Düsseldorf: Details Emerge of Planned Refugee-Terrorist Attack

Nonwhite invaders posing as refugees in the German city of Düsseldorf planned a series of bombings and shootings which would have likely exceeded the ferocity and death toll of the November 2016 Paris attacks, it has emerged.

The Bolker Street in Düsseldorf, one of the targets of the refugee-terrorist gang.

Details released by the Federal Court of Justice in the ongoing trial of four refugee-terrorists have revealed just how close Düsseldorf came to experiencing an unprecedented level of carnage.

The attack was foiled after a gang member fled to Paris, was arrested and then confessed to police about his role in the matter.

Based on that information, German anti-terror police swooped on the refugee-terrorists in June 2016, and have held them in custody ever since.

The four have been named as Saleh A. (25), Hamza C. (27), Mahood B. (25), and Abd Arahman AK (31).

Last week, as part of a motion to continue their detention, the court released documents which revealed details of the plot.

According to the report, the gang had planned “massive carnage” which would have exacted a greater toll than the Paris attacks.

The ISIS supporters planned to strike on a Friday or Saturday in the lively old town section of the city.

The attack was to begin with two of the refugee-terrorists setting off suicide explosive vests among crowds on Bolker and Andreas streets, both famous for their pedestrianized areas and restaurants.

The remaining members of the gang, all armed with Ak-47s, would by then have taken up position at the Old Town exits at Flinger Street, the Heinrich Heine-Allee, the Hunsrücken, and Mühlen Street.

There, the plan went, the refugee-terrorists would be able to gun down all those fleeing the two earlier explosions.

Once they had run out of ammunition, the refugee-terrorists would then set off their own suicide vests to kill anybody still alive in the area.

The court said that the plans were “in an advanced stage” when the plot was interrupted.

Although only four of the invaders were arrested, the plan called for at least six other participants, to make up a team of ten.

The invader who grew up in Dusseldorf, referred to in the court document as “H.,” provided the team with a sketch map of the Old Town. “H.” appears in the interim to have fled to Syria.

All of the accused came to Germany as part of the fake refugee invasion of 2015.

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