Dramatic Increase in Nonwhites Using “New Balkans Route” to Invade Europe

So far this year more than 6,700 nonwhites pretending to be refugees have invaded Europe by using a pathway through Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, bypassing Serbia and Hungary which have built fences to stop the Third World invasion of those countries.

According to new data from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro registered 6,700 new invaders in the first five months of this year, which is more than twice the number registered in all of 2017.

The majority of the invaders have been registered in Bosnia-Herzegovina and hundreds have been sleeping in parks in the capital Sarajevo, where at least 4,000 have presented themselves.

Many of the invaders have switched direction from Serbia after finding their path to western Europe blocked by the Hungarian border fence, while many Iranians are taking advantage of a visa-free regime introduced last year between Serbia and Iran, which allows them to fly in to Sarajevo as “tourists” and then march north to parasite off the whites.

According to the “Migrants Presence” chart issued by the IOM, there were as of May 30, 2018, 61,770 nonwhite invaders “stranded” in Greece, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Romania.

In addition, so far this year at least 36,940 nonwhite invaders have arrived in the EU claiming to be refugees.

Of this number, 32,080 have arrived by sea, and 4,860 by land, as of 30 May 2018, the IOM said.

As of March 2018, the main nationalities of the invaders registered in Italy have been Eritrea, Tunisia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Côte d’Ivoire; to Greece: Syrian Arab Republic, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo; to Spain: Morocco, Algeria, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Gambia, Syria, and to Bulgaria: Syrian Arab Republic, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.

According to the European Asylum Support Office (EASO), as of the end of April, nonwhites had lodged 49,716 applications for “international protection” in the white nations of Europe, an increase of 1,400 over the figure of March.

The level of “asylum applications” is comparable to that registered a year ago in April 2017, the EASO report added.

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  1. Clearly, from that photo, they are subcontinental Indians.

    A region not at war, and thousands upon thousands of miles from Europe.

    This is just so f*cked up.

    1. That’s why they call it human trafficking. How else do tens of thousands of uneducated, indigent and penniless moochers make it from their Third World hellholes to Europe or North America tens of thousands of miles away? The answer: with a lot of (((help and money))). There’s not nothing natural or spontaneous about any of this.

  2. Dear New Observer – Your website was one of only TWO remaining websites that still allowed me to use my Freedom of Speech to comment. Now that Alex Jones’ Infowars has suddenly had all of its comments sections deleted and blocked for supporting Tommy Robinson, you are the last remaining one!

    All the main British newspaper websites have blocked all my comments on any article, for criticizing the Third World Invasion of the West, and also some patriotic, nationalist websites such as “Fellowship of the Minds” and “The Occidental Observer”, because they are run by Catholics who couldn’t tolerate even one Protestant patriot on their website. The patriotic UK Column run by retired Royal Navy Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish, who first exposed the Marxist Subversive organization “Common Purpose” infesting all aspects of British society and government, is having its tweets blocked. And Patriot Tommy Robinson, jailed within hours without due process of law, has “disappeared” into the prison system, with even his family’s visit suddenly forbidden without explanation.

    The Globalist attack on Freedom of Speech has racheted up in the past week, and I hope your website, which has also suffered so many cyber attacks and shutdowns in the past, survives the Satanic Globalist onslaught.

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