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Denmark Doctors Oppose Circumcision

The Danish Medical Association (DMA) has officially called for the halting of “dangerous” male circumcision—a move which is aimed directly at Jews and Muslims in Denmark.

A new Danish law, operational from January 1, 2017, will compel doctors to register all circumcisions in a national database.

Panic erupted in Jewish and Muslim circles after several leading politicians came out in support of the DMA and other attacks on circumcision, with one Jewish leader saying that the “Jews would have to leave Denmark” if the recommendation ever became law.

Danish People’s Party Chairman of the Parliamentary Health Committee, Liselott Blixt, told the Kristeligt Dagblad newspaper that she was “pleased to see doctors so clearly express themselves against religious circumcision,” and that it was “really nice” because there was “no evidence that circumcision had any health benefits.”

Asked if the recommendations were to be made into law, Blixt said that it would be carefully considered, bearing in mind that a ban would have a “number of consequences which we might not be able to guess”—a clear reference to the fact that both Jews and Muslims in that country are the sole practitioners of this Semitic-religion origin practice.

Blixt added that the Danish government would not make laws which would have “consequences of which they had not foreseen.”

Even the far left Social Democratic Party’s Flemming Møller Mortensen told media that he hoped that the announcement could persuade “religious environments” on the matter. “Doctors have an authority, and religious communities should listen to what they say,” he said.

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority (Sundhedsstyrelsen) estimates that somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 circumcisions are performed in Denmark each year, primarily on Jews and Muslims.

Most of those procedures occur outside of the public health system and are done in religious ceremonies in the child’s home or at private clinics.

The issue of banning circumcision in Denmark made news in November 2016 when a major newspaper, the JydskeVestkysten, published an editorial opinion piece in favor of banning the practice, even if, it said, this resulted in Jews leaving Denmark.

Dan Rosenberg Asmussen, chairman of the Jewish community in Denmark, called the newspaper’s opinion “obscene” and “stupid and hostile to minorities.”

Rosenberg-Asmussen also condemned attempts to link male circumcision with female circumcision, which is already illegal in Denmark.


  1. One of the astounding facts of Jewish rule in Europe is that absurd superstitions can trump (no pun intended) experts of considerable skill. The acceptance of illegal immigrants shows one aspect. The teaching of known lies, in historical studies for example, shows another. And of course there are medical oddities, such as this one. Let’s hope there will be a fightback: it’s well known that genetic diseases, liability to rickets, and low IQ/ high fanaticism accompany middle east and African primitive beliefs. Time to face the implications, even if fanatics don’t like it.

  2. Great step forward for all Euro and American lads who were “force mutilated” so they’d look like the Jewish minority in gym class. Health gains my ass… causes nothing but grief. Stay intact and regain your true identity.

    1. You are absolutely right! May God bless the members of the Danish Medical Association for their courageous decision to defend the rights of millions of helpless boys forced to endure this Barbaric Ritual Mutilation, thousands suffering permanent injury and death around the world, while feminists say nothing, shrug their shoulders, and yet continue to shriek about mutilation of females. Both are satanic and Babylonian in origin. Jews & Muslims should wake up and stop mutilating their own sons, and sleepwalking Christians in America should do likewise. God didn’t “make a mistake” that He needs humans to “fix”. These foreskins are SOLD FOR PROFIT by doctors and hospitals to biomedical and even cosmetic research labs, to make “rejuvenating” ingredients for face creams, and the whole thing should be banned worldwide.

      1. Whilst I don`t agree with their use in face creams except for medical reasons there are advantages.
        Foreskins are often used as grafts in burns surgery thereby reducing rejection rates.
        They also help reduce the number of cruel tests inflicted on animals for cosmetic benefit.
        Removal of the foreskin is also useful for obvious reasons of hygiene.

        1. There are NO good reasons for male sexual mutilations!
          It kills the nerves of your penis. You do know this right?

          … and hygiene? Are you kidding me?!
          You might as well cut of your nose because of “booggers”.

          Oh, and perhaps you have not heard it, but there is an invention out there called WATER and SOAP.

        2. The countrymen of 80% of the non-Jewish/Muslim world are NOT seeing their privates rot and fall off because of hygiene. Nor have they for millennia. That argument is old and tired. Yes, the male infant’s foreskin is used in cosmetics and grafting as the tissue is very pure on the cellular level, but get the boy’s damn permission before its razored it off.

        3. 1) “Hygiene”? If that’s the case, then we should CUT OFF BOYS’ EARS, because they never wash behind them.

          2) Yes, good idea, let’s hack off bits of boys to reduce cosmetic tests on animals.

          3) It seems to me that only a feminist and only a vegetarian would reason thus.

      2. Makes sense, then as adults they can decide if they want the surgery. In the U.S. like tonsillectomies, it is common and the parents decide. But there are more U.S. parents opting out of circumcision. Jewish and Muslim doctors should be free to practice it on Jewish and Muslim boys anyway as it is part of their doctrine..

        1. Jewish and Muslim ‘doctrine’ is that they are superior to other people (in fact, they don’t regard them as ‘people’) and given the opportunity should kill goyim and kuffir. Should they be free to practise that?

        2. Circumsision is NOT like a tonsillectomy. Get serious. Tonsils have a function too. They create infections fighting white blood cells, like the lymphatic system. Removing them creates one less barrier of defense. Parents don’t teach oral hygiene completely. Some kids get strep throat constantly. These kids are the best candidates to have tonsils removed, but hey… People get infections! Its a dirty world! That’s how we build our immune systems!

  3. This is why diversity/multiculturalism doesn’t work, we have to cater to every freakish custome the third world has to offer. And in return, losing a peice of our identity in the process.


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