Details Emerge of ISIS Attacks in America

The controlled media has now been forced to admit that the series of attacks over the past weekend in America were part of a coordinated ISIS-inspired terrorist spree—despite their initial attempts to deny otherwise. The FBI have arrested an Afghan with “U.S. citizenship,”—more evidence that the acts are the direct result of the promotion of mass Third World immigration into the United States.

The arrested Ahmad Khan Rahmani was born in Afghanistan, and is related to the five other Muslims arrested earlier on the Verrazano bridge. His fingerprints were found on one of the New Jersey bombs, and he has been identified from CCTV at the site of the New York City bombing.



One of the bombs detonates in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Another five explosive devices were found in New Jersey overnight. The devices, hidden in a package at a train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey, near to Newark Liberty International Airport, were spotted after two men tried to steal the package, thinking it was “of some value,” Elizabeth mayor Chris Bollwage told local media.

One of the two thieves spotted wires and other indications that their loot consisted of bombs, so they notified the police.

A robot was deployed to examine the package, and one of the devices exploded while the investigation was underway.

The three pipe bombs found in New Jersey along the route of a US marine charity run and the two bombs in New York City were all constructed with cell phone initiation devices, indicative of a common terrorist cell operating in the area.

The possibility that the cell—or at least part of it—have been arrested came with the news that a vehicle with five armed nonwhites was stopped on New York’s Verrazano bridge late on Sunday evening.

The vehicle, which was apparently “full” of weapons, was identified as a “vehicle of interest” and halted by the FBI, who arrested all the occupants. They appear to be men from the same Muslim family. The FBI have said they are looking for additional suspects.

Dahir Adan.
Dahir Adan.

Meanwhile, police in Minnesota identified the Somali Muslim who carried out the “Allah Akbar” knife attack in a St. Cloud mall on Saturday as Dahir Adan.

Adan had moved to America 15 years ago with his family as part of the U.S. Government’s plan to help “refugees” from Somali “flee war and poverty” in Africa.

The Amaq news agency—the official ISIS news service—issued a statement yesterday claiming responsibility for the rampage, which left nine people injured.

Adan was described by ISIS as the “executor of the stabbing attacks in Minnesota” and as a “soldier of the Islamic State” who carried out the “operation in response to calls to target the citizens of countries belonging to the crusader coalition.”

Earlier this year, nine Somali invaders living in Minnesota were convicted or pleaded guilty for planning to travel to Syria to fight for ISIS, and dozens of others have left to join the ISIS-affiliated al-Shabaab Islamist group in northeast Africa.


Meanwhile, U.S. President Barack Obama has announced plans to increase the number of Muslim “refugees” allowed into America to at least 110,000 before the end of this year.

The “refugees” are from countries all around the world. In an 82-page report to Congress, the Obama administration said it will try to admit a “significantly higher” number of “refugees” from Syria during the next fiscal year than the 10,000 goal it set for the fiscal year that ends this month. The administration exceeded the 10,000 figure a month ahead of schedule.

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    1. And no more “aid” of any kind to any non-white region, obviously.
      Think about that when you look at your taxes and what the world is doing to the white race.

    1. I think the poster is kidding, I’m sure. I pictured a series of giant national parks with no industry except for safaris for a nanosecond. Chuckle.

  1. Between Black Lies Matter terrorists, Muslim terrorists, La Raza, Antifa and others, with the complicity of the anti-White/anti-Western Jewish controlled media, isn’t it about time for a loud vociferous and aggressive White separatist movement? If not, more is coming our way.

  2. Wait for it, wait for it. If Clinton wins I can see an initial revolt. The PC, bleeding heart, liberal ideologies will quickly begin to become a laughing stock, as they are beginning to be now. Unfortunatly many might go back to buying the BS and just trying to cope. If Trump wins, we might have a chance to turn it around faster and at least stop the bleeding faster. It sounds horrible, however, with each incident by illegals and degenerates (blacks included) Americans are getting smarter and holding more resentment over what we are being subjected to.

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