Detroit: A “Flurry of Killings” over Christmas

The murder rate in the black disaster zone city of Detroit is on track to top last year’s total—once again highlighting the fact that blacks are almost completely responsible for all violent gun crime in America.


According to the Detroit News, a “flurry of killings in late December” has suddenly driven up the black city’s murder rate for the year to 292, matching the 2014 total exactly.

The latest reported shootings include a Christmas Eve shooting of a “musician” in the city, and the gunning down of a seven-year-old on Sunday, December 27.

Referring to the latest set of shootings, Detroit Police Chief James Craig was quoted as saying that the city had “hit a bad patch.”

There were also 3,063 robberies in Detroit this year, the paper reported. This works out to about ten per day.

detroit-shootingAccurate statistics of the crime rate in Detroit are increasingly hard to come by, because the black-controlled police department stopped issuing regular crime reports in April 2014. No official reason was given for the refusal to continue the crime reports, even though the real reason—the link between race and crime—was obvious.

A recent Brookings Institute study (Guns and race: The different worlds of black and white Americans, Richard V. Reeves and Sarah Holmes, December 15, 2015) revealed that across America, gun crime is almost exclusively a black/nonwhite phenomena.

As the Brookings report revealed:

In 2013, firearm deaths accounted for over 11 percent of all years of potential life lost among the black population, but less than 6 percent of all years of potential life lost among the white population.

Gun deaths also vary dramatically by type. The vast majority (77 percent) of white gun deaths are suicides; less than one in five (19 percent) is a homicide.

These figures are nearly opposite in the black population, where only 14 percent of gun deaths are suicides but 82 percent are homicides.

The firearm homicide rate among black men aged 20–29 is about 89 per 100,000.To put that fact in some international perspective, in Honduras—the country with the highest recorded homicide rate—there were 90.4 intentional murders per 100,000 people in 2012. That includes all means, not just firearm homicides.

The Brookings Institute report goes on to make the usual liberal excuses for the fact that the black crime rate is so high—namely that it is the fault of “white racism” etc.—but nothing can disguise the hard facts about race and crime.

The controlled media’s continued suppression of the relationship between race and crime—and the higher criminal rates of nonwhites compared to whites—forms part of their larger deliberate campaign to incite “black lives matter” violence against white people across the world.

If the controlled media was really concerned about “saving black lives,” they would be focusing their attention on the root causes of nonwhite crime, instead of manufacturing hate against whites.

Fortunately, the advent of the Internet has served to subvert the controlled media’s narrative, and people can now see the facts for themselves instead of having to rely on a few media manipulators for their “news.”

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  1. How many generation’s of black’s have lived in America so far ? They have had more than enough time to assimilate,yet still they behave like wild animal’s,so it has to be a generic trait of the breed,and they will allway’s behave this way.

  2. “The black city’s murder rate for the year to 292, matching the 2014 total exactly” – hold on, it’s still a few days left this year, so you never know what might be the total count 🙂

    And now, anybody is stiil in favour of the right to acquire and possess firearms by citizens?

    1. I never used to be in favour,but i have come to the conclusion that my government is not prepared to defend me against the uncivilised, so it is left to me to defend myself. Sad but true.

  3. I’ve never given much thought to our multi culture society as we are not given a choice, its put up and shut up. I feel strongly now that it does not work and that most of us just tolerant each other but I feel as the host country our culture should be way above all the others we should not be a-r-s-e licking you know who

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