Dutch Pegida Man Arrested for Pig Hat

The leader of the anti-Islamification of Europe Pegida movement in the Netherlands, Edwin Wagensveld, has been arrested for wearing a furry hat in the shape of a pig’s head, Dutch media have reported.

Wagensveld was, according to the police, engaging in “provocative behavior” by wearing the joke hat, which is widely available at party shops and is normally worn by children.


The arrest, which demonstrated how little freedom of speech is left in Europe, occurred during a protest in the town of Ede organized by Pegida Netherlands against the planned arrival of 1,400 “asylum seekers” there.


The protest, which was completely peaceful, attracted several hundred local supporters, and a large police presence.

Wagensveld’s wife came to the meeting wearing the hat. A police officer instructed her to take it off, whereupon her husband grabbed it and put it on his head.

Police then told him to take it off, but he refused, saying that that it was “just a children’s thing. There is no text; it is not offensive.”

The police then arrested him, and manhandled the press out the way as they took him to the local police station where he was locked in a cell.

There, he was visited by the local state prosecutor, who questioned him and then ordered him released.


Last weekend, about twenty leftist thugs were arrested after attacking police and a Pegida rally in Amsterdam.

The communist gangsters, organized by the local Socialist Party, violently attacked the Pegida rally participants, and left a package of fireworks at the demonstration scene, causing the local bomb disposal squad to be called out.

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    1. come on people….lets smash these socialists..they aren,t the only ones who can be violent…they are mainly students and commies…the students will run if they get hurt,the commies will stand and must be smashed!

  1. What puts fear in the hearts of Cultural Marxists everywhere? The answer is a grown man wearing a pig hat. The political system fears pig hats now.

  2. Oh this is becoming ridiculous. Arrested for wearing a children’s funny hat? So what if it’s a pig! Germans love pigs and have reared them for ever. Pigs feature in fairy tales.

    Muslims should be told to deal with it and if they are offended, then they can piss off to back to some islamic paradise where there aren’t any pigs. Problem solved.

  3. How embarrassing for the Dutch police. Do they understand they now look like German Gestapo for arresting someone wearing a silly hat. It’s not the Pegida demonstrators who are the Nazis.

    1. They already HAVE banned pork products form all public basic and middle school cafeterias, and all hospitals here in Germany.

  4. Western politicians are using police for fascism against sovereign patriotic citizens, juxtaposed with appeasement for foreign invaders (muslim men); globalisation. We all have rights to wear ‘pig hats’ or any other hat; its political satire, freedom of speech, only Nazi govts lock citizens up for such bullshit.

    1. as for the UK,,I am sure that the muslims are viewing all these anti white actions with some trepidation as they are aware that this sort of police action is seriously turning what were reasonable people against them,…We have had enough and the fight back is coming……

  5. How embarassing !
    TPTB obviously don`t realise how pathetic such reactions look.
    Meanwhile we`ve enjoyed a good snigger in public, a damn good belly laugh in private, and memorable photos to amuse for years to come.
    Great stuff !!

  6. So…looks like people can put up NO protest – the Muslim parasites have won. But, tell you thins, suppress protest much more and the police will REALLY have trouble on their hands.

  7. I know that area and there will be no work for them there so what is the point of sending them, other than to mix them into society until they outbreed the local population and European culture slides into history and is gone forever.

  8. Islamaphobia is “An unrealistic fear of Islam and/or Muslims.” The Netherlands arrested a man wearing a pink pig hat, because Muslims may find it offensive. If anyone has an unrealistic fear of Islam, it would be the people arresting someone because Muslims “may” find someone’s attire offensive. I bet most of the people in the Netherlands find Hijabs and Burkhas offensive. Will they be arrested next?

  9. So wearing a fuzzy pink pig hat is considered ‘hate’ now – just wonderful. I suppose forcefully stopping them from raping your kids and wife after they’ve broken into your house will also be considered a ‘hate crime’ too.

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