Eastern Europe Defends Civilization

Five eastern European nations—Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Slovenia—have emerged as the greatest modern defenders of European civilization by undertaking to deploy armed forces to protect the Macedonian border while that nation finishes its border fence to halt the nonwhite invasion of Europe.


The Macedonian border fence, modelled on the successful Hungarian fence, is nearing completion and will halt the flow from Greece.

The Republic of Macedonia (also known as the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, FYROM because of a dispute with Greece over the use of the word “Macedonia”) is just weeks away from completing a 10 ft.-high razor-topped fence along its border with Greece to halt the invasion route up the Balkans.

The border fence will be critical in warding off the millions more nonwhite invaders expected to try and pour into Europe as the winter lifts, and will play a substantial part in slowing down, if not completely halting, the invasion.

Armed security teams from the five other Eastern European nations will help Macedonia patrol its southern border, as they did until recently along the newly-built Hungarian fence, which definitively closed down that invasion route in late 2015.

The new Macedonian fence is modelled on the successful one in Hungary, and will consist of concrete and steel fencing, topped by a roll of barbed wire and protected in the front by three more rolls.


Macedonia has been until now the chosen point of entry for the nonwhite invaders pouring through Greece. The invaders have avoided Bulgaria because of a combination of an already existing fence and natural border barriers.

They had also avoided Albania, because that country is poor and has a weak transportation infrastructure—leaving Macedonia as the only realistic point of entry to go further north.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban recently said that “No one except us Hungarians protected their external Schengen borders. I think the next line of defense that we need [is] to build up lines on the northern border of Greece.”

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico has also announced that his country will be sending police officers down to Macedonia to help manage the border until the fence is completed.

He said: “We are ready to help other countries on a bilateral level or as part of international cooperation. We are worried what will happen in the first spring months, if the UN estimates are right, that the influx of migrants will be bigger than we have seen so far.”

* It is also widely expected that Bulgaria and Romania are on the point of joining the other nations in banding together to oppose the invasion. This would hold serious implications for the European Union, as it would put almost the entire eastern bloc firmly into conflict with the liberal western European nations—and the European Union itself.

Below: The president of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov, during an inspection of the Macedonian border fence early in January 2016.

macedonia-pres-border-04 macedonia-pres-border-03 macedonia-pres-border-02 macedonia-pres-border-01

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  1. This is true European unity, not the dictatorship which is the EU.

    I can’t help but feel so sorry for the Greeks though, it must be hell for them.

    Also, given the Islamic State’s propensity for blowing up so many of the world’s most incredible ancient artefacts and buildings, I have serious fears for that most amazing of buildings the Parthenon. There wouldn’t be much anyone in Greece could do to stop them destroying anything as they grow in numbers there, and can’t get any further.

    It’s really time for the forced ejection of them from all of Europe’s shores, showing the kind of unity and support of the countries mentioned above.

    1. Stu when someone has a low IQ it’s difficult for them to establish a monetary value
      of ‘priceless’. Most of them are only concerned about raping and murder. Thankfully
      there were intelligent people in Afghanistan , Iraq and Syria in the past that allowed
      people of the present to have the experience of having viewed these priceless objects.

    2. Think that your first sentence says it all Stu, true friendly cooperation not driven by politics and economics. I hope that this group of relatively small countries benefit from a brain drain from the rest of Europe, that would show Merkel’s, Cameron’s and the rest’s plans up for what they are, ethnic cleansing!

    3. “This is true European unity, not the dictatorship which is the EU’ – Stu, the Ugly Angie made herself the leader of Europe with no resistance nor opposition. She even installed her Jewish puppets Schulz and Juncker so she could run things more “effectively”. The only leader who gave her some static was Cameron, as he was strongly against Juncker’s nomination, but her side won. And to mak ethings worse for Europe, this power-hungry-cow clearly “confused” leadership with dictatorship – this is essentially the very reason the Europe is in such poor shape, weak and unable to make even the most obvious and simplest decision – pathetic!

      “It’s really time for the forced ejection of them from all of Europe’s shores …” – dream on!
      Who suppose to do this, when and how? There is almost 1 mln of strong, fit and very aggressive camel riders in military age right now in Europe. What’s even more grotesque that NOBODY knows anything about them and they can freely travel in the Schengen zone – I’ve never heard about anything even closely stupid and irresponsible. All this mess is once again due to the Ugly Angie mental disease … still untreated! This insane-in-the-brain stubborn bitch openly said she was expecting at least the same amount of them “refugees” still to follow this year … she needs to be removed by force ASAP before it’s too late!

      1. Reminds me of the Germanwing co-pilot who should no have been flying an airplane but
        the German health secrecy act permitted him to keep his mental illness a secret from his
        employer and we all know that in his ‘state allowed’ madness he was able to kill hundreds
        of people.

        Now Germany has a leader that is destroying Germany and trying to destroy Europe and
        once again the mental health of that individual (Angela Merkel) is highly questionable. And
        once again the German state may be covering up mental issues that many suspect. If
        Adolph Hitler was mad, how can Angela Merkel not be mad ? What is happening is Europe
        with millions invited, terrorist included all points to some form of mental illness.

        Europe is like that Germanwing’s flight. With Merkel’s leadership Europe is headed for the
        rocks below and no sane person is able to wrest control . ‘Destruction is imminent’.

        1. adolf hitler was the greatest patriot who loved his people who knew that Germany had to be saved from Marxist Jew Communism. He was highly intelligent & certainly far from mad. He completed the greatest economic miracle of all time when he withdrew NS Germany from the Jew Bankers ‘money issued as debt Banking System’. Today, it is as always, organized

      2. Kol, not the only pollie in the western nations of the EU who needs to be removed by force, and if it isn’t done, it won’t be long before it can’t be done. As I’ve stated before I expect Martial Law to be declared, the police, most certainly in Germany seen to be anti their own, and if that’s any token, Dictatorship here we come. Angela might be biologically female, but I reckon she’s pretty brutal, and has orchestrated this entire charade to perpetuate her particular EVIL CREED.

    4. The Greeks should evacuate their nationals from Kos & Lesbos and blockade those islands. Let any invaders who land starve to death.

    5. and yet you are showing “kosovo” as an independent state? may i remind you that all this mess has started with america and NATO support for organ traffickers, terrorists, rapist and drug smugglers in the part of serbia? it’s a long history of western support for muslims and non christians in the balkans and we are see the end results today all over the europe…

    6. Feel sorry for the Greeks?? Didn’t they re-elect Tsipras and the Socialists after–AFTER–the invasion got so bad? Yes. Why feel sorry for them? They have made their choice. Leave them to it.

  2. Brilliant ! Soon there will be million’s of west european’s wanting to move to the east,they might be poor countries,but they know how to look after their own.

    1. I won’t pretend to know much about the economics of the Eastern European countries, but I presume spending the greater part of half a century under Soviet rule has much to do with the reason they are poorer.

      Wouldn’t it make Merkel’s year if they broke away and formed an Eastern European Union 🙂

    2. I thank God regularly that I emigrated from England to the Czech Republic 20 years ago. At the time people said I was crazy, but who is crazy now?

      1. Way to go! Sometimes, part of really communing with God is to follow your true heart, even when others try to make you feel bad. I’ve had a similar kinda of “I told you so” with some people too and not to be arrogant, but they were usually the types that refuse to see the writing on the wall… Wish more were like you! ^_^

      1. Speaking (or writing) as someone sadly too close, and too young to their terminus, I can say money is nothing.!

        The UK just had a record £66 million Lotto draw at the weekend. I hadn’t bought a Lotto ticket for years, but thought “What the hell, at least my kids might have financial security” so bought a couple of tickets (£4) – but even if I’d won the entire £66 million, it couldn’t buy me the health I’ve lost, nor delay my departure, though if it could have I’d have traded it all.!

        Anyway, the reason I mention this is not for pity, nor that I’m indulging in self-pity, but I wouldn’t thank this “god” character for anything Bib – you made a decision which has worked out well for you, but don’t give credit nor thanks to this hideous protagonist from what must be the most disgusting collection of novels ever written.!

        As it happened, I won £25, and a free ticket for another draw 🙂

          1. Thanks Kol, but there’s no hope of a stay of execution unfortunately, I just wish I could leave knowing my daughters weren’t going to end up victims of this vile cult currently invading. I’d settle for that, as would any parent I’m sure, but so much is out of our control..

        1. Stu, i always admire your posts and your honesty…As someone who is also worried about the future of their grandchildren, all i can say is i will be against this invasion until the end….I am waiting to see if we vote out of the EU, if not, i will be hotfooting it out of England to a safe country, taking my 16yr old grandaughter with me,(she wont stay to be given as war booty!) where we will be welcome, not hunted……..The irony, that we will be fleeing as refugees…..Please inform your family of the importance of a plan ….one day they will realise you are right, normal, wanting safety and dignity for your family….

          1. That’s very kind of you to say hadenough, thank you, although some might not be so admirable if the moderators weren’t so scrupulous 🙂

            Like you, if I were healthy I would also be preparing to leave if the referendum keeps us in, and of course there’s always the danger of it being fixed to keep us in. I mean can we really trust any of our politicians.?

            Successive governments have destroyed our country for the future generations. People will tell you that “without immigrants our NHS would collapse”, well if that’s true, it’s only because the ‘powers that be’ have given up on our own young people, don’t encourage them to aspire to be the doctors and nurses of the future, and instead have imported ‘professionals’ whose qualifications are often questionable at best. Also they say that so many of our own young people who do train in the NHS, then go abroad for better pay and conditions, once they qualify and have a bit of experience. Well there’s a simple way the government can stop this – anyone who trains to be a medical professional within the NHS, paid for by taxpayer’s money, must sign a legally binding contract, committing them to remaining with the NHS for a minimum of 15 years, and if they should leave during that tenure, then they must repay all of the money which was spent training them.

            With several schools in England now teaching English as a second language, I think that says all that needs to be said about Britain today.!

  3. Well done to those countries for showing real common sense and sticking two fingers up to Merkell. My greatest wish for 2016 is to see the start of the end of the EU.

    1. I don’t think there’s any doubt that we’re already seeing the beginning of the end, with the UK poised to possibly leave, the eastern bloc defying the dictatorship, and the right-wing rising throughout the western countries.

      If Britain votes to leave, that will be the real crunch which will bring the whole thing crashing down, we are after all the second largest contributor. France would quickly follow in my opinion, and Germany is imploding completely thanks to Merkel.

      Now we just need to hope 🙂

      1. Stu, apparently there are already some “secret” talks about the “new Schengen” which suppose include Austria, Belgium, Germany and Holland – all seriously parasite-infested countries … isn’t that funny?

        1. Kol, the only thing which springs to mind is the idiom “There’s none so blind as those who will not see”

          I’m glad for all of those in your part of the ‘Union’ who can see, who dare to defy, and who ultimately may well be the only true Europeans left.!

  4. Central European nations of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Western Ukraine protected Europe against muslim Turkey invasions in past (1550 – 1800), check the internet. Situation repeats now, but trouble is with the stupid traitors from Germany, Sweden, France, the EU bosses etc. who invite, help and pay muslim invaders.
    CZ-SK-PL-UA are still without muslims, help these countries.

  5. The above report states : it would put almost the entire eastern bloc firmly into conflict with the liberal western European nations—and the European Union itself.
    I’m with the eastern bloc !!!

  6. If Europe had a boat turn-back policy like Australia, you’d be 3/4 of way to solving the issue (I live in Australia). All European nations are doing is passing the buck, allowing illegal arrivals in for fear of being called fascists, then pushing the mobs on, unchecked, to their neighbours. There has been no pro-European, bipartisan support to stop illegals until now, and off the rapists and terrorists go to England, Germany and the like (who invite them in!!) The end of winter will be hell in Europe in 2016. Best wishes to the countries who can truly call themselves a ‘European Block’!

    1. I’m 100% with you on the “turn-back” Ozzie policy in Europe, but with the current “climate” it’s almost impossible to be implemented – way too many lefty skewed nitwits in Brussels and until German dictactorship is not challenged I wouldn’t expect much – Germany is once again a serious threat to Europe!

      If the invasion is not stopped or substantially slowed down, then the end of Winter will be the END of Merkel – mark my words, mate 🙂

  7. The Treaties Conventions Declarations and Statutes in book form and A4 prints in my possession stands about 650 mm high, and I certainly do not know everything that is in that pile and randomly pick something out of it that looks relevant to the article. There is an uncomfortable knowledge that I am supporting something that ensures self-determination and respect for peace loving people and a 31 January 1943 for those do not respect the position. I wonder what the politicians and their mad stampedeable pigs are going to do about it?

  8. Let’s not forget that Viktor Orbán was a real pioneer of fencing the Schengen border. He did that in spite of some of the most vicious attacks that Europe has witnessed in decades. All this Jewish Merkel’s puppets: Schulz, Juncker, Gabriel and Faymann, were using every trick in the book to discourage him from his plan. But he built the fence – and what’s perhaps even more important – he introduced the new law based on which any invader without Schengen visa who enters Hungary is sent to prison for 3 years and if there is damage done to the border fence then it’s 5-year-imprisonment. On the top of it there has been so far many in-absentia trials in Hungary effectively weeding them “refugees” for good!

    How come the wealthy Europe is still so asleep and spineless? How come British and German navy still pick up African boat people almost from the shores of Libya and deliver them straight to Bella Italia? Is it just plain stupidity or some sort of madnness and a group self-destruction?

    If you hope the Greeks will do something to defend Europe from invasion then you’ve got another thing coming! Greece should be expelled from the Schengen fiasco PRONTO and if Germans have any problem with that they should follow!

    1. How come the wealthy Europe is still so asleep and spineless? You know the answer to that Kol, as do I. Large parts of the world, seduced by ‘reality TV’, lack of exercise, and moral turpitude have turned whole nations into ‘victims in waiting’. Oh yes there may be a problem but I’ll deal with it as it arises. Ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Passing the problem on to the kids, well why not, they’re young and virile. Really? And therein lies the problem.

      1. “Passing the problem on to the kids …” – pretty scarry but true.
        If the invasion of Europe was to progress in such speed like in the last 6-8 months then you wouldn’t have to wait for some tragic results even one full generation, Mike – that’s got to stop!

  9. Once again east and west Europe are divided bet Mekel didn’t see this happening, how I wish call me Dave had the same gumption. Any one whom doesn’t agree or protest against this madness are labelled thugs, extreme right wing, hooligans ect instead of citizens worried about the future of their own cultures and race England is full we do not any more immigration .Also if Germany needed to make up their work force why didn’t they look to Eastern Europe, alot of those countries are desperate for work. Thought that was the EU plan, not to take in millions of third world people. Abig thanks to these countries that are trying to stop this horrendous flow its not the answer to let them all in. MERKEL OUT.

    1. “Merkel didn’t see this happening” – of course not! She is simply the ex-commie youth propaganda agitator from the former DDR turned “liberal” – what do you expect? She even back-stabbed her old mentor Helmut Kohl when the man “stumbled” (CDU secret bank accounts) to assume power!

    2. The reason Germany didn’t “look to Eastern Europe” is that a huge part of the New World Order is the mixing of the races – educated, free thinking, civilized white races are to be destroyed.

      1. So, an educated, free thinking, civilized white people are nowhere to be found in the Eastern Europe? What are you saying, Tidy?

        1. Kol – was replying to oldgodger who asked why Germany wasn’t looking to Eastern Europe to make up their work force. Currently. importing free thinking civilized white folk, including East.Europeans, doesn’t seem to be a priority for Frau Merkel.

  10. EU leaders should pressed UN to amend the definition of refugees as anyone who are women and kids and not fit men. Fit men should go home and fight for their country.

    1. Victor, there is no need to change any defintion – all is needed is to respect and apply the existing one: any “Syrian” leaving eg. Turkey for Greece instantly loses their refugee status – plain and simple!
      I don’t want to even mention other almost laughable cases of these “asylum” seekers from Senegal, Nigeria or Ivory Coast who “flee for safety” to Europe rather than to Zimbabwe or South Africa 🙂

      1. What about the ones from Eitrea, who admit they are fleeing from conscription – why doesn’t their army send some trucks over & round them up. That would take care of a few thousand of these raping, thieving savages.

        1. I know, I was shocked hearing what some of them parasiting currently in Italy had to say about that … as the President of Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman, said several times already that them “refugees” should be fighting for freedom in their countries instead!

  11. Thank goodness. Now, what to do re the thousands in Calais. France is building ‘housing’ in the form of steel containers which will entice thousands more this year. A huge threat to the uk but it seems there is no solution.

    1. Yes there is,vote to leave the european union,then for UKIP at the next general election.That is the only possible way of saving this country,nothing else is going to make any difference to the onslaught of savage’s.

    2. French can build in Calais whatever the heck they want (btw. I doubt it very much thou, as the new mayor of Calais is from FN) – the UK is not a part of Schengen zone and that’s what matters!

        1. Stu, you’re correct! I guess I didn’t read carefully enough this paragraph: “The white French people in the town voted overwhelmingly for the anti-invasion Front National during recent local elections, and it is only a matter of time before the sitting conservative city government is replaced by an FN administration, which might then change the situation”
          But here is a pretty juicy nugget for you:
          “Calais mayor faces being JAILED for discrimination after banning migrants from local pools”
          One stupid thing after another – just can’t win 🙂

          1. Unbelieveable Kol, who the hell is going to want to use leisure facilities which the filthy criminals from the ‘Jungle’ have used.?

            If there’s one group I detest more than most, it’s Amnesty International with all it’s celebrity supporters, pop stars, film stars, all spouting human rights bull for people whom they never have to share their lives with – really one of the things that makes my blood boil.!

  12. However, will this fence serve towards preventing them from entering or will it simply make them enter in a single line so they can be registered?

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