Dortmund: “Allahu Akbar,” Church Fire

Third World invaders posing as refugees celebrated the New Year in the German city of Dortmund by gathering in their thousands in the city square, attacking police, chanting “Allahu Akbar,” and setting the 800-year-old Church of St. Reinold on fire.

Official police reports confirmed that a “mob” of thousands “fired pyrotechnics” at officers as “many young men from North African countries” gathered in the old market square.

In a live news feed, the Ruhr Nachrichten reported that “In the city, many young men from North African countries are, according to police, behaving aggressively” and that there had already been clashes at the main station, where “drunk men” had attacked the police.

The situation escalated at midnight, the newspaper reported, saying that “From 11.45 pm, at least 1,000 mainly young men gathered at the Leeds Platz in the center of Dortmund,” and that it was from there that the crowd of invaders launched their pyrotechnic attacks on the police and on the church which overlooks the square

The invaders, the Ruhr Nachrichten continued, also “hurled fireworks at policemen and fired pyrotechnics into the crowd, which included families with children.”

Even though the police repeatedly asked the crowd through loudhailer and speaker systems not to throw firecrackers and rockets into the crowd, the practice persisted until the church was set on fire.

Although the German media (for example, broadcaster WDR has talked about a “mob” in the city center, a review of the photo gallery of events published by the Ruhr Nachrichten quickly shows the racial makeup of the crowd.

One rocket struck a wooden lattice on the façade of the Reinold church, setting it on fire. The city’s fire brigade—already standing by because of the earlier disturbances—extinguished the blaze before it could do serious damage.

The rocket-firer—identified as a Syrian—was arrested and taken into custody.

Finally, to round off the evening, hundreds of “Syrians” then started chanting “Allahu Akbar” and waving Syrian flags.

In Vienna, Austria, and other Austrian cities, a massive police presence prevented large-scale sex attacks and terrorist incidents, the Krone newspaper reported in a front page article, leading the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) leader, H. C. Strache, to comment on Facebook that “it would have been more responsible, better, cheaper and more effective, if only a portion of our Austrian borders were secured and protected.

“But that’s where the Red-Black government failed miserably. It is now necessary to deploy heavily armed police officers in the city centers in order to ensure our safety!”

The Wochenblick newspaper reported that police confirmed three incidents of sexual assault in Vienna, and in Salzburg, an attack by a “southern” looking gunman on a woman in a restaurant, and another sex attack by an “Asian-looking stranger” on another woman.

In the city of Innsbruck, “several instances” of sexual harassment by a group of “foreign-looking men” were reported, the paper added.

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