Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster: Muslim Invaders in Europe Turn on the Jewish Lobby

Jewish lobbies in Britain, France, and other European countries who have hypocritically been pushing for “open borders” have now been faced with the logical consequence of their actions: a growing and militant anti-Jewish Muslim population.


As Israel’s high-tech army continues to bomb and murder its way through the tiny Gaza strip, the Zionist state’s actions have provoked demonstrations in almost every major “western” capital in Europe and even in New Zealand.

However, photographs of these rallies show that the vast majority of those attending are Muslim-origin invaders, who have taken advantage of the West’s “open doors” immigration policy to move to these European nations.

Pro-Gaza Demonstration in Paris.
Pro-Gaza Demonstration in Paris.

And this is where the irony bites deeply: it is the Jewish lobby in those nations which has been at the forefront of promoting the “open borders” immigration policies, and “resisting” (i.e. smearing, attacking, and campaigning against) any Europeans who have tried to halt the immigration invasion.

Pro-Gaza demonstration in London.
Pro-Gaza demonstration in London.

The large Muslim presence in Europe—and France in particular—has only been possible because of Jewish pressure which has demanded the dissolution of European racial homogeneity through mass immigration.

Pro-Gaza demonstration in Berlin.
Pro-Gaza demonstration in Berlin.

There are now so many militant Muslims in France, for example, courtesy of pressure from the CRIF (the largest “anti-racist” Jewish lobby in that country), that violence broke out in Paris last week between Jews and pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

This violence has now been used as an excuse by the still slavishly pro-Jewish French government to ban all further pro-Palestinian demonstrations in that country.

Increasing numbers of French Jews made “Aliyah”—that is immigrated to Israel to escape what they claim is “increasing anti-Semitism” in France.

An April 2013 report by the Tel Aviv University’s Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry is often quoted as saying that the “highest number of anti-Semitic incidents” in Europe have taken place in France over the past year.

These reports always ignore the fact that this “increase” is solely due to the vast increase in the Muslim population.

Just like the classic work Frankenstein by Mary Shelley—where the monster which Dr. Frankenstein created ends up killing its maker—the Jewish lobby now finds itself being the ultimate victim of its own policies.

Thus, just like America, the Jewish lobby is being undermined by the logical consequence of promoting open borders.

The only question now remaining is if Europeans will be able survive in an Islamified Europe.

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  1. Europeans will be given the choice of conversion, death or in some cases pay jizya (a tax for being non muslim which must be paid to the muslimn colonisers).
    I feel helpless, like watching a ship sinking and being unable to do anything to prevent this.
    Our politicians are traitors, traitors to our country and to all the men and women who fought in the war to help secure our freedoms which will all be lost. Islam isn’t compatible with our western values yet the march continues uninterrupted towards Islamic domination. I could cry.

    1. Tell the Muslims where the jews live and when they’re done and the people of EU and the Muslims are done with them, then you can deport the Muslims when you get some sound people in office…non Jews forever!

  2. Unless prompt action is taken in two key areas Europe will be lost. The first of these is to forcibly establish holding camps in the Middle Eastern areas protected by western allies. The second and somewhat unpleasant and costly action is to enter a total war status with the Deluded fools who are causing the refugee problem in the first place. When ISIS and the murderous bands in Africa are defeated refugees should then be compelled to return to their homelands. No permanent immigration should be given any refugee without special reasons to do so. If steps such as these are not taken the Europe, as we know it will most certainly be lost. Any sane individual should then contemplate selling up and moving to Australia where these problems have not yet reared their heads to the same degree as in Europe.

  3. The true enemy of the European indigenous peoples are their EU governments that keep welcoming hordes of invaders. Another French revolution is required. Angela Merkel Government needs to be replaced. Likewise Sweden and Belgium. Urgent need for rapid revolutions. The indigenous white natives of Europe are more than worthy of preservation as together they have massively boosted the worlds living standard, inventing everything we can think of in the last 500 yrs. Steam engines, the scientific method, electricity, electronics, computers, antibiotics, anaesthetics, the internet, optical fibres, motor cars, still pictures, moving pictures, space travel, satellites, microscopes, telescopes, oscilloscopes, Xrays, MRI scanners, navigation etc. The list seems endless. To be honest I can’t find any household appliance originating in Africa, India or China. Can you, dear reader?
    Indigenous white peoples of Europe are just as precious, if not more, as indigens in the Amazon or anywhere else, for reasons of productivity alone.

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