Duisberg, Germany: Emergency as Invader Gangs Fight in City Center

City authorities in Duisberg, Germany, were forced to declare a state of emergency this week in order to bring a mass street brawl involving Kurds, Lebanese, and Turks under control after gangs from those nonwhite invaders took over the city center in a fight using machetes and iron bars.

A report in the local Der Westen newspaper reported that the mass brawl, which took place in the Altmark area, had barely been contained by the police after the emergency was declared.

Police spokesman Ramon van der Maat told the newspaper that the gangs were “clearly prepared” for the fight, and it took over 100 police in full riot gear to suppress the violence.

However, the police spokesman added, the cause of the violence was not known because “Nobody wants to talk to the police” even though at least 50 nonwhites were arrested.

Van der Maat confirmed that the invaders—some of whom are recent fake refugees but others are long-settled invaders with German nationality—would be charged with various breach of the peace offenses.

Almost all of the perpetrators were “previously known to the police,” another report in the same paper said—liberal newspeak which means that all had been previously arrested for criminal activity.

The police were also attacked by the nonwhites, stoned and beaten, and were forced to use teargas to break up the nonwhite gangs.

Police also confirmed that there had also been a gang fight in the same area the previous week, but it had not been on the scale as the mass brawl this week.

Earlier, German police admitted that there had been a 92 percent increase in crime in Germany committed by the nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees who poured into Germany after 2015.

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  1. Bezerkel merkel the mad mutti of mayhem started this. The cockroach deserves a special place in hell. Ops sorry. The dopie popie in
    rome says no such thing as hell.

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