Denmark: Invader’s 3 Wives, 20 Children

The first indication of the racial demographic disaster that is awaiting Europe following the Angela Merkel-created mass nonwhite invasion of 2015 has come with the news that a single invader in Denmark has won the right to bring his three wives and 20 children to that country.


Daham Mahmoud Al Hasan.

According to a report in the Danish Ekstra Bladet newspaper, the invader, using the name Daham Mahmoud Al Hasan, claims to be a “Syrian” refugee and already has one of his wives with him in Denmark.

Now, however, he has succeeded in winning the right to bring another two wives from “Syria” into Europe, along with all his twenty children by all three wives.

Another report in the Berlingske newspaper revealed that the Esbjerg local authority—where the nonwhite invader has settled—will now need to create a whole extra reception class to accommodate the one “family.”

Twelve of his “other” 15 children have received permission to join Al Hasan in Denmark, along with their mothers. Three other children were rejected for family reunification because they are over the age of fifteen.

This means that the total “family” which this one nonwhite has been able to bring into Europe will total 24 persons—all of them living off the Danish taxpayer.

This is in spite of the fact that Danish law forbids polygamy—as does all laws in Europe.

To add insult to injury, 47-year-old Al Hasan, does not work at all, and claims he is “sick” with “pains in the leg and back.”

Currently he gets (Danish Krone) kr13,000—which translates to $1,951, or £1,332, or €1,748, in welfare payments every month to support his one wife and eight children who are already in Denmark.  This works out to kr156,000, or $23,432 (£16,000, or €21,000) per year.

This payment will climb to at least kr 214,000 per year once the rest of his extended family gets to Denmark.

In an interview with the Ekstra Bladet, Al Hasan said he thought his current welfare payment was “too low” and complained that he still has to pay the “anonymous and illegal people smugglers” who will help his other two wives and twelve children through the Kurdish border area.

In addition, Al Hasan has refused to even attend Danish language classes, claiming that he is in “too much pain” to learn the language.

The situation is so outrageous that even the Liberal Party’s Member of Parliament for the greater Zealand constituency has called it “totally ludicrous,” while the Danish People’s Party’s Member of Parliament for the greater Copenhagen constituency has called it part of a “cultural and economic disaster for Denmark.”

* Meanwhile, a group of five “Syrians” are suing the Danish Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg over the three-year waiting period for family reunification imposed on “refugees.”

The provision is part of a new bill passed by the Danish parliament in January 2016, which increased the waiting period from one year, among other provisions.

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  1. He’s in too much pain to learn the language of the country he has identified as being most suitable for his parasitical requirements, but not so much pain to deter him from making the arduous journey from Syria to Europe on foot. We should just be happy that the extended family he deserted in a war zone to save his own skin are alive and well and can join him to suck on the taxpayer-funded teat the Danish Government has so generously offered him, along with a dispensation from having to adhere to the laws of Denmark when it comes to how many wives he is allowed. It would seem Denmark is now challenging Sweden to see which country can debase itself the quickest in the face of these invading hordes.

  2. Whaaat ??????? In too much pain to take lessons but agile and painfree enough to climb aboard to father 20 kids. Strikes me he`s taking us all for a `ride`…. he`s obviously expert at it.
    Will this be used to set a precedent across the EU ? Exactly who sanctioned such insanity in allowing this greedy gimmegrant leech to bleed EU citizens dry.

  3. The ‘people smugglers’ should be paying this guy !
    How did he support his extended families when living wherever he claims he came from ?
    Just who is being credulous here ?

    1. Don’t know where you’re from antieu but I sure as hell would like to find out so I could move there because apparently, you have rid your land of all jews and non-whites and are now living in a white paradise on earth. Otherwise, why would you be calling Danes spineless scum? But it’s not just you, I frequently see Americans ridiculing Germans for not stopping invader crime while they have 35,000 white women a year being raped by blacks. Do you honestly believe that any group of white people in any country is in control of what goes on there??? Isn’t that the whole f*king problem to begin with. STOP ATTACKING YOUR OWN PEOPLE AND LEARN TO STAND TOGETHER . Our problem is not jews or blacks or muslims it is white disuinity. We are ONE BILLION. Jews are a mere fifty million. They could never have taken over without the active assistance of white collaborators. Sorry buddy, It hurts me to criticise you, but please think about the demoralising effect your words have on other whites. We need to life each other up, not pull one another down. God bless you!

          1. Thank you. I understand your rant. I live between 2 market towns in N. Ireland and they have changed beyond recognition with immigration of non whites, muslims and other immigrants. Some days it is hard to hear a local accent.The people didn’t ask for this. The reason that I am not fond of jews, is that Soros and the rest of them force immigration on the US and Europe for the genocide of the white people, while not allowing immigrants into Israel!

      1. Which is why I believe in standing our ground, and not running ( white flight). Running causes division between flight and fight. United we stand, divided we fall.

      2. The rapes that occur in the US are not carried out in public amongst crowds, as in Cologne on New Years eve. They are usually a single woman pulled into a car or wooded area, or somewhere away from public sight.
        If there were gangs roaming about attacking women, they would be dealt with. When rapists are caught they face prosecution, not stupid judges who make excuses for them, as we have heard is happening in Europe. Excuses such as the rapist “was not familiar with the laws of Germany” or he didn’t understand the culture of his new country.

  4. The feminists – supposedly strong in Scandinavia – are silent.

    Now you really know that they are a load of sh*t.

  5. During my working life, I was once told “Don’t set a precedent, that way everyone is treated equally!” Now that Denmark has set the precedent, watch the influx of applications for thousands more to arrive and join their so-called husbands. I would hope that this man produced total checkable proof that these women and children were his?

    1. Careful Bryn……the Syrian Lothario may yet produce a few more wives and children along with all their extended families.

  6. The Danish people are free to:
    1). Increase their birthrate to being above replacement level.
    2). Raise them with solid racial values.

    This applies to whites everywhere. Why are they not doing it? (Disclosure: I have created and am raising four white babies, so I am not a hypocrite in this.)

    1. “Libtardisation”, the negative effects of globalization on western societies and exploiter capitalism are not exactly creating a family friendly environment (by European-Christian values). Some lucky ones can do, but many dares only to have 1 children if they planning for him/her a bit better life other than poverty.

    2. Does anyone (except the elite running this charade) really believe that any of this makes sense.
      Increase the birthrate with fast-breeding non-whites all you like but banging out babies is the only “productive” trait these free-loaders have. They`re too damn tired to work after indulging in their `hobby`.
      Which begs the question just who is going to support their offspring ?
      Answers on a postcard please.

  7. the Danish government needs replacing with one that has some intelligent MP’s. these people just cannot see what will happen to their country once these scumbags get settled. the government should not allow him to bring in all of his wives, he should only be allowed one like every Dane. Cannot understand why the Danes are standing for this stupidity.

  8. His body in pain, because he worked very hard during his life… he made 20 children. I bet he’s got one particluar body part which doesn’t pain yet.

  9. I’d cut it off and kick the scum out of the country! Surprised that there haven’t been riots against the parasitic lefty politicians who expect the taxpayer to support this scum and his concubines! He’ll be looking to bring over the goats next, for a variation of his sex life!

  10. Don’t forget that in the UK there are in excess of 80 “Sharia Courts” operating with the permission of the current government. This would definitely rise in the event that Labour wins the next election, but it will not appear in any manifesto or paperwork handed to us the voters.
    So all this will happen in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and everywhere else that takes in thousands of these illegal invaders.

    1. The UK priime minister candidate Theresa May recently said something to the effect “Sharia Law is good for some Britons”. Make one despair!

  11. I have a aquaintance who is actually Dutch and lives in the Netherlands. Although she holds British citizenship, she has not been resident in the UK for 15yrs and is still allowed to vote? (She is voting in) Corruption from the British government never ends!

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