Dresden: Rapefugee Gets 9 Years

In the latest development of the ongoing nonwhite rape plague spreading across Europe in the wake of the fake “refugee” invasion, a rapefugee from Morocco has been sentenced to nine years in prison for a vicious rape in Dresden late last year.


The victim, a 31-year-old German woman, was attacked by the nonwhite invader in Dresden on September 17, 2015, under the Nossener bridge, just over a mile from the famous Frauenkirche cathedral and city center.

The Moroccan, identified as “Nafaa B.,” was housed in the Dresden invader center which the German government has built in the city.

The nonwhite grabbed his victim from behind and held a shard of broken glass to her chest, threatening to stab her if she shouted out or resisted.

He dragged her into some nearby bushes, where he forced her first to have oral sex with him and then raped her. He then cut her several times on her breasts with the glass shard before running away. She had to have stitches at a local hospital for the cut wounds.

The woman was able to describe her attacker to the police, and they arrested him a short while later in the city.

During the court case, the nonwhite claimed that he had been sitting by the side of the road after walking around near the “asylum center” when the woman had approached him, and started sympathizing with him. After sharing a cigarette, he said, they had gone into the bushes to have consensual sex.

His version of events was dismissed by the court, with the judge describing it as a “fairy tale.”

The nonwhite rape plague currently spreading throughout Europe—at a rate rapidly becoming too many to document each case individually—was highly predictable, as author Abigail R. Esman recently pointed out in an article on the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) website.

According to Esman, many “Western women who have worked in the Middle East and North Africa, pointed out the commonality of rape in the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia . . . and noted the oppression of women in most cultures there.”

She went on to point out the mass rapes in Tahir Square, Cairo, in 2011 and 2013 “as cautionary tales, describing the so-called ‘circle of hell’ that women faced then: lone women surrounded by men whose hands groped and pulled, ripped and pressed, and eventually overpowered. A 2013 study conducted after the attacks showed that a stunning 99 percent of Egyptian women had experienced some sort of sexual harassment.” She went on to say:

Observed Brenda Stoter, a reporter and sociologist who has spent several years covering women in the region for Al Jazeera and Dutch newspaper De Groene, in a recent essay, “Anyone who thinks that you can bring the Arabic world to Europe without social inequality, cultural differences, and the influence of religion, ignores the facts.”

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    1. That would not be enough of a deterrent – put the man into a totally locked empty village hall with 20 women. There would be no money spent on food or deportation. Then post some pictures in all the centres where these evil scum live with the caption, “ARE YOU NEXT?”

    1. U are right but u dont know what she vote. Dresden is capital of european fight against islamisation and massimmigration. Dresden is the only City in West/Northeuropean where u get more than 30.000 people on the street every monday against immigration.

      1. Then report this activity so that the whole world knows what you are doing. It is the first time I have heard this and I am actually looking for these sorts of reports. We must be un-gagged and the truth must prevail followed by trials for the traitorous politicians who have bestowed this disease on us

  1. “Anyone who thinks that you can bring the Arabic world to Europe without social inequality, cultural differences, and the influence of religion, ignores the facts.”
    At last, a voice of sanity from a woman with relevant experience who obviously knows what she`s talking about.
    Well, Merkel what have you got to say now ?
    More to the point what are you going to do about reversing it ?

    1. Nothing! Merkel will carry on & hope the “sheep” settle down quickly & return to grazing in the pastures of Europe!

  2. Castration. The most suitable punishment for such cases, and completely in keeping with Islamic culture. The eunuch was never missing in their history. There may be fewer now, but we can restore the balance.

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