Denmark: Invader Welfare Abuse Exposed

Nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees have turned Danish welfare cards into a valuable “commodity” which can be bought and sold among that community to swindle the welfare system.

According to a report by Danish Radio, the core of the problem lies in the fact that all registered asylum seekers are issued plastic IDs for presenting to police officers and the authorities.

These cards have no serial numbers or unique identifiers, and if the invader claims his or her ID is “lost,” they are automatically issued a substitute, Danish Radio said—but there is no accounting for the missing card.

This opens up endless opportunities for abuse, as IDs are repeatedly sold, change ownership, and end up being used by illegal immigrants, the report continued.

Claus Birkelyng of the North Zealand Immigration Center admitted that “asylum cards” are issued automatically once the applicant claims to have lost it.

There are, he admitted, no statistics on the exact number of the lost cards. An asylum seeker’s ID is not equipped with a unique serial number, and the Danish authorities admittedly have difficulties in establishing what happens to a card that “disappears.”

Copenhagen Police constable Rud Ellegaard acknowledged numerous cases of people without legal residence trying to identify themselves with somebody else’s “asylum cards.”

According to Ellegaard, it is a long process to resolve suspicions over invader identity, and is most often done using fingerprinting. Another source related to the asylum process told Danish Radio that it was a “well-known fact” that asylum seekers can give their cards away at will or simply sell them.

The report added that Danish Immigration Service press officer Nils Bak “was found to be well aware” that asylum seekers may hold more than one ID card, as well as share them with unentitled people.

“It shows very clearly that there is a hole in the system that is needed be plugged,” Danish People’s Party immigration spokesman Martin Henriksen, chair of the Immigration and Integration Committee, told Danish Radio.

“This is not how the system should work. It sounds crazy that we spend a lot of resources on registering people, and then they simply trade their identity this way,” he added.

With another person’s ID in their possession, illegal immigrants may obtain a legal basis for cheating and pretending to be asylum seekers.

While “asylum cards” formally do not have the status of an official document, very often they are the only ID arriving “refugees” can produce.

An asylum seeker’s ID can yield other bonuses, as they are used, among other things, by the Red Cross in connection with accommodation and free meals at reception centers.

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