Egypt Introduces Anti-Invasion Law

The Egyptian government has instituted a new law to halt and reverse the flood of illegal immigrants using Egypt as a springboard to invade Europe.

The Egyptian law proves that that there is no justification for the “asylum” invasion, and that western European liberals are lying when they say “nothing can be done” to halt the flood.

Africans on board an invasion vessel in the port of Alexandria, Egypt, just prior to setting sail. They will be picked up off the African coast by EU naval vessels and transported to Europe.

According to the Secretary-General of the National Coordinating Committee on Preventing and Combating Illegal Migration (NCCPIM), Naela Gabr, the law is the “first of its kind in the Middle East.”

Speaking to the Xinhua national Chinese news service, Gabr said that the “law punishes people involved in smuggling migrants with prison sentences and financial fines.”

She said that Egypt has become a common launching point for illegal immigration through its Mediterranean Sea shores to Europe after Libya and Turkey lost their importance for smugglers in favor of the most populous Arab country.

The new 34-article law stipulates a penalty of between 50,000 and 200,000 Egyptian pounds (1 U.S. dollar=19 Egyptian pounds) or a prison sentence to anyone who smuggles illegal immigrants, attempts to smuggle them, mediates in the smuggling process, or provide any services while aware of the crime.

The law includes a definition of the crime of people-smuggling and various related elements such as smugglers, unaccompanied children, fraudulent travel documents, the types of ship involved, and the territorial waters where it occurs.

“A copy of the law has been sent to the African Union as a model to be followed by African countries,” Gabr said.

According to Gabr, Italy is the primary destination for most of the illegal immigrants who use Egypt as launching point, while Greece comes in the second place due to its deteriorating economic conditions.

She went on to express “dissatisfaction” at the lack of cooperation coming from the European Union to halt illegal immigration, saying that the problem “can be countered only by real cooperation and improving the conditions in developing countries” as well as solving the political feuds in the Middle East.

“Solving the Libyan and Syrian crises will decrease the illegal immigration. That is why the international community, especially permanent members of the UN Security Council, should reach a settlement to these conflicts,” she said.

Illegal immigration via Egyptian Mediterranean shores has risen over the past few years, the Xinhua report added, not because the invaders are “fleeing war” but simply because their own nations are self-inflicted economic disaster zones with massive unemployment.

Xinhua did not, of course, attempt to answer the question of why those Third World nations are disaster zones, despite being located on possibly the most fertile and mineral-rich continent on earth.

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  1. Egypt deserves an accolade for calling a spade a spade and devising laws without glaring loopholes just begging to be unravelled and/or ignored.

  2. Alas, all in vein as long as treacherous EU politicians backed by soros and rottenchilds are doing everything to implement Kalergie plan.

  3. This has been a helluva long time coming, is way overdue and probably far too late, but certainly better late than never.

  4. They might also instal some system to fine anyone linked to funding by Jews such as Soros, with the aim of extracting very large amounts of money from Soros.

  5. Egypt is a seriously malnourished country. They should distribute free meat to poor people and pay smugglers a cash bonus (while dropping criminal charges) for every truckload of refugees they hand over to the government for "processing".

  6. get ready? too late.the eu has already been infiltrated,the nightmare has only just begun for the eu…if your white you better arm yourself! no help for the german homeless but all the help for muslim migrants

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