Don’t Work in Muslim Countries: Foreign Workers Massacred in Yemen Al-Qaeda Attack VIDEO

The danger for Europeans in going to work in Muslim countries has been underlined once again with the release by Yemeni state television of video footage of an Al-Qaeda terrorist attack on a defense ministry complex in Sanaa which shows the assailants executing civilians and foreign medics in cold blood.


The video footage of the attack—which took place on December 5—was taken from surveillance cameras, and shows the Muslim terrorists shooting down medics from Germany, the Philippines, Vietnam and India. Civilian patients as well as soldiers were also killed.

The attack killed at least 52 people, including seven foreigners. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has claimed responsibility.

The images show a car packed with explosives detonated at the gate to the complex, sending soldiers, medics and civilians gathered inside the compound running for cover.

After the blast, heavily armed militants dressed in combat fatigues are seen wandering through the corridors of the complex, shooting anyone they see, including a wounded female nurse who appears to be looking for help.

Another gunman in military uniform calmly approaches a group of people huddled in a corridor after the initial blast, before pulling a hand grenade from his jacket and hurling it at them.

The group scrabbles for cover, before the grenade explodes and smoke blocks the screen.

Elsewhere in the complex, a man with a young girl are seen looking for a place to hide. Their fate is not shown, while a doctor is seen running to rescue a wounded man before one of the attackers shoots both dead.

A preliminary report into the attack had said most of the attackers were Saudi. Investigators had already said the assailants wore military fatigues and penetrated the sprawling Sanaa complex in the confusion created when the suicide bomber rammed his vehicle into the gate.

They said the bodies of 12 attackers were recovered after security forces retook the area.

The attack wounded 167 people, said the Yemeni government’s security committee. Two German and two Vietnamese doctors, and one Indian and two Filipino nurses were among the dead, it added.

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  1. Let those countries die in their own stink. Who in their right minds go to these slum muslim countries, with the current world climate of terrorism?

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