Dutch Village Gets What it Voted For

The northern Dutch town of Ter Apel—which has consistently elected a far left Labor Party (PvdA) administration—has been brought to its knees after a nonwhite invader crime plague has nearly destroyed all the businesses in town by stealing them into near-bankruptcy.


An August 2015 article in the Dagblad van het Norden newspaper said that “support for asylum seekers” was crumbling after local Chamber of Commerce president Peter Erdman had sent an “urgent letter” to the municipal authorities asking for action over the crime wave.

Erdman said in this letter that shoplifting and thefts by “asylum seekers” had soared in the last few months, and that there had been over a thousand separate incidents in the first eight months of 2015.

“These incidents are lumped together for reporting purposes,” he wrote, which meant that the total number of formal charges laid with the police was not a reflection of the real state of affairs.

“What is even more worrying is the feeling of insecurity in the town,” Erdman continued. “Store personnel are threatened and afraid to go out on the streets at night.”

One thousand “incidents” is highly significant in Ter Apel, a town, which, according to the local Chamber of Commerce, only has 748 small businesses.

At the time, the town mayor, Labor Party member Leontien Kompier, dismissed the claims as “rubbish” and said she found it “disturbing that there was even a perception that the crime was linked to the local asylum center.”

However, the situation has now deteriorated so badly that the council finally bowed to public pressure and last week asked the police to open a permanent station in the town to try and bring the ongoing nonwhite crime wave under control.

At the council meeting, Mayor Kompier was forced to admit the truth, saying that the criminals had indeed all come from the local “asylum center.”


Following the council’s back-down, Erdman was quoted by the NOS news service as welcoming the new police station and saying that it was a “confirmation” of his earlier warning.

The shopkeepers all knew—and had pointed out—that the crime was being committed by “asylum seekers” from the local “asylum center” in the town, he said, adding that although he had been criticized for saying this, “now you know the truth.”

The Ter Apel “asylum center” was opened in 1995, and in all the elections since then, the town has consistently voted for the Dutch Labor Party, which on the political spectrum stands just to the right of the Communist Party.

The presence of the “asylum center” seems not to have bothered all these Dutch leftists until last year, when the massively increased nonwhite invasion of Europe took place after German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued a blank check invasion offer to the Third World.

It was only then that the camp reached its maximum capacity of 2,000. Ter Apel’s native population is only of the order of 9,000.

Thus it was only when the “asylum center” rapidly filled up, that the townsfolk of Ter Apel started to experience for themselves the Third World in large numbers close at hand—and started complaining.

Outside observers might suggest that they should not be complaining at all, because this is precisely what they voted for.

* Ter Apel was in the news last year when a television crew interviewed residents who complained about the weather, the food, and the quality of the Wi-Fi with which they were provided—all free of charge of course.

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  1. They must be relieved. Once there is nothing left to steal, these poor war victims will move along. Then the locals can rebuild their quaint little liberal town.

  2. Aah, Karma can be unpleasant sometimes for he who receives it, maybe you won’t make the same mistake next time, if there is a next time for you, enjoy your reward!

    1. as you sow,so shall you………serves them right,,,and if they vote again for this lot then I hope its worse…silly,silly dutch…and still being stupid,why haven,t the people made that mayor and council resign? the dutch police won,t help you,they are from the same mold…they can,t help anyone else so you are no different…

  3. They deserve it. For those morons who still have trouble connecting the dots, those who still continue to lie to themselves despite the boatloads of evidence that these invaders are shit, there is only one option – kill yourselves. It’s unfortunate that they drag everyone around them down. But we know we are in the minority.

  4. It will be years and possibly never that International law will be enforced in Terapelervenen 1 The subjugation of people alien to subjugation, domination and exploitation constitutes a denial of fundamental human rights, is contrary to the Charter of the United Nations and is an impediment to the promotion of world peace and cooperation. 15/1514 Declaration to the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples.
    The whole world will agree that Terapelervenen must be evacuated and given to the invaders and the present inhabitants find another town, to build and then give to foreigners as well, assuming they cannot be reformed to accept International Law. They call it a Pacific settlement solution to the Terapelervenen problem.

  5. Ter Apel now has a lot in common with Calais France. They can be twin cities. Their businesses can go broke together. Ter Apel and Calais can turn into ghost towns together. How great is that.

  6. No disrespect intended to the majority of women but all of Europe seems to be run or organized by lefty Liberal women with their heads most of the time stuck where the sun don’t shine,in the hope that because of their own actions the shrapnel will miss them.

    1. As a western woman (veteran) for the LIFE of me, I cannot understand WHY other western women welcome this, as we have the most to lose from this invasion. So, our mothers of the past “fought” the western “patriarchy” (i say that almost with sarcasm as western women have ALWAYS been held at a higher standard, even to this day) to get the right to vote ..and now their daughters use that vote to welcome a FOREIGN patriarchy 10000 times worse AND…..AAAAANNND…they want to PAY for it!!!!!! I simply dont understand…it is madness. On behalf of western women everywhere …the ones with eyes to see and a brain to think with especially…I apologize emphatically. If there is ANY demographic group that should stand in solidarity against this foreign invasion it should be us western women, but apparently we are so easily led and have absolutely no capacity for ..JUST SIMPLE rationality what so ever. Its beyond sad, its just …..unbearable.

  7. next thing these ass seekers will be complaining that there is nothing to still in the shops! Police? Why waste resources? they voted for that, enjoy!

  8. OH NO!!! Please don’t tell me that the WI-FI signal is of low quality. This explains why the new arrivals are so frustrated. This will obviously result in a high crime wave hence enabling them to vent their anger. This is not their fault the blame purely lays with the locals not helping them integrate into society. These poor poor vibrants. I will not sleep for weeks knowing this now 🙁 Is there anything I can do to help? Does anyone have a donation link so we can give them a higher quality WI-FI connection?

      1. The point I was getting at is that the Jews behind the policy of invasion into white countries control the media – and make these signs for the anglophonic world.

  9. Will the Dutch ever learn ? – really is a case of Turkey’s voting for Christmas. Hope it’s not too late before they wise up.

  10. Perhaps they should stop having “provocative” items on show.

    Cute, third world, 45yo teenagers think stealing is OK, so you
    can’t blame them for helping themselves.

    Well, the locals are only kaffir, after all…

  11. No comparison of black brothers from Louisiana and Nigeria. They speak different languages and in Louisiana they are all packing guns instead of knives.

  12. “WE ARE HUMAN – WE NEED HUMAN RIGHTS” …well why not struggle for them in your own countries, just as our forefathers did. It’s not a human right to live in Europe, nor to be given handouts for the rest of your lives, and your children’s lives, and their children’s lives, because that’s exactly what you all want.!

  13. I am Dutch too. I can’ t believe how left wing everyone of my family members in Holland have become! They have forgotten all the lives of soldiers in the second world war that were given to free their country from Nazi Germany. Now Germany Merkel has done it again.
    I totally agree the Dutch are stupid and their king is useless.
    Gone are the days when the king would take his army and fight for his country and his people. It’ s disgusting.

    1. Merkel has reconquered the Netherlands using her Islamic proxy army. To this day she is determined to flood Europe with the rejects that Germany does not want. There will be a revolution in the future Europe. I equate Europe like a fission reactor. Critical mass will be exceeded and there will be an ensuing runaway reaction followed by a meltdown.

      1. I hate to say this Cedric, but terrible as it sounds such a thing would almost be welcome.
        It breaks my heart to think of lovely European countries trashed and devastated by Turd world invaders in order to further the wicked schemes of megalomaniacs. I never envisaged such a hideous future for my children and will never forgive Merkel and her EU cronies.
        May they rot in hell for all eternity.

  14. Many Europeans are naïve, or pretend to be so, especially the so-called liberals, left-wing, etc. They are so politically correct and deny the reality that is facing them; in many cases, they are so ‘nice’ and ‘sweet’ in a condescending manner. That is why they ‘pity’ the poor foreigners and welcome as many as possible.

    It must though be said, that the foreigners are not all (black) Africans; they also include Arabs, not because that makes the situation any better.

  15. We Dutch thank our American brothers for fighting in the Middle-East and disturbing the balance between powers.

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