorrow. Now if she starts to be with child at 14, then you can expect there are still a “few” more to come out from that woman.

    “…this can help secure the safety of the entire family”
    What can help to secure the family is to get out those males with their intolerant, islamic mentality from the refugee centers and expel them from Europe for good.

    It’s time to consider the question of immigration as a top priority over economic reasons when you need to vote for a party next time. The Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating western societies, today is about child marriage, tomorrow will be about the Quran for constitution.

  10. This iman should be told their culture stops at their borders either they live by our laws or s-o-d off back to the hell holes they left.They should have no say in our laws. Also those poor girls should be rescued from these men. I’ve read stories from young girls like these who have terrible lives forced to have sex they miscarriage some die and no they dont like it the men should be kicked out its outrageous

  11. Denmark is not their country so it doesn’t have the same culture. If they want to continue with their culture of paedophilia then they can go back to the caves they have come from. If we were ever desperate enough to go to their countries we would have to respect their way of life.

  12. If “they” want to bang their heads on the
    floor five times a day and rape underage children because it is their “culture”, then deport them all back to Moslem countries where it is called “culture”.

  13. It’s always the same isn’t it? It’s us that has to change to suit these people! If you don’t like the laws here please feel free to go home! The sooner the better……….

  14. What a horrible, miserable existance for those poor young girls….I will join in the outcry and the protests from the feminists and womans groups, sign the petition against these peadeophiles….! When are all the feminists marching against this abuse….? Human Rights Lawyers ? ??? Helloooooo, anyone there ……..?
    Strange, it seems there is no outrage….?

  15. What about cannibals who once in Europe should be allowed to maintain their traditions? The basic rule of the game should be that migrants should enjoy the same RIGHTS and OBLIGATIONS the native European population has. Thus if they don’t abide to our existing laws which are part of our obligations, they should be deprived of our existing rights. Easy as that.

  16. But, of course, our response to both the Muslims AND to the left, should be “We have freedom of religion, NOT freedom of culture!”.
    This should, nay MUST, be our mantra. Observance of the host culture and laws, including assimilation, or face the consequences.
    There are already laws on our books to deal with the problem of “child brides” (child victims), and we’ve plenty of time to enact new legislation to deal with future ‘cultural infractions offending the host’s sensibilities’, in other words actions which disgust us.
    On a side note, I wonder whether the child bride had been circumcised before the wedding day (rape day).


  17. Those “invaders” KNEW that the countries they were headed to did not accept forced marriage, marriage under the age of 18, marriage as young as 16 WITH parental consent! They KNEW it wouldn’t be accepted, but that with it being done in such large numbers, the invaded countries would feel they had to change the laws to accept it, and it was part of their plan! With the help of people in power who were either earlier “plants” or sympathizers, they would force Sharia law onto everyone – like it or not! These people need to be sent back to their homelands and let them live by the century-old laws and beliefs that they have chosen.

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