Eastern Europe “Defender of Civilization”

There is little doubt that within the very near future, Eastern Europe will take on the mantle of defender of European civilization, and, ultimately, the European heartland which will serve as a homeland and regeneration point for the European people, according to a new article on the Project Nova Europa website.


The Project Nova Europa website is part of the Nova Europa movement, which seeks to offer a solution to the impending crisis facing white people all over the world by creating a European homeland, or ethnostate.

Titled “Eastern Europe Comes into Focus,” the article goes on to point out that in the face of the mass nonwhite invasion of Europe, the reactions of the Eastern European nations has been dramatically different to those of Western Europe.

“Eastern Europe is, as predicted in Nova Europa, rapidly coming to the fore as a bastion for the preservation of European civilization. For this, we can ironically thank western European liberals and Angela Merkel in particular, who, for reasons of their own, have decided to dramatically accelerate the nonwhite invasion of Europe,” it starts off by saying.

“As pointed out in Nova Europa, Western Europe, for the last thirty years, has been steadily taking in an increasing number of Third World immigrants, driven by their deliberately race-blind worldview.

“The same process has been underway in the US ever since the 1965 Immigration Act, and shortly after that, in Australia as well, where immigration policies were deliberately shifted away from their previously European origins to allow mass Third World immigration.

“This steady stream of Third World immigration has been much like the proverbial ‘frog in the boiling water’ analogy—where, as the theory goes, a frog in a pot of water which is slowly heated up is cooked before it realizes it is in trouble, having steadily adjusted to the gradual temperature change.

“The parallel being that Europeans—and Americans—have gradually adjusted to Third World immigration to the point where they now stand at the point of becoming minorities in their own countries.

“Eastern Europe has, for a number of reasons, been largely spared this process: firstly, due to the fact that until 1990 they were locked down behind the Iron Curtain, and secondly, because the richer west of Europe offered better pickings for the Third Worlders.

“The sudden mass invasion of Europe which started in 2015 when Merkel officially opened Germany’s doors has disturbed this frog in the boiling water scenario. Now, no longer is the water slowly heating up, but it is suddenly scalding.

“Eastern Europe has reacted as one would expect all healthy life forms to react: with horror at the thought of being boiled alive, or, in real terms, being overrun by the Third World within a generation (as Germany seems intent on doing).

“It is the Eastern European nations which have built the fences to keep out the invaders.

“It is the Eastern European nations which have refused to agree to Merkel’s plan to “distribute” the “refugees” among the European Union (EU) member states. (It is even possible that the Eastern European states may yet be forced out of the EU because of their refusal to accept the suicidal policies adopted by the western European states—and anyone interested in that aspect should keep an eye on the Visegrad group of states which has emerged, as a potential alternative to the EU.)

“In addition, the nations of Eastern Europe have demonstrated a political willpower to resist, which is not seen at all in the West.

“It should not be forgotten that the vast majority of the population in all the western European nations vote en masse for parties which supported—and continue to support—the mass Third World invasion.

“As Nova Europa pointed out, those Europeans who seek to preserve European civilization will, at some stage, have to accept a simple fact.

“This fact is that the deliberately race-blind white liberals, and the stupid, uninformed, or disinterested whites who appear to make up the majority population of many western European states, are not going to be “saved.”

“In fact, their liberalism, or ignorance, is going to act as a huge natural selection process. The stupid, the weak, the ignorant, the childless, the liberals—are all going to be weeded out—just by being themselves.

“Eastern Europeans have, however, reacted as a healthy people should: they have rallied to parties which have declared their opposition to the Third World invasion.

“In an almost clean sweep of the elections, Poland voted in the Law and Justice party (PiS) which is completely dedicated to preventing Poland turning into a Third World squatter camp.

“In Hungary, the soft-conservative Fidesz party has been forced—by popular opinion—to adopt the majority of the policies of the Jobbik party—and is hugely popular as a result.

“The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, and Bulgaria, have all in one form or another, already indicated their intention not to be colonized by the Third World.

“Finally, the nations which lie further east: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, and ‘white’ Russia (that is, most of Russia west of the Urals), have not even been tested on this topic yet. There is, however, little doubt about on which side of the fence they will fall.

“There can be little doubt that within the very near future Eastern Europe will take on the mantle of defender of European civilization, and, ultimately, the European heartland which will serve as a homeland and regeneration point for the European people,” the article concludes.

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  1. I predicted this from the moment Merkel opened her big, fat mouth. Thank God that Eastern Europe is run by patriots. Don’t worry about being ejected from the EU; in reality it will be the other way round. Germany, France, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, Belgium and the UK are all intent on committing national suicide. Eastern Europe does not have to join their suicide pact.

    1. The Islamic religion-political system: a highly emotionally infectious, contagious, repugnant and debauched ethnic disease masquerading as a religion– added to a diabolical Sharia Law mandate. It warps minds of all adherents and forces them toward brutal, violent, cruel, vicious and insane behavior toward men, women and children. It creates suicide maniacs and insensate intellectual morons. Humans under its spell lose their sensibilities, rational values, dignity and minds. They resort to wanton acts of murder, cruelty, perversion and barbarism. Because of mass immigration into first world countries, this insane religious disease floods into every corner of the world—and with it a complete destruction of women’s rights, children’s rights, intellectual rights, men’s rights, free speech, free choice of religions, free choice of spouse, killing of gays, honor killings of women and a complete loss of humanity by Islam’s adherents. If not stopped by the willpower and force of first world countries, it will ravage the free world back into the Dark Ages. Frosty Wooldridge, six continent world bicycle traveler

    2. Study the history of the deeds of Islam …270 million dead ..If you think we can co-exist with people that follow this book , you had better read it again till it soaks in …! 1) Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them. Qur’an 2:19

      2) Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood. Qur’an 9:123

      3) Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable. Qur’an 3:85

      4) The Jews and Christians are perverts; fight them.” Qur’an 9:30.

      5) Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam. Qur’an 5:33

      6) The infidels are unclean; do not let them into a mosque. Qur’an 9:28

      7) Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies. Qur’an 22:19

      Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them. Qur’an 47:4

    3. I believe that the Baltic country’s have not been lied to and called racist if they complain about the illegals!
      We have been dumbed down are being run by Lilly livered liberal Merkel children.
      Cameron said we are too white and he wants a Muslim primeminister and the BBC is biased against whites views and the mouth piece for the corrupt EU!
      We are being taken over by indoctrination on a daily basis and people like Farage are derided as extremists with right wing views.
      The people believe what the state media tells them and the police back the great deceit up .

    4. Indeed, Eastern-Central European nations are patriotic towards their nations and don’t want to follow the suicide path of Western European nations.

      Western European nations …in the name of being “Multiculturally Enhanced”…..are SUFFERING LIKE HELL……with all of the uncivilized Muslim Filth they GLEEFULLY brought to their nations!!

      Western European nations like Germany, France, Sweden, UK,etc. are stupid for bringing Muslim Anti-Christian trouble makers into Europe. Nations that are not suffering from this Third World Filth….are the ones who were smart enough to not let them in.

      Thank God there are intelligent European nations, like the Visegrad 4 nations Poland , Hungary, Chech Republic & Slovakia, that REJECT the Leftist promoted Muslim Invasion of Europe. These nations CARE about their Christian Heritage and DON’T WANT Anti-Christian Muslims in their countries!!

      Polish priest rallies 150,000 against the Muslim Invasion of Europe

      Hundreds of thousands of Poles MARCH against Islam

      Video Tribute to the Visegrad Four countries: Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Often in the West we hear of “Europeans values”, “Western values”. Those values that are touted as “European” and “Western” by Leftist are anything but. The value of self-hate (Loving the Muslim Invasion of Europe) is a value of the far-left imposed on Europe over the last half-century. Those aren’t our real European values nor representative of our ancient cultures. It is manipulation and deceit to say they are.


  2. Interesting and positive article. The idea that small enclaves in Britain, NW USA, South Africa etc can hold out, always seemed unreasonable to me; the enemy could just print endless money, for one thing, and fund opposition. But an entire country, and indeed many countries, is a different matter.

    1. I believe America will eventually have to break apart. There will be a point where the productive conservative states will no longer be able to support the liberal coasts and Illinois and Michigan will collapse under their own weight of debt paying for all the slugs. Most of the heartland is conservative and the bred basket for the lobbies, what will they all do when we no longer feed them?

      1. Well, the USA is the size of the whole of Europe. So a split would not be that different from Europe splitting. There would have to be a change – white areas would have to keep out others.

        1. @Rerevisionist quote: “white areas would have to keep out others”.
          How right you are !
          And knowing what we know now…… if only we could turn the clock back…..(silently weeps.)

          1. Jay, John Wilks Booth did more than assassinate Lincoln, he forever changed our course of history He was going to send them all back but Lincolns death ended all that.

  3. Angela’s dream is backed by Articles 55, 62 of ( http://www.echr.coe.int/Documents/Convention_ENG.pdf ) The European Convention on Human Rights which allows her own rules and not to avail herself of any obligations of Treaties, Conventions, Covenants, Declarations or Statutes of the UN and also Maraud her own State see http://jewishchristianlit.com//Topics/Contracts/treat01.html Akkadian-Hittite Treaty Article 9.
    The East Europeans do not seem to want to pillage the public purse, get gold and silver watches, gold and silver jewellery, iPads, laptops, cell phones, ladies silver purses, panties, bra’s passports and credit cards using foreigners, encouraged in drunken mayhem and rape that appears to be in Angela’s dreams of a friendly solution to world problems within their own states.

    1. Merkel is indeed a traitor to Germany and Europe. She will find new lows because her course corrections are just cosmetic . She still wants to spread all these illegal migrants around Europe. She still wants Europe to pay for it. Nothing has changed.

  4. I appreciate the views presented in the article. At the same time, I must admit, I am strongly against the mental (and material) division of Europe into Western and Eastern. I consider the division fake and deadly. It’s this division that seems chiefly to account for the ongoing apocalyptic destruction of the European peoples and of the continent itself. The branding of Europeans as “Westerners” and “Easterners” seems to be done chiefly by you-know-who. In the you-know-who-controlled press, schools, government institutions and so on. And practically all Europeans passively have been letting themselves be brainwashed into believing there really exists a Western Europe, i.e. better and superior, and an Eastern Europe, i.e. worse, inferior, not really European. The you-know-who seem to be panically scared of closer, more intimate ties between so-called Western Europeans and so-called Eastern Europeans. Such a closeness and unification would make the policy of “multiculturalism” very hard or impossible to carry out in Europe, wouldn’t it? That is, the policy of dumping into the leading European nations, such as Germany, France, Britain, of masses from the Third World. And of the thirdworlders’ mixing biologically with these Europeans on a large scale and getting into permanent positions of political power among them. If we really care for the survival and wellbeing of the European peoples and Europe, let us not yield passively to the you-know-whose propaganda of division of Europe into “Western” and “Eastern”. Let us not use the terms “Western Europe” and “Eastern Europe” except as geographical ones. And let us consider and speak of Europe as ONE Europe (albeit consisting of culturally distinct, free & independent European nations).

      1. Wouldn’t it be a jot like defending yourself against yourself? There are things in Europe as a whole that aren’t right, the ageless hostility of the European nations towards each other included. If they overcame these obstacles and united – not necessarily into a mega-state of the EU type – then all could be honky-dory. But in the end, it’s their choice. – If they want to survive as a White European civilization, they MUST unite. They MUST overcome their mutual dislikes and deep hostilities. Very quickly. Right now. “Western” Europeans, “Eastern” Europeans & all the others. Conversely, if they don’t want to survive as a White European civilization but prefer to mix and unite with the Third World, it’s their choice too. Tertium non datur. The ideology and practice of “multiculturalism” brings to mind the Medieval era in Europe. In the Middle Ages, the part of Europe that was closely connected with the main European centre of power, the Vatican, and thus better developed than the pagan part, dealt with the pagan one by fire, sword and Christian missionaries. And eventually conquered, converted to Christianity and obliterated it. Being more able and cunning than others doesn’t necessarily signify being wise. Especially in the long run.

        1. You are missing the bigger picture…Western Europeans have already embraced the marxist multicultural agenda…They have already surrendered their inheritance to a foreign culture, and continue to do so. The marxist zionists continue to pursue their white guilt, and will never let them forget their jewish holocaustal past. They are slaves to their own politically correctness . Only an uprising or coup at this stage could wake them up from their complacent sleep.
          Unlike eastern europe, they no longer have a european tribal instinct to survive!

          1. I agree ,can’t believe we still have people who don’t know what is happening happened and why!

    1. You epitomised it:

      Let us not YIELD PASSIVELY to the ” you know who ”

      You haven’t even got the guts to identify who you are talking about!!!!

  5. There is definitely a need to keep eastern europe racially white to protect them but there also needs to be a whole new set of laws about who can be eligible to run for public positions, political, legal, education, arts, etc because zionists are the ones destroying western europe, case in point being Soros who is/was Hungarian.

  6. “Immigrants devoted to their own cultures and religions are not influenced by the secular politically correct façade that dominates academia, news-media, entertainment, education, religious and political thinking today,” said James Walsh, former Associate General Counsel of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. “They claim the right not to assimilate, and the day is coming when the question will be how can the United States regulate the defiantly unassimilated cultures, religions and mores of foreign lands? Such immigrants say their traditions trump the U.S. legal system. Balkanization of the United States and all of Europe has begun.”

  7. “The precept of the Koran is, perpetual war against all who deny, that Mahomet is the prophet of God. The vanquished may purchase their lives, by the payment of tribute; the victorious may be appeased by a false and delusive promise of peace; and the faithful follower of the prophet, may submit to the imperious necessities of defeat: but the command to propagate the Moslem creed by the sword is always obligatory, when it can be made effective. The commands of the prophet may be performed alike, by fraud, or by force”. John Quincy Adams: written in 1829

    1. Exactly, Frosty – but there`s just no convincing our clever European leaders
      WE know it`s there in black and white but the only response you get from our `leaders` is the oft-repeated
      mealy-mouthed mantra ” Islam is the religion of peace.”
      One wonders if they can`t read , are dyslexic, or far too important [ bone idle ] to do their own research.

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