Editor1Following the announcement by the Associated Press that they will no longer be referring to “illegal immigrants” as that, the staff at the New Observer wish to place it on record that they agree with this pronouncement.

In future, therefore, “illegal immigrants” will not be referred to as such at the New Observer, but rather a more accurate description will be used, namely “illegal invaders” and “Third World colonizers.”

In addition, to keep pace with this new editorial policy, the New Observer will no longer refer to homosexuals or lesbians as “gay”, but rather as homosexuals and lesbians.

If there are any other “politically correct” perversions of the English language that we have not thought of here, readers can be assured that no matter what, we will continue to call things as they are, rather than what the anti-European extremist genocidists would wish them to be.


  1. Hear, hear! Well said, my good man! Enough with this political correctness, calling people what they want to be called, pandering to their own conceits!

    I additionally propose that we cease to refer to people as ‘patriots’ or ‘defenders of liberty’ and use the correct term, which is ‘traitors to the Crown engaged in vile, rank sedition, engaged in the murder of His Majesty’s lawful authorities and terrorism against His Loyal subjects, holding no law or justice, promise, bond of friendship or sacred oath sacred except that which emanates from the barrels of their muskets and the bloodied point of their bayonets’. Alternatively, simply ‘criminals’, or ‘dangerous revolutionaries upending the God-given social order’ will suffice. For Bostonians, ‘tax-dodgers’, ‘vandals’, and ‘violators of the sanctity of private property and commerce’ are all acceptable.

    God Save the King!

    1. Well, well, stupid is as stupid does. We invaded Iraq, and now we are mad they are all coming here! 2 Iraq Wars just wasn’t enough, was it! So, if you don’t want Vienamese in your county, don’t invade Vietnam. If you don’t want Germans, don’t invade German. And if you don’t want Muslims in your nation, try REALLY hard not to invade 5 Muslim nations at once (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Pakistan drones)

  2. Did anyone notice the BBC’s statement this morning.?
    They referred to the two British Muslims who had gone to Syria to fight, as Fighters.
    Probably a correct term but are they not giving them some gravitas.
    They went their of their own accord as many European Muslims have done, for self grandisement or because of some deep-seated urge to serve their god.
    Nevertheless they were killed by Drone attack authorised by the British Prime Minister.
    Are we supposed to be shocked by the death of these British Jihadist because they were killed by a British Drone…?
    Did any of the BBC reporters stop to consider what these Jihadists had been doing whilst in the war zone. ? How many innocent throats did they slit, how many innocents did they burn alive. Just to mention a couple of the atrocities perpetrated by our brave fighters.
    Now that the BBC has joined the ranks of Jihadist supporters we had all better beware. It can only get worse.

    1. Well Roy, this is all part of the great conspiracy which has been unfolding in the UK for the last two or three decades and which accelerated under Tony Blair without the publics knowledge or consent.
      Legislation has been introduced and tightened year on year. It is now virtually impossible to decide whether an innocent debate over a pint in a bar about the Muslim Invasion of Europe (I prefer to call it a Blitzkrieg – an expression the Germans know only too well) is legal or illegal as such conversation comments may be perceived as “racist”. It’s shut down most of the general public conversation or debate: precisely what the likes of the BBC and the British Government want. When Islam takes over (as surely it will), there will be little more than a soft whimper from the Brits……………. No one seems to think ahead: What will the Muslims do with Christian graveyards? How will the Brits adjust to Friday being the day off in the week not Sunday? No more pork chops or bacon. The Proms will be banned. How will the women cope with getting in the back of a partitioned bus with the men in the front? The days of the open Homosexual or Lesbian will be numbered. As I recall, women displaying Lesbian tendencies in Saudi Arabia attracted stoning. I watched religious police in a supermarket in Saudi Arabia snatch a crucifix of an American who displayed it, not overtly, around his neck while he, his wife and child were pushing their trolley around the isles. It was thrown on the floor and ground into the tiled floor by the foot of one of the religious policemen. I suppose the stoic Brits will eventually get used to these sorts of things.
      Did anyone hear the BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme on Wednesday morning the 28th October 2015? The day before, the Government department, the Office of National Statistics, had announced that the UK would have an extra 10 million population within 25 years. Virtually all down to immigration and the birth rate of those entering. Mostly Muslims, needless to say. How did the Today programme report this shocking news? They simply announced it, no debate, no Ministerial interviews, nothing. Next day, they have an in depth interview with Keith Vaz, the Asian MP who declared he would press the Government to state clearly how they proposed to house and support the 20,000 Syrian ‘refugees’ Mr Cameron declared he would take in over the next 4 years. 10 million versus 20,000?! That’s BBC reporting for you. No word whatever as to the crime and disruption currently experienced in Germany, nothing. I believe the expression is, “the silence is deafening”.

      Actually, the more one applies logic to the developments over the decades, the more the plan unfolds. I have concluded that there has to be a vast number of Islamic converts in Government, including the Opposition and the BBC who have yet to, (forgive me), ‘Come Out’ and declare their new-found faith. No doubt they would float to the top when the time comes.

  3. A real pleasure to find your rich and enlightening work. The culture and humor topics are interesting and fun. I am not employed right now, but I will send a donation contribution soon. Will you ever have a classified ads section of some kind?

  4. I can only applaud your policy. Too many issues are being sanitised by the replacement of factual and well-established definitions for nouns and adjectives that cloud realities. It won’t be long before ‘father’ and ‘mother’ will be replaced by ‘parent 1’ and ‘parent 2’ or similar. The liberals have lost their moral compass due to their appeasement of certain minorities.

    I would urge you to also re-write adjectives in the media such as ‘right wing extremists’ when they are more accurately nationalists or protectors. However, I get the impression you are doing that already. But all credit to you!

  5. Be nice if you also had a policy about not using the term “climate change denier”,

    “Denier” has just been thought up to shut down any discussion about dubious environmental policies.


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