€1bn German Health Insurance Hole

The mass nonwhite invasion of Germany has punched a €1 billion hole in the budgets of German healthcare insurance companies which can only be made up out of higher premiums for private native German citizens, it has emerged.


According to research published by the Frankfurter Rundschau, the federal government has not provided enough to cover all the health insurance contributions for the million plus invaders who have streamed into Germany after Angela Merkel’s “open doors” invitation.

In addition to the shortfall, the expected welfare costs to be incurred as the vast majority of the invaders fail to find regular employment, will add another massive burden to the state finances, the paper added.

The German government currently subsidizes the healthcare companies but, according to the newspaper’s research, a “shortfall of several hundred million euros” will have been built up early this year, because the authorities have not been paying enough to cover the costs of the masses who have flooded in.

“For all of 2017, the hole will grow to over €1 billion,” the paper said. If German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble sticks to his position that the invasion will not cause any tax increases, then the insurance companies will have no other choice except to offset the deficit by raising the cost of ordinary contributions made by Germans into the system.

Normally, immigrants are put onto the social welfare system on a position of complete parity with Germans after a waiting period of 15 months—if they have been working. However, the newspaper said, if they are not working—“which will apply to most refugees,”—then they are entitled to the full unemployment benefit, known as Hartz IV.

Recipients of this welfare payout also receive the full benefits of the statutory health insurance—with their full contributions being paid by the federal government.

The trouble is, the Frankfurter Rundschau pointed out, that the amount being paid out by the federal government is not enough to cover even the most “rudimentary costs” of treating a million or more of the newcomers.

“Currently, the federal government pays €90 per month for each Hartz IV recipient. Although there are still no reliable figures of what the total cost of refugee healthcare will be, the first figures from Hamburg indicate an individual cost of between €180 to €200 per month,” the paper said, adding that figures from North Rhine-Westphalia confirmed this trend.

Thus, the monthly gap between state contributions and actual cost of health insurance is around €100 per month, or about €1,200 per year—for each invader. From this figure, the paper says, the deficit will quickly reach the €1 billion figure.

“But even that is not enough,” the Frankfurter Rundschau continued. “The amount of €90 paid by the federal government does not cover the costs of even a ‘normal’ Hartz IV recipient. The refugees, therefore, exacerbate the situation even further.”

If the federal government payment does not increase, then 2017 will see “additional contribution relevant burdens,” the Ministry of Health has already warned.

* Of course, the Frankfurter Rundschau’s calculations are based only upon the one million fake refugees who arrived in Germany in 2015—and do not include the one million or more who are expected to come this year, or the “family reunification” millions who are also expected.

Germans, it seems, are in for some personal budget-breaking tax increases, thanks to the political choices they have made. Only time will tell if they have learned their lesson, or if they continue to vote for the parties which have plunged Germany—and by extension, all of western Europe—into its gravest crisis in seventy years.

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  1. Whichever way you look at it the invasion is unaffordable and unsustainable. The only possible result is economic collapse, chaos, anarchy and war. All this is known to Merkel and her accomplices yet they persist. Conclusion: they want apocalypse and they want it now.

  2. This is socialism at it’s best. It’s so easy to spend other peoples money, particularly when it’s only taxpayer’s money, and especially so if it is on the altar of political correctness. We live in an age when common sense has all but been eradicated, particularly among the political class.

    1. It’s nothing to do with socialism. Why would any group which cares for its members want to be ruined? You’ve been taken in by Jewish propaganda, which tells lies about everything, for example that Jewish control is ‘socialist’

  3. Well, they asked for it, now they’ve got it.
    I can’t even see a doctor here in the UK because our NHS is so suffocated by immigrants, so I can only imagine that Germany’s once excellent healthcare is going rapidly down the drain like our NHS.
    You can’t go into a surgery here without a bunch of third world, burqa clad or beard sporting people taking up the waiting room, never having paid a penny towards it.

  4. Germany is going to financially collapse with the strain. Consider the free housing they are to be given alone is enough to break the back.

    1. You missed the point, IT IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS. It is serious work for the building industry, big bucks for financiers to pay for the building of houses, food, imported clothing from China, replacement watches, jewellery, etc. that were claimed from insurance companies. Just think of all the VAT, confiscated goods from the foreigners if they have possessions worth 1000 euros and so on. Just keep quiet about the International Law, Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development and other Treaties Conventions Declarations and Statutes of the UN that say German Citizens cannot be held in servitude to finance the costs and are not liable to service the debts of the immigrants.

      1. That’s like saying drug addicts are ‘good for business’. You have to bear in mind (if your honest) business FOR WHICH GROUPS. The net effect of it is disastrous, racking up unpayable debt, for example. But people who control the paper money and treat it as a fraud (namely Jews) benefit in the short term from deficit finance, because their loans to governments mean they get interest – at least while the system lasts

  5. the “family reunification” millions ….. WHY oh WHY don’t our politicians apply clause 2 of Article 8 which allows public authorities to interfere with the right to family life “in the economic interests of the country…. and for the protection of health”. Citizens should demand their governments prove that allowing millions of family members into the country will NOT damage the country’s economic interests,, and will NOT damage the ability of state’s health services to care for its citizens – especially those who paid their taxes….

  6. They’re refugees, so why not house them in refugee camps? All you need is a field, tents or prefab sheet-metal housing units, and porta-potties. Oh, and don’t forget razor wire to keep the various ethnic groups from fighting each other and molesting the local ladies.

    To not be racist, you could do the same for the non-working German population. It’s cheaper and it’s extra motivation to find a job. Don’t force them in, just don’t give them benefits outside the camps.

  7. Wolfgang Schäuble is telling more lies. It’s getting near election time and CDU lies will flow like rivers. Not just medical but dental cost will also increase. The key is to keep the lie going long enough, deceive the people long enough to hopefully get re-elected. Are German really this stupid ? Possibly. Perhaps Schäuble will suffer the same fate as Mussolini too. Who knows what the future holds.

  8. Remember, just a few months ago, that all of the so-called ‘great and good’ lectured us that these ‘migrants’ would boost the flagging German economy?

    1. Surely only a psychopathic monster would willingly inflict this pile of detritus anywhere else but the places that bred them in the first place ?
      There`s no place like home…so bugger off.

  9. Yet another meglomaniac German leader leads her Volk to destruction,problem for them is this time I doubt US will finance their rebuilding programme like last time.

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