“Ebola can solve Global Population Explosion and Europe’s ImmigrationProblem, says Jean Marie Le Pen

The 85-year-old founder and former leader of France’s Front National, Jean Marie Le Pen has said that the deadly Ebola virus could solve the global “population explosion” and by extension Europe’s “immigration problem.”


Speaking at a party function in Marseille this past week, in preparation for the European elections to be held on Sunday 25 May, Le Pen said that the world’s “demographic explosion”  could be halted by Ebola.

“Monseigneur Ebola could sort that [the overpopulation problem] out in three months,” Le Pen said, adding that he feared the French population risked being “replaced by immigrants.”

“In our country and in all Europe, we have known a cataclysmic phenomenon—a migratory invasion that, my friends, we are seeing only the beginning of today.”

Le Pen, who is standing for re-election as a Member of the European Parliament, added: “This massive immigration risks producing a real replacement of populations if we don’t arrive in power soon enough to put an end to the politics of decadence that has been followed for decades.”

He said that religion added an “aggravating factor” to this problem because many immigrants were Muslim and Islam had a “conquering vocation … and even more conquering when it feels strong and they feel numerous.”

He was followed on stage by his daughter Marine le Pen, who is now leader of the party, who told the cheering crowd that “we wish to become masters in our own home once again.

“France is caught between two steel jaws,” she continued.

“On one side we have the importing of foreign cultures by a wave of foreigners who, unlike those who came before wish to impose a change on our behaviour and our lives.

“On the other side, there are the European commissioners who force their crazy administration on every aspect of our daily lives.”

Opinion polls have suggested that the FN could score between 23 percent and 25 percent of the vote in France this Sunday, beating the opposition centre-right UMP party and the ruling Socialists.

* Britain and the Netherlands held their European Parliamentary elections last Thursday. However, European Union rules state that in order not to influence voting in other member states, counting can only start once all the countries have held elections.

This means that the votes in Britain and the Netherlands will only be counted and announced when the other member states vote on Sunday.

An exit opinion poll conducted in the Netherlands has indicated that Geert Wilders’s Freedom Party has polled far fewer votes in the European elections than expected, around 12 percent. If this opinion poll is correct, it will mark a major setback for the party and its leader.

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  1. Union rules state that in order not to influence voting in other member states, counting can only start once all the countries have held elections.
    Yup, that gives the EU all the time needed to fiddle the votes ! They have misplaced so much cash that no accountants , have ever been able to sort out the books, apart from the dodgy lot, last year !
    So, yes, that really inspires confidence , that we will be holding Free & Fair lefty pc manipulated results.

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