Drowned “Syrian” Boy Funeral Exposes Lie of Nonwhite “War Refugees”

The funeral of the drowned “Syrian” (actually Kurdish) boy Aylan Kurdi in his hometown of Kobane, Syria, less than two days after his death at sea off the Turkish coast, has definitely exposed as a lie the claims that the nonwhite invasion of Europe is the result of “war refugees.”


Kobane is 869 miles (1,400 kilometers) from Bodrum in Turkey, where the Kurdish boy was drowned after his parents irresponsibly loaded him onto an overcrowded dinghy, and is supposedly—if the controlled mass media is to be believed, in the middle of a “war zone.”

Yet Aylayn Kurdi’s father Abdullah was able to take the bodies of not only Aylan, but also of his brother Ghalib and his wife Rehan, back to Kobane where they were buried, once again before the waiting press cameras.

The question which can well be asked is therefore, if the Kurdi family was “fleeing a war zone,” why was it possible for Abdullah Kurdi to travel so easily back to his hometown and arrange full public funerals in Kobane?


The very definition of a “war refugee” is, according to the official United Nations definition, as contained in the 1951 Refugee Convention:

“a person who is outside his or her country of nationality or habitual residence; has a well-founded fear of being persecuted because of his or her race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion; and is unable or unwilling to avail him—or herself of the protection of that country, or to return there, for fear of persecution.”  (see Article 1A(2)).


The fact that Abdullah Kurdi could return overnight to Kobane to bury his family shows clearly that he—and all the so-called “refugees” do not qualify as “refugees” in any sense:

–They are not being persecuted because of their race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion;

–They are able and willing to avail themselves of the protection of Syria (otherwise they would not have been able to go back there so easily); and

–They are easily able to return to their home without fear of persecution.

In other words, even under the UN’s own definition, the Kurdi family were not “refugees” in any sense of the word.

Furthermore, as the controlled media has now been forced to admit, the Kurdi family had been living in Turkey for three years before even trying to invade Europe—after their legal application to immigrate to Canada had been turned down by the Canadian authorities.

Further evidence of the outright lies being used by the nonwhite invaders, and their liberal promoters in the controlled mass media, came with the results of an in situ inspection of a “refugee center” in Mineo, Sicily, by the leader of the Lega Nord party, Matteo Salvini.

Writing on his Facebook page, Salvini pointed out that of the 3,042 “refugees” in the center, only two had actually come from any of the supposed “war zones.”

He said that all the rest came from other Third World countries, including India and Bangladesh. (“Is there a war there?” he asked.)

“Refugees or illegal immigrants? Do you see now?” Salvini concluded, correctly pointing out that the nonwhites had no right to be in Europe at all.


Meanwhile, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has joined the growing ranks of Central European nations to warn of the danger posed by the nonwhite invasion.

Hitting out at Germany for saying it would accept requests from “Syrians” regardless of where they entered the European Union—a move which also breaks all previously established European Union rules—Orban said that this was only encouraging the invasion.

He also announced that Hungary is building a fence and tightening migration rules that it says will close Hungary off to migrants as of September 15.

“The reality is that Europe is threatened by a mass inflow of people, many tens of millions of people could come to Europe,” Orban told public radio in a regular Friday interview.

“Now we talk about hundreds of thousands but next year we will talk about millions and there is no end to this,” he said.

In May this year, Orban sent personal letters to eight million Hungarian voters in which he pledged to protect their livelihoods from immigrants. In July he said “political correctness in Europe” had enforced a “guilt-ridden silence” on the links between immigration and violent crime.

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    1. Why don’t you start a fund for that ? Gofundme or indiegogo just make sure there is no expiration when you set up the date otherwise all the money will go back to the donors if it don’t reach the target amount. Really that’s a good idea if you have extra time in your hands. Go for it .(I can’t do it just have no time to set up/ check messgaes & update it)

    2. This is so kind of you, there is no chance for donation since it is sponsored by the national budget, but we really-really appreciate your intent. What you could do on the other hand is to remind people who denounce Hungary of the fact that the West could enjoy their peace and keep their monuments intact (as well as their villages, etc) because Hungary fought hard against the Ottoman empire – until 1541. And those who come with the “yeah, but in 1956 Hungarians also migrated” slogan, please tell them that our people behaved like refugees, and not as invaders.
      For example the men worked as lumberjacks in Austria, their families had to stay at the camps. We did not cry Aloha Snackbar while pumping our fists in the air, we did not attack passanger trains and policemen with stones, did not invade private properties and kicked elderly women (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgrzrcaYgC4 ). I could give YouTube links to all these if you wish, but you can do some search as well. But most importantly tell them that the media is distorting everything they can just to cash in on the “horrible dictator ” topos.
      For this I have a reference just to make it quick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wnlivWnPrc

    3. Suggest you give the USA Republican
      Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, a call. He is apparently the only western leader, or potential leader, with the brains to sort out these types of problems.

      Anyone else will tell you it’s all your fault & you are guilty of offending all minority groups, you are racist and should beg forgiveness from the refugees!

  1. Does anyone know of a website where supporters can purchase items or even make donations that go towards Racial Nationalists in Germany and their fight against the swarm of migrants invading their country.

    Germany is the centre of European culture and thinking and has had some of the bravest, cleverest and most hard working people in the European Race. I believe if Germany falls then Europe falls.

    1. I’m also looking for that kind of website but can’t find one or maybe just because I don’t understand their language hahaha.
      Why don’t you start a fund for that ? Gofundme or indiegogo just make sure there is no expiration when you set up the date otherwise all the money will go back to the donors if it don’t reach the target amount. Really that’s a good idea if you have extra time in your hands. Go for it .(I can’t do it just have no time to set up/ check messages & update it everyday)

    2. Then let us all hope and pray that for the third time in a hundred years, that paragon if virtue, germany and it teutonic industry driven people, fail. Then everyone can go back as they were, with that interfering harridan of theirs poking her nose in.

    3. Mother Merkel has a short memory! Germans are not like Englishmen who become ” miffed” and then proceed to become “peeved” before being annoyed.
      Germans tend to progress to ” really pissed off” before they start singing and pulling on those large black boots they use for stomping all over you.

      This IS going to get really nasty.

      Angela you start researching those routes to South America.

    4. Think we need that in the UK,as we are full to the brim and our infrastructures are at breaking point.
      The thing is the tax payers are sending shed loads of money daily to the corrupt Merkel and her Europrat friends just for her to spend on creating her utopia and destroy the white citizens of the EU .All backed up by a corrupt primeminister called Cameron.

  2. It is sad that the little boys (and as the dad of a 3 year old son it has affected me deeply) death has been manipulated by the left wing media and politician’s especially Yvette Cooper to a point that we are facist racist bigots if we stand up and say there are too many financial migrants coming it to Europe.

  3. I am a British pensioner. I am well-educated and have worked all my life. Aged 67 I am still working part-time because my pension income is insufficient to provide me with a reasonably comfortable living. My husband is a disabled ex-Serviceman, living on Disability benefit. Our fathers fought for the freedom of our country (and Europe) in the 2nd World War, in the Royal Navy and Army respectively. My mother was a driver in the RAAF from the age of 17. Her sister was a W.R.E.N. All the young men and women in our families joined branches of the Forces to defend Britain against oppression and tyranny. I fail to understand why the majority of the current surge of so-called war zone ‘refugees’ and ”migrants’ are able-bodied, well-dressed, healthy men aged between 18 and 30 years wearing expensive trainers, modern clothes and carrying I-phones. If they object to the heavy-handed tactics of the governance of their own countries why don’t they stay there and do something about it???? Have they not heard of resistance against oppression? Do they not have the intelligence or willingness to fight for what they believe in? Have they no pride in themselves? No – instead they decide to leave their homes, their families and everything that defines them as an individual for the imagined Good Life of Europe. Of course I have compassion for genuinely poor, suffering, people who have been driven from their countries because of conflict or who live daily with poverty and neglect. But my sympathy is principally for the elderly, the sick, the vulnerable women and children who have been shamelessly abandoned by the men of their countries who obviously have no intention of returning to their homelands. European politicians have got to face up to reality and inform the World that this is not the Promised Land. British politicians have got to face up to their responsibility and put our own country to rights before dedicating funds that we do not have to non-Europeans. Get the NHS in order, start looking after our elderly citizens in a dignified and humane manner, ensure that everyone who works has a living wage, eradicate poverty, and sort out the unemployed and spongers in our own society, GIVE US OUR OWN PRIDE BACK!
    Oh – and by the way – the price of an average funeral in the UK (with the cheapest coffin, one car and a basic service is now £3,800. So start saving!

    1. They are mostly economic migrants simply using the asylum laws to get in. Many are not even from the war torn country as this article points out. Many others are Jihadists who have joined the ranks to infiltrate the countries they want to attack, using the same asylum laws.

      I personally don’t give a damn whether they are willing to fight for their own country or not, what I do despair at is the willingness for our own government to give our country away to them, also the willingness for our own people to let them do it. Britain has lost all the pride it once had and it seems, all the backbone they had during WW2. This is not mass immigration, it is a mass invasion and it need for young, able bodied people to stand up and defend our country against it. However, most of those young, able bodied people have been brainwashed by the media to listen to the sob stories such as this young boys death and take pity on those willing to kill their families attempting to get here. They will kill people to get a life on benefits rather than work to make their own countries better places to live and the politicians call Brits lazy!

      Of course the EU has a lot to answer for, they demanded that our government take these illegal immigrants. It’s long past time we got out of the EU so we can protect our own borders. Time to make a stand like Hungary have done. Build a fence and patrol it with armed guards, this is nothing less than a an attempt to take over our country after all, that makes it a war and therefore lethal force is justifiable.

    2. So bang on susan. I agree 110% with everything you have said and I am bewildered by these idoits that are welcoming an invasion of their home country and are too short sighted to see the consequences. Its so frustrating, I can only imagine how much more frustrating it must be for your generation.

    3. I agree with all that is being said on here,I have said the same things time and time again and so have 99% of my family and friends the other 1% can’t see wood for tree’s so when are we going to wake up and smell the coffee or when are our Politician’s we are well known for giving to charities etc but this is completly different. I don’t say don’t help them that really need help, but its time we stopped being taken for a ride. Give us back our boarder’s yes lets have arm guards up in watch tower’s to protect us from these Economic Migrants and lets be like Australia they don’t put up with no Rubbish . So to our Politicians listen to your people for a change not Bloo– do gooders that are always trying to pull us down saying we are Racist’s etc, we are not asking for the ones that are here to be thrown out except those that have not right to be here. Lets again be proud of the Country that our Ancester’s etc Fought and died for. GREAT BRITAIN.

    4. Not to doom you people but this is the end of Europe, just like 24 years ago with South Africa. Which Europe/England was partly responsible for. You won’t get rid of them just like we can’t. They are going to murder you one by one like they do to our South African’s, and they are brutal. Go google this, you will be shocked what they are capable of…… I really feel for you, although not you as person but your country have caused many heart ache to the white South African’s an more than a 100 years later still do. You are about to experience what we have since the 1800’s up until now. Hopefully you all have enough money to secure you’re houses with alarms, beams, electric fences ect. And get legal weapons. Your grandchildren/children will also have to flee from their birth country like we had to. You will live in constant fear, like we do. Not a nice life and like you, certainly not one we chose. Good luck to you all and may God bless you.

      1. San….. while I abhor what is happening in South Africa, especially as there were white people living there before the Zulus became a “nation” (not only the Zulus) you cannot compare what is happening in Europe with what happened in South Africa post apartheid…… I assume that you are white and probably of Dutch descent….

    5. Very well said. Intelligent and succinct. I worry too about the young, healthy men and who they are leaving behind. Do they have a hidden agenda.

    6. Hello Ms Susan!

      The same unfairness reigns supreme in Sweden, where many pensioners cannot afford any kind of comfort. Yet, we have high taxes. Sweden, a country with huge (per capita) immigrant population even before the latest “Refugees welcome” euphoria, is lately receiving 2000 people a week. The government declared the other day that a considerable raise of taxes was necessary to meet the “refugee crisis”. As all our mass media are controlled (self-censorship I would call it), Swedes are being lied to that immigrants only cost at the very initial phase. Most of them are in fact living on benefits in ghettos since 20 -30 years. As housing problem has been enormous even before the latest invasion, heated tents are now being prepared, which will be expensive regarding the time of year. And there is yet another overlooked issue; the authorities do not control who is entering Sweden, which makes it easy for Jihadists. And we have at least 100 000 “old” illegals that Sweden “has nor means” to deport. This policy of taking in so many people from distant culture cannot have anything to do with solidarity but must be an agenda.

  4. Susan, you have pretty much hit the nail on the head, I agree wholeheartedly with everything you have written, this government has no objection to pumping millions into the EU coffers at a time when our country is crippled with cuts to all vital services both regionally and nationally.
    We are not able to stand up for our own country because if we do we are racists or bigots and any negative action violates ‘their’ human rights.

    I worry about our children and what sort of country they will grow up in, so many men and women fell in battle for the empire and all we can do is sit back and watch our country be taken over by people who can questionably be called refugees, that is the very few women and children who undertake the perilous journeys as the ratio of men to women and children favours the former.

    This government had sold the country down the river and has never had the power or the will to curb the influx of migrants, even before this present diabolical farce, they have constantly failed to reduce the number of migrants coming to this country hell bent on milking the system for everything.

    1. I read that the unfortunate trip when Mr Kurdi lost his wife and children was their third attempt to cross the same stretch of water. While I feel sorry for the children that are lost why could he not have bought life jackets for the children. Papers report that he paid £1200 to get his family afloat in the dingy that the captain abandoned when he realised it was going to sink because it was overloaded.

      1. Yes it’s unfair on the kids what has happened but he shouldn’t have done it anyway he was perfectly fine in his own country he had no reason to leave so he killed his kids so why haven’t he been jailed cos if that was one of us who did it then we would have been jailed for it

  5. There is a lot of emotional crap being written in the media about this Syrian boy – the hard facts are: they were NOT fleeing Syria – this family had lived in Turkey for three years. The parents were at the very least negligent in putting their two young kids onto an unstable, overcrowded boat with no lifejackets on them, Turkey is a safe, Muslim country so why did they leave? The hard fact is that they were looking for a country that could give them more and not looking for safety – they were already safe.

    Let’s not let emotions throw out common sense! It was a tragedy but it was one caused by the recklessness of the parents not by any country’s refusal to take them in.

    Little Syrian boy died because his father “wanted new teeth!” They left Syria in 2012 and were settled in Turkey (had been for 3 years, a job, a home and fit and well).

    The reason they were in that boat was because the father wanted new teeth. That’s why they were heading for Europe. This interview with his sister in Canada explains everything. For years the BBC and other news outlets sanitized and blurred out the news and now its emotion blackmail.

    The poor kid drowned because of a stupid father who left the safety of Turkey after already being refused asylum in Canada. Like the migrants in Hungary they do not have the right to just travel around other countries, they need to be processed and obey the law of the land they are in…

  6. Government won’t ask British people if we won’t them here because they know we as British people don’t won’t them are government needs to house are own war heroes that are on the streets before letting any imagrants in and give them hotel rooms to reck

  7. This is an army on the move, make no mistake about it. The people who control them know that when the British referendum votes to get out of Europe, they will find it almost impossible to flood the country with their shadow troops. They also know that Britain is the real powerhouse in Europe and that if the conquer us, the rest will fall with ease.
    We need to wake up and stop letting the left demonise us as racist, when we want to protect our country and families.

  8. I have been silent about all the events happening on the island (Lesvos) where I have been living for the past 19 years. But, today I witnessed a rally and road blocks by the refugees and I feel that it is time to expressed my opinion… for the past few months we have convoys of refugees (from Syria, Pakistan, Afganistan etc) coming from the Turkish coast in thousands (20,000 as it is today are living on the streets). Most of them make it to our coast in the worst conditions, each have paid 1000-2000 euros to Turkish traffickers to transport women (some pregnant) young children and elderly over the borders where they risk their lives and many have drowned. Do these people know that Greece is in a recession? Do these people know that the reason why Mytilineans have been “EXTREEEEEMLY” tolerant is because firstly we are hospitable to all foreigners and secondly most families have an Asia Minor refugee background? Yes we have been tolerant…. they have camped EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! they NEVER throw their litter in the provided bins (the bins are empty) and just imagine 20,000 people living on the streets in a town where the population is 35,000, where the portable toilets are something “unknown” to these people. The stink is everywhere and things are getting worse. The reason why these people cannot leave is because Greece cannot fund systems that register their arrivals to give them “the magic pass” for them to go to Germany. Yes Germany, that’s where they ALL want to go!!! The problem is European and Greece has NOT been given one cent from the European Union to deal with this problem. Do these people know that their destined countries eg. Germany, have been funding and supplying ISIS with weapons??? Ignorance is Bliss!!! All I have to say is God help them and God help us to get over this invasion!!!

    This my Facebook Post dated 7/09/2015… by the time I update there will be 10 million on the Turkish coast ready to cross over to Lesvos….. WE CANNOT BUILD A WALL IN THE AEAGEAN SEA” ….SOS

  9. i was born british and once proud of my country i can honestly say i am no longer feeling proud of this country if you try to speak up for your country and say the wrong thing your called rascist so do we all back down ? grin an bear it ? c,mon it has got to the stage i i would emigrate without hesitation to AUSTRALIA come on britain stand up and stop been soft .

    1. I wouldn’t bother coming to Australia, we have been invaded as well. Our crime rate has jumped since allowing these country shoppers to come in. We were swamped under a Labor government who sent the Navy out as a taxi service to bring them in. Maybe time for the real Europeans to find a few islands to buy and move their and start our democracies again. The current crop of politicians only listen to the whinging lefties. The stat for our country shoppers is that 85% are still on welfare after 5 years. Obviously the generous hand outs is what drives them. Stop that, stop the the country shoppers. Take in genuine refugees from the camps that want to assimilate and who recognise the muslim experiment in the ME is an abject failure.

  10. I agree with all which has been said above, it is a very scary situation, these are not refugees, they are immigrants looking for an easier life. As for the Political Correctness, I have thought the past few years, it is all creating Racism………we the English /or British, as we have to now be called, are entitled to our opinion, and not have all this nonsense shoved down our throats. It is time the MP’s listened to their people, and acted FOR them instead of acting for themselves. Enough is enough, all the cut backs, yet we can throw money at these looking to improve their lives on the backs of the people that fought and also worked all their lives for it to be in vain ? True refugees yes, help them but limit it, there are nearer countries they go to, who are not at war, why din’t they stay there if they are looking for safety ? Time our politicians stood up to be counted, voice their constituents fears and hopes for the future…………Where are their back bones ?

  11. All the so called refugees that have over the years been taken in by our governments should all be sent back to the countries that they claimed were at war at the times,it should be agreed that they could only stay until it was safe for them to return to their mother land, they should be made to do voluntary work in return for food and lodging and health care. Perhaps then they might think twice about thinking Britain is an easy target and the streets are paved in gold. get the politicians of their fat behinds to go and check out these so called war zones, then perhaps they will find out the truth.

  12. I think its astonishing that the other neighbouring Arab countries have not come forward and eased the situation, amongst the richest in the world and no acceptance of displaced persons, I still have difficulty accepting that the EU have simply opened the doors, I accept Germany still needs to heal but without a feasible plan?
    There should have been a huge international response to place both the migrants and refugees in places of safety funded by the International Community and scaled to suit, opening the gate means that the true sufferers will be left behind in the rush.

  13. I have had enough of being persecuted by this UK government and aim to flee to Australia to seek asylum. I dont really agree with the Aussie way of life but am prepared to leave my wife and 12 children behind to face the cold winter on their own. I am sure there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, who like me, would like to start a new life down under. If we can all congregate outside Dover docks at 12 noon on Saturday where we will set up camp and demand free ferry tickets to Calais. Can I please ask for volunteer women, children and a few OAP`s to parade before the media, we will need this to blackmail governments and gain sympathy from the rest of the world for our plight. Once in Calais, feel free to wave at the thousands trying to go in the opposite direction, we will begin the next stage of our journey through Europe. We will make our way through India and the rest of Asia, shouting Australia!, Australia!, all the way. We will expect to be fed, clothed and sheltered by all the nations we pass through, who will also provide free transport on to our final destination. Do not worry about accomodation, there will be thousands of Aussies signing up to give us free beds, food, benefits etc and dont worry if they find out we are really there for the nice weather and not because we are seeking protection, they will never find us and if the did it would cost them to much to send us back. So see you all at Dover at noon and dont forget the token women!

    1. Rob, it is a very nice spring 25 degrees here in Brisbane, not a cloud in the sky. Make sure that you haggle with the smugglers to get a good deal. Oh and buy a life vest, they don’t come with the ticket apparently

      1. Why thank you Dingo but I was hoping that the countries we pass through would pay for our travel, especially on our way through middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia. We are currently in Italy and as a devout follower of our druid religion I am profoundly troubled by the lack of virgins. We have heard reports that Hungry have closed their borders! Just who the hell do they think they are? do they not care about our plight?. We have women and children and we will refuse food and water until they let us cross, however, we are prepared to accept any cigarettes that are offered. I am running out, not bothered about the brand but NO lights!. If we are not allowed to cross into Hungry we are condsidering traveling south to Lecce and then by sea to Albania or Greece. I will speak to you soon Dingo, G`day cobber. See….Im nearly fluent!!

    2. Don’t forget to clear this with the Jewish groups funded by Soros. They will also give you free legal advice on how to lie to the countries you go through! Jews are wonderful, as long as they think you can be useful to them.

  14. Yes They are all talk most of them,they don’t look after their own homeless and underprivileged. no decent government and opposition just as bad ,only time they agree is when they want a pay rise for themselves . they as you have just said WE ARE FOOLS HERE !!!

  15. We are fools everyone is always crying over everything. It is my belief that this country is so deeply unhappy and therefore weep at every little mishap.It is because the Blair and all governments have made the people feel impotant. That gives them more control over us and yes it is abuse on a large scale.thats also what the collection of data on us is about.Fall out of line and they will dig for all the dirt to put in the media. I read an article if you go against Merkle in Germany you will not get on to well in life. When you last see people protest against a government in this country. But they were out on the streets to let the immigrants in. The only time this country has been really happy was during the olyimpics it was a very British affair. I must admitt it made me feel old pride and a feeling of mourning for the country we once were. As a war baby we did not have much. But the freedom of running around the countryside, riding any horse we could find bare backed and even trying to get the bull in the field to chase us, it was free. Now my grandchildren have never tasted that feeling as they are driven everywhere because this country is afraid to let there children out. Does this not disgust you. If I were not so old I would not stay in this country another minute.
    C Chasapis my heart goes out to you and your beautiful country. Every day I see all the life jackets dumped on the shore with the rest of the filth.There should be police there making them clear up the mess before they move on. I hope it has not stopped people coming on holiday. I truly wish you had left Europe we in England would have helped with funding your old currency to be printed. Good luck to you and all that have to live longer than me.

  16. we came out to n.z.in the 70s because of the troubles in Ireland but my husband made sure we he had a job and house to come too before we left, I hated leaving my family but that was the price of a new life in a country that needed us.My husband never was out of work and our 5 children are new Zealanders to the backbone went to school worked hard and now have families of thire own we embrace the new Zealand way of life but looking at all these migrants leaving there own countries without papers or any jobs to go to in Europe I don’t think they are willingly going to change to the British way or any other way of life but there own .I am so glad that we are in new zealand..and not in Europe god help you all. You all need to stand up for what you believe and what our people fought for in the 2 world wars you need to man the barricades as our forefathers did in the time of war against the hordes and good luck to you all.

  17. It’s such an overwhelming feeling to see that the fake international media couldn’t dim out all the common sense from Europe. Thank You for all your support and comments for Hungary

  18. There is no discussion about these realities in America. This entire thing sounds like a well planned effort to completely destabilize the world. God help us.

  19. They are already taking a stance in saying that Blacks lived in the UK before the whites. Wait till they have started breeding – within 10 – 20 years they will push the original inhabitants away.

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