Düsseldorf Attack Plans “Bigger than Realized”

Plans by nonwhite invaders posing as refugees to attack the city center of Düsseldorf were to involve at least ten attackers, German police have admitted.

At the same time, prosecutors are investigating 180 cases of nonwhites with German citizenship who have returned to Germany after fighting for ISIS—and 21 nonwhites have “vanished” in one state alone after being charged with terrorism.


According to an article in Der Spiegel, one of the refugee-terrorists arrested for the planned Düsseldorf attack has admitted that the attack team was going to consist of ten men.

Only four have been arrested so far, which means that six of the team are still likely at large in Germany, having entered during the ongoing fake refugee flood pouring into Europe at the invitation of Angela Merkel.

The six additional members of the plot were supposed to join them at a later point, the invader named Saleh A. has told police, Der Spiegel said. They were all members of a “sleeper cell” system which ISIS had infiltrated into Europe, Saleh A. has admitted.

As part of this plan, Saleh A. had been in Europe since 2013, and had been registered as an “asylum seeker” in Kaarst, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Meanwhile, the AFP news service has reported that the German Justice Ministry admitted that it is investigating 180 “terror suspects” who have returned from Syria or have links to militant groups there.

“At present the Chief Federal Prosecutor is conducting some 120 investigations into more than 180 suspects in connection with the civil war in Syria due to membership or support of a terrorist group,” a Justice Ministry spokesman said.

At the same time, the Focus news service in Germany confirmed that there are 37 outstanding arrest warrants against nonwhite Islamist invaders in that state—because the accused have all gone “missing.”

At least 21 of these arrest warrants are for crimes related to terrorism, the report said.

“The 37 people who are being looked for are accused of committing crimes including establishing a criminal or terrorist organization, seriously bodily harm, deception, resistance against state officials, and theft,” said state representative Gregor Golland from the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

There are also “499 potentially dangerous individuals in the field of Islamist terrorism” in the state.

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    1. I would prefer to deal with the six(and many others) in my/our own way as neither the so called law enforcement or local/national Government and lets resort to “Dirty War” as that seems to be the standard? TIME For Us White Europeans to Re-Arm Ourselves thereby enforcing the US 2nd Amendement into European Constituition freely or by FORCE but either way accepted into Many European Countries Laws and Bylaws. This is a Time for concerned White European Nationals to Band Together and to Oust not only the “Left Wing Thugs & Their Sponsors” but the “enemy Within including current serving Politicians and or their Families – call it easy pickings including their CP(Close Protection). Let White European Values and Traditions revive themselves otherwise it is going to end in Bloodshed including the “Elite/Establishment” because No-One is really Free? (Watch Out For The Assassins – They Can and Will strike Near or Far) would it not be funny if these current lying Politicians & their respective CP Teams started suddenly “Hitting the Deck” so to speak? Then things might change by Fear and Intimadation and Yet that is Exactly What Europe or Many Communities are Currently Experiencing but Yet the so Called Elected Leaders Fail to Act – Why?

  1. These so called leaders have not got a clue, all across Europe these career politicos are as about as sharp as a peeled banana

    1. There is a conspiracy to destroy Europe through chaos and then to introduce the totalitarian New World Order. Europe will become Eurabia, and will be subsequently merged with all of Africa thus forming one of the three World regions.
      The lunatics behind this agenda need to be stopped pdq otherwise future generations will be coffee-coloured slaves of the Zionists and their enablers.

  2. Are the `missing` terror suspects swanning around Europe or are they supposed to stay in Germany ? Not that rules, laws etc; make a blind bit of difference to any of them.
    How can the authorities possibly keep track of such large numbers of `will o`the wisp` terrorists who have access to false papers.
    Meanwhile “refugees” continue to arrive by the boatload and we`ve no idea if more terrorists are amongst them.

  3. I feel so sorry for the genuine people of Germany what as your leaders done too your beautiful country I hope and pray we vote out we sit and watch the down fall of so many beautiful countries and we have to listen to the vote to remain insane!

    1. Listening to the radio today it was said if the brexit won they would still somehow juggle things around and stay in the new reformed Europe that’s where I don’t trust Boris as he was all for a reformed Europe and they seemed to have totally discarded Nigel which I think is a bad move as he was the inspiration behind us getting the vote in the first place. One thing for sure we are in for changes which ever way the vote goes. VOTE OUT.

  4. Someone should beam a great big picture of Angela Merkel’s ugly face right over the site of the next terrorist atrocity.

  5. Well done Merkel, although she did tell the German people that these people might not be as law abiding as them, what a stupid thing to say to your citizens when you allow these people to invade your country.

  6. As far as any attack is concerned, whether it is bombs, bullets or even assaults/rape of women, Saudi Arabia has the right attitude. Attempted rape, I repeat attempted rape (when I was out there) carried the death sentence; stealing for profit (rather than to feed your family) usually resulted in the loss of a hand – the right hand I think; and from memory it was said any dissent that could be construed as terrorism they would be shot on sight or when trying to escape? This was 30 years ago, some things may have changed. Now, IMHO this is why Saudi don’t want these invaders who call themselves Muslims and they won’t go there because they are not true Muslims anyway.
    Wake up voters of Germany, your Leader is corrupt and does not have the authority to change your country in the way it is being done without your support.

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