Economic Pressure Increases Backlash against Colonizers in Spain

Economic pressure following “austerity measures” in Spain “are causing an increase in xenophobia,” the leftist “Doctors of the World” have complained in a new report.

The austerity measures, implemented by the Spanish government in an attempt to ward off a Greek or Cypriot-style collapse, have reduced healthcare services to illegal immigrants in an attempt to cut costs.


The perfectly reasonable step to stop giving money to invaders who have broken the law is regarded by leftists as some sort of crime in itself, and controlled news reports have even refused to call the invaders “illegal,” referring to them instead as “undocumented immigrants.”

“Rising unemployment and poverty across Europe have generated extreme-right statements stigmatising migrants,” stated the Doctors of the World 2012 report ‘Access to healthcare in Europe in times of crisis and rising xenophobia’.

“A significant number of Member States have raised out-of-pocket expenditure for patients. Spain has legally restricted access to care for undocumented migrants. In Greece, the entire public health system is under enormous pressure due to austerity measures. And while the general population is facing increasing poverty, populist political parties are taking advantage of the situation by laying the responsibility on destitute migrants, as easy scapegoats,” the report said.

According to the latest Eurostat figures, the highest increases in unemployment were registered between September 2011 and January 2013 in Greece (18.9% to 26.4%), Cyprus (9.5% to 14.7%), Spain (23.0% to 26.2%), and Portugal (14.1% to 17.6%). In November 2012, the youth unemployment rate (under 25 years old) was 23.7% in the EU-27. In Greece 57.6% of young people are out of work (September 2012), while in Spain the figure is 56.5%.

In Spain, only people who are working or who are in possession of a public healthcare card can access the public health system.

The report says that across all the countries included in its overview, 20 percent of patients are reported to have been denied access to healthcare in the past year, with 62 percent of people being denied access in Spain.

This figure inadvertently reveals just how widespread the Third World invasion of Europe is, and shows that it is financially impossible for Europe to bear the burden of providing social services for the rest of the world, contrary to what Doctors of the World might think.

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