“Doctors without Borders” Suspends Operations of Largest Invader Smuggling Ship

The pro-invasion far left “Doctors Without Borders” (MSF) group has announced that it is halting operations of its largest ship involved in smuggling African invaders to Europe after the Libyan government barred foreign vessels from the water off its coast.
Earlier: The MSF’s Prudence approaching port in Italy with a load of African invaders to be dumped in Europe.
“Search and rescue: MSF suspends activities of Prudence” the organization announced on its Twitter account yesterday.
Libya’s navy this week ordered foreign vessels to stay out of a coastal “search and rescue zone” for the Africans intent on invading Europe.
Navy spokesman General Ayoub Qassem was quoted by media on said on Thursday that the measure was aimed at non-governmental organizations “which pretend to want to rescue illegal migrants and carry out humanitarian actions”.
MSF said that while it would continue to provide assistance to other rescue operations, it was suspending the use of the Prudence — one of the largest NGO vessels in the Mediterranean that imported 1,500 Africans into Europe in May alone.
In a statement on its website, MSF said that “on 11 August 2017, the Libyan authorities publicly announced the establishment of a search and rescue (SAR) zone and restricted the access to humanitarian vessels into the international waters off the Libyan coasts.
“Immediately afterwards, the Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) in Rome warned MSF about security risks associated with the threats publicly issued by the Libyan Coast Guard against humanitarian search and rescue (SAR) vessels operating in international waters.
“Following these additional restrictions on independent humanitarian assistance and increasing blockade of migrants within Libya, MSF has decided to temporarily suspend the search and rescue activity of its ship, Prudence. The MSF medical support team will still assist the rescue capacity of the SOS Méditerranée-run boat Aquarius, which is currently patrolling in international waters.”
Italy, which is the landing point of choice for the African invaders and the “free taxi service” operated by the smugglers disguised as charities—such as MSF—warned NGOs earlier this month that they would not be allowed to continue working in the Mediterranean if they did not sign up to new rules governing their operations.
The MSF has refused to sign up to the agreement, which mandates that Italian government personnel be allowed on the boats to monitor the “charities” activities—in other words, to prevent them colluding with the smugglers in Libya.

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