Germany: “Protests” Are Not Enough

The German police’s heavy-handed tactics of physically forcing aside a group of protestors attempting to stop the colonization of their village by swarms of nonwhite invaders, has conclusively demonstrated the fact that mere “protest” alone is not going to halt the destruction of Europe.


Villagers from the town of Einsiedel, in the state of Saxony in eastern Germany, have been protesting against the placement of nonwhite “refugee”-invaders in a former German Democratic Republic (the former East Germany)-era Pioneer Youth camp in the town for the past three months.

According to local activist blogs, “hundreds” of protestors took to blocking the roads leading to the youth camp in October. Waving flags and displaying signs saying the fake refugees weren’t welcome in their town, the protesters also blocked a street with two large trucks.

The police initially tried intimidation tactics to scare the protestors away. They photographed individuals in the crowd, and spent thousands of euros letting a police helicopter circle above them filming all and sundry.

einsiedel-protest-02 einsiedel-protest-01

Repeated demonstrations grew larger and larger, and it was clear that that the majority of the town—first established in 1254 AD—was overwhelmingly opposed to the importation of the “refugees.”

This popular—and completely peaceful—protest was simply ignored by the government. They had decided to use the former youth camp without any regard for what the local people thought or wanted.


As a result, the youth camp was fortified with a steel surrounding fence to keep out the locals, and preparations went ahead to stock the interior of the accommodation in anticipation for the arrivals. The only change the authorities made was to stop announcing exactly when they would be placing the invaders in the camp—knowing full well that advance notice would see hundreds, if not thousands, of protestors block the road once again.

As a result, when the first group of 40 invaders arrived at noon on January 5 in six large taxis, they were accompanied by no less than 400 policemen.

Social media alerted the local protestors, but the speed of the authorities meant that only about 70 actually made it in time to the designated protest point.

Even though they were heavily outnumbered, the brave German patriots still blocked the road as best they could, facing down the hundreds of riot gear-equipped policemen.

Suddenly, the riot police moved in and physically broke through the thin defensive line, assaulting several of the protesters and arresting six. They were later charged with “crimes” such as “insult” and violation of the Assembly Act.

As of January 8, some 209 invaders had been shipped into the camp, in bus arrivals at all times of day and night in order to subvert all further opposition efforts. Hundreds more are due to follow, with planning permission for the camp set at 544 occupants.

According to the police, all the “refugees” who have been placed in the camp are those who are “most likely” to win the right to stay in Germany—because they claim to come from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. About half are under the age of 18.

Einsiedel has a native German population of around 3,600. A “refugee” influx of 544 will therefore give the ancient town an instant Third World population of 15 percent—and very likely close to a majority of under-18s.


Einsiedel is only one of many such towns in Germany where the authorities have ridden roughshod over local objections to place down the 1.5 million nonwhite invaders who have stormed into the country.

The police tactics at Einsiedel make it clear that the government is not prepared to listen to peaceful protests. The government should not therefore be surprised if German patriots, forced by the authorities’ attitude, increasingly resort to other, non-peaceful, means of protest.

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    1. I’m waiting for the police to turn and inform their superiors that they will not follow orders. As they haven’t I’d have to imagine that the police are ferried in, from well outside their normal operational area, but even then I’d expect them to be sympathetic towards their own race, or is their something nastier afoot?

  1. East Germany in Fall 1989 was a scene of mass protests against the East German puppet commie regime. Merkel witnessed all that in Lepzig, which along with Dresden and Rostock, was a scene of the largest of unrests. Those mass protests ultimately brought the commie Honecker government to its demise … will history repeat itself? Merkel is nothing else than a commie-turned-liberal and most East Germans perfectly know that!

    1. Marching won’t cut it. People fifty years ago in this country marched protesting the UN and to get the UN out of the USA. What a joke. Germans and other western EU countries are full of cowardly gelded males, who refuse to protect the women and girls from assaults and rape, etc. Idiot Europeans have allowed this invasion, unable to think logically and solve problems. Stupid losers, they have given away their countries to third world trash. A caliphate will soon emerge and mass killing and destruction will be the norm. This will change the course of history.

      1. You don’t seem to understand how Jews work, as a unified 5th column. We are in a war: but every other war has been between countries. Jews in effect have the population of a country spread over eight or ten or more countries. And many of their activities are invisible at the start: issue of money, changes of ownership, pressure of think-tanks, control of the BBC. It’s not what most people think of as a war.

        1. The current mass exodus of Jews from Europe is said to be due to the rise of `anti-semitism.
          Such fortunate timing !! After all, Europe`s coming mass invasion of Moslimes was a total surprise.
          Israel and Merkel couldn`t have timed it better had it been planned in !!
          Perish the thought!

  2. The fact is Herr Merkel and her gestapo will put these up welcomed migrants where they want to buyou have your chance at the ballot box very soon. But you should still stand tall in the face of these bully boy tactics of these gestapo police.

  3. Germany is going to need a *lot* more police to protect the rapefugees 24/7 while also guarding the politicians who welcomed them in. Might be time to write up a resume (CV) and send it in. Be sure to embellish it with lots of lefty hokum like working in non-profits, human-rights activism, etc.

    If you choose the path of violence, remember that Germany has no death penalty, you can do a lot of networking in prison, and you’ll be pardoned as soon as the patriots take power.

  4. Absolutely disgraceful. What a way to treat people in their own country. I can’t see any end to this without an insurrection. The government just won’t listen to the people they are sworn to serve and protect.

    1. “The government just won’t listen to the people they are sworn to serve and protect” – in a nutshell, Maryanne!
      The book published in 2013 – just before the last German parliamentary elections – written by journalists Günther Lachmann and Ralf Georg Reuth gives some answers to who Merkel really is!

      Btw. Mind you that “Spiegel” is a bit on the left side, but that’a still an interesting read.

      1. The Spiegel story attempts to distract from Merkel’s past. And of course everything
        Merkel remembers is 100% accurate. All Merkel’s actions in the last year suggest
        her communist ‘personality’ is the the main actor. Her conservative ‘personality is
        silent. Millions more to come, millions ! Autocratic Merkel is in for a fight.

  5. This German government is absolutely sick and criminal. It puts so much money and energy into protecting the total scum invading the country while attacking normal Germans protesting their own invasion at the hands of their own government. How utterly shameful. The crime being created is heinous beyond belief. This government MUST be overthrown. Merkel and the other perpetrators and enablers MUST be prosecuted for treason and attempted genocide. They must be punished accordingly without the slightest mercy.

  6. The civil unrest, the disdain for Angela Merkel will not stop as long as the flow of migrants and
    the number of migrants just keeps increasing. Germany is headed towards civil war. At some
    point Germans will want their country back.

    1. I thought seeing what is happening in Germany,Sweden,France etc would sway people here in England to vote to leave the EU ; but listening to a talk radio show it appears a lot of people seem to still think she has done the right thing and that you will get some problems with a few of them, most of the immigrants felt this way,the mind boggles just feel so angry and frustrated at the moment. Why don’t our rich EU leaders accept the fact there are thousand of our own homeless same as in America 30+ million homeless,18+ million children[not acceptable] yet they still let in more and more migrants.We are FULL UP.

    2. Herman: At what point, when the killing starts en mass? when churches and monuments are destroyed and people are run out of their houses and pushed into the streets and women raped? I seriously doubt if Germans Swedes, French, Brits, Belgium, and others will take any action at this point. Too little too late, the ship has sailed. Apathy rules.

      1. More and more migrants will be coming. The pile of uranium is getting warm but no
        run away fission yet. I guess it’s safe enough to throw more on.

      2. Merkel the Autocrat says ‘we’ are having problems. I believe she mentally detaches herself
        from her actions so even if there are many German lives lost , in her mind it will be their

  7. “Controlled Delivery” means the technique of allowing illicit or suspect consignment to pass out of, or through, or into the territory of one or more states, with the knowledge and under the supervision of their competent authorities…
    That is a criminal offence and a violation of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organised Crime. And Annex 1 prohibits the Trafficking in persons, especially women and CHILDREN. The purpose of this Convention also ensures the criminalization of allowing he Arabs to abduct German children for prostitution and concubines and as eunuch’s in their harems.

  8. The Jews know that they are racing against time. Jews world wide support DNA based immigration and marriage laws in Israel together with total repression of the Palestinians. An Israeli minister stated “Israel is for the white man” which would have had the world wide Jewish media explode for years if a white person had said this. You can see videos of Jews in Israel bruning down black businesses and shouting “nigger nigger out!” all the sorts of things that would have Jewish TV channels freaking out if it happened in a white country.

    By contrast, Jews are pushing race mixing for other races in their movies and TV and they are the open borders movement in every white country.

    Even brainwashed liberals are finding it hard to deny race differences in the face of the rapeugee’s European attacks on women. Blacks in the US have been making idiots of themselves shutting down Colleges that they are too low IQ to be attending.

    The Jews have to move fast before we are able to depose them and take care of business.

  9. It’s time all European people stood up they couldn’t stop us all .until obuma is booted out of office nothing will change .

  10. Remember, the French Revolution started with mass public unrest such as this.

    The German government is more contemptuosness of public opinion than the Chinese government ever was.

  11. Also, I can’t help thinking that the Fall of the Berlin Wall back in 1990 and the subsequent ‘reunification’ of Germany was the biggest tragedy and mistake ever to befall East Germany.

    Supposedly, East Germans were ‘poor’ under communism. Supposedly their ‘freedom’ (ironically) was curtailed. But in reality, in the great scheme of things, these are minor matters. For most of their history most Germans have been ‘poor’ or ‘unfree’, yet Germany and Germans still carried on and lived their lives.
    If East Germany never joined West Germany it is likely it would never but never have experienced massive uncontrolled non white immigration. It would have existed into perpetuity.
    Now, ‘free’ and ‘reunited’ it will die in a generation.

  12. All it takes is 1 death on either side but mainly on the National Protesters side to ensue a chain of reactions that will have damaging effects, even the very overthrowing of the present ‘Establishment/Regime’ and their cohorts. Look what happened in Tunisia to start the “Arab Spring” and how quickly it advanced sure there might have been outside influence/factors contributing and how quickly it spread to other Dictator Countries so rightly it could & should now happen in Europe? I’m sure the current regime have factored that into their stance against their own people & the various spin/drivel fed through MSM(MainStreamMedia) but all it takes is one over zealous police officer, military or paramilitary personnel and shebang things will get out of hand very quickly with the Elite fleeing the Country very quickly to places of safety/sanctuary leaving the People or Factions to sort it out. Its imperative if this does happen to get someone M/F of strong character & respected by the People in quickly – to get things as close and quickly back up and running, otherwise you’ll end up like Syria, Libya, Yemen & other dysfunctional Countries? Like Germany and many other European Countries the UK needs this to happen sooner rather than later because the current regimes just ain’t “Fit for Purpose”. Good Luck to All in Your Struggle & Fight for self determination & self rule!

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