Developing: Can Italian Govt. Stop “Rescue” Ship with 629 African Invaders from Landing?

In the first major test of his declared policy of halting the Third World invasion of Europe, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has refused permission for the fake “charity” ship the Aquarius to dock in any Italian port and unload its cargo of 629 African invaders who got a free ride across the Mediterranean Sea on that vessel.

“We are shutting the ports. STOP the crappy business of illegal immigration,” Salvini announced on Twitter.

Some of the African invaders picked up off the North African coast by the Aquarius and which are now trying to land in Italy. Image from the Aquarius’s Twitter feed.

At time of writing, the Aquarius—which is run by the “SOS Méditerranée” organization—reported on Twitter that it had received instructions from the Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre to standby in its “current position which is 35 nautical miles from Italy and 27 nautical miles from Malta.”

According to Italian media, Salvini, as Minister of the Interior, and Transport Minsiter Danilo Toninelli—a member of Salvini’s coalition partner Five Star Movement—issued a joint statement calling on Malta to take in the Africans.

On Saturday, two different NGO boats arrived in Pozzallo and Reggio Calabria with more than 400 African invaders pretending to be refugees—a group to which Malta had denied entry, even though it was the “safest” point closest to the place where the invaders had been picked up.

“If someone thinks that there will be a repeat of another summer with landings, without me moving a finger, that’s not going to happen, I will not be watching,” Salvini said after being informed of the landings on Saturday after they had happened.

News of the Aqaurius’ load of invaders then reached Salvini, leading him to call on Malta to at the very least take them.

Malta however refused once again.

“In the Mediterranean there are ships with flag of Holland, Spain, Gibraltar and Great Britain. There are German and Spanish NGOs, there is Malta that does not accept anyone, there is France which rejects [invaders] at the border, there is Spain defending its borders with weapons,” Salvini wrote on Facebook.

“I say to the whole of Europe, mind your own business,” he continued.

“From today, Italy also begins to say no to trafficking in human beings, no to the business of illegal immigration. My goal is to guarantee a peaceful life to these kids in Africa and our children in Italy,” Salvini added.

Salvini has accused the “charities” of acting as a “taxi service” for the migrants and on Friday, he called on Nato to help Italy defend its southern shores.

The Aquarius case will be the first real test case to see if Salvini has the political will—and backing—to follow through completely on his election promise to halt and reverse the African invasion of Europe.

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  1. Salvini is absolutely 100% protecting the people of Italy from crime and financial pillage by these fake refugees who are owed nothing by people of Italy or anything else in the name of Italy; it is not their country. Also, Salvini has no business “calling on” Malta or any other European nation to take these “refugees.” They should be taken back home immediately so that they may participate in building their own nations similar to Europe if they like Europe so much. My own observation is that they don’t – they don’t even make an attempt to behave in imitation of any European customs or behaviors. They change countries in a negative way, and European countries know this because prior to this year they’ve been overly generous regarding immigrants and they have been subjected to ingratitude, rape, welfare scams, and charges of everything from racism to anti-muslim this or that. They are offended by everything and IMO they should be frogmarched to all the boats on every European coast and swiftly brought to their places of origin; maybe some of these charities doing so much harm can stay there with them in their countries and help them to modernize their countries or otherwise help them. Didn’t think so – it’s another case of Diversity For Thee But Not For Me…. If European countries are not restored to their former monolithic countries, Europe will not survive. 100% guaranteed, Mrs. Spectre.

  2. Has Salvini got the ‘iron in his soul’ to make this a long running standoff confrontation – and to take the inevitable massive opprobrium onslaught from the usual quarters – or will he chicken out?

    This is a major test, which will set the pace for Italy’s and the Italian nationalists’ future.

    As a bargaining point, Salvini must stress that a German ship should take the invaders to Germany – if the Germans behind this ferrying operation love the invaders so much.

    In any case, Salvini should follow the example of Margaret Thatcher when it comes to toughness and inflexibility.

  3. At last, Italy has got the people to end this ludicrous state of affairs. This should have happened 2 years ago, but, of course there are politicians across the EU (including the UK) who want to make their name by being more for illegal immigrants than the people they are meant to represent. Throughout all this debacle since Merkel said “Come on In”, not one country, the EU or even the UN has ever said where the money is coming from to deal with all this.
    Good Luck Italy, you will need it.

  4. Salvini certainly has the necessary ‘iron in his soul’ to face down the inevitable uproar from liberal humanitarians and strive to prohibit the NGO fake rescue ships from docking at Italian ports with the powers that his office permits, but being an Italian politician his position is precarious, and once he leaves office no one will take his place and continue his policy towards the NGO fake rescue ships. There needs to be a change in the law that makes the crews and owners of the NGO fake rescue ships liable to prosecution for people trafficking if they dock at Italian ports so that the policy is not dependent on whoever happens to be interior minister at the time. However, an attempt to change the law will meet with massive opposition from all the liberal internationalists and humanitarians in parliament and civil society who still enjoy hegemony within Italian elites. Also expect these people to mount legal challenges to Salvini’s policy towards the NGO fake rescue ships even without a change in the law.
    Basically the problem is that nationalists like Salvini are outsiders and the establishment will close ranks against them until the Salvinis of this world become part of the establishment and dominate it.

  5. Yes, the Italian government can stop more fraudulent refugees from entering its country. They should send them to one of George Soros, properties.

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