Deportations: Mexican Govt. Scrambles

The Mexican government today scrambled to set up emergency procedures to cope with an expected mass reverse flood of its citizens back following Donald Trump’s latest comments.

The plans include an emergency meeting of Mexican consular officials in the U.S. to provide “protection and assistance” for the returnees.


The plans were put into place as news emerged that Trump announced his intention to immediately deport up to three million “criminal illegal immigrants” from the U.S., and to push ahead with his election promise of building a wall on the border with Mexico.

According to the Zolcao Saltillo in Mexico, that country’s foreign minister Ruiz Massieu “led a working meeting” with the Mexican government’s undersecretary team for North America, in which they “analyzed the results of the U.S. elections and discussed concrete actions on the future of the bilateral relationship.”

Massieu instructed the meeting of Mexican consuls in the United States “to design plans and provide consular protection and assistance” to returnees, and “instructed diplomats to stay close to the Mexican community and convey messages of trust and confidence and to avoid provocations and possible fraud migration.”

Massieu urged the diplomats attending the meeting to get ready for a “possible surge” in consular assistance.

This includes help “avoiding provocations, as well as protecting against fraud,” the Foreign Ministry statement said, referring to the potential for crime rings to prey on the invaders by selling fake documents.

The Mexican newspaper said that the Massieu asked the consuls to “stay close to the Mexican community in the United States and transmit messages of confidence and peace.”

The ministry said that the 50 Mexican consuls and the Mexican ambassador in the United States, Carlos Manuel Sada Solana, would “continue serving Mexicans in U.S. territory” and “reiterated that the rights of Mexicans within and outside the country will never be negotiable.”

Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto has in the interim announced that his country’s relationship with the U.S. will remain cordial.


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  1. They might want to break ground on a few more prisons, and start hiring some more policemen and judges. Or, don’t do anything, mañana, mañana, mañana.

  2. 3 Million? Just goes to prove why Donald Trump was elected – none of his predecessors did anything about the porous border and lack of immigration control – probably for the last 20 years or so, and that is just one part of the USA border. Florida is another porous border.

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