Emma Watson Invited to Calais Jungle

An Australian activist has started a petition letter asking liberal actress Emma Watson to spend a week in the nonwhite invader “Calais Jungle” camp to demonstrate how safe she would be.


The activist, identified as “Oscar Izard” from Melbourne, Victoria, started the letter after Watson tweeted a “refugees welcome” hashtag.


The petition letter, posted on Change.org and titled “Spend one week in a Calais migrant camp for feminism (with no bodyguards)” says in its motivation that:

“In order to show how safe current migration is to Europe, particularly regarding the cause of feminism (I reject wholeheartedly the notion that North African and Middle Eastern migrants are unsafe, and rapists), Emma Watson should spend a week’s holiday in a Calais migrant camp, without guards of course, to show how safe, and how pro feminism these migrants are.”

The petition can be found here on the Change.org website.

Watson, best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, has also recently declared herself to be a devoted follower of Jewish feminist leader Gloria Steinem, in a number of tweets suggesting people read books written by the longtime activist.

The petition letter therefore cleverly combines all her political positions, and challenges her to have the strength of her convictions to go one week among the criminal hordes in Calais.

She is unlikely to take up the offer. As recently as January 15, 2016, two Dutch filmmakers, trying to make a sympathetic film about the Calais Jungle, were savagely attacked by the nonwhites they were trying to help. The attack, which was captured on film, was subsequently put up on YouTube, although pro-invader activists begged the Dutch team not to, because “it would harm the cause.”

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  1. Watson sounds like an idiot, probably a friend of the witch Angela Merkel. Australia is full of losers who gave up their guns some years back. Now they are being invaded with Muslims that will soon trash their country just like the EU now, and set up a Shiria law system and women forced to dress in long robes and head scarves.

    1. @laura m. ” Australia is full of losers who gave up their guns some years back”.

      Quite a harsh comment and completely unnecessary considering all white nations are facing the same globalist led issues. Our enemies do not see borders, only a white mass that must be genocided out of existence.

      And by the way, not all Australians gave up their guns.

      1. The gun and ammo kept in separate safes, police come around randomly to inspect storage, guns registered.

    2. Really?!! Way to go mate! It’s typical of the ‘right’ to turn on their own as you have done. It plays in to the hands of the bleeding heart lefties who are more united on their cause, which is one of the main reason refugees are flooding Europe. But it sounds like you have guns in your part of the world, so happy hunting! We have (in Aust) a turn back policy on illegal boats, controlled immigration, and gun control to stop the maniacs shooting up schools, shopping centres, and the like (re: Ikea in Europe – remember that? It wasn’t an asylum seeker). All supported by the majority by the way. Islam hates the west no matter how they come in to a country so if the ‘right’ want to keep our nations safe from the terror driven ideology of Islam, and our own nutters at times, then we need to stay united and put policies in place to protect ourselves and our cultures.

    3. “Australia is full of losers who gave up their guns some years back.” Such an ignorant statement!

      Australia never had a 2nd amendment, no constitutional rights to bear arms, unlike the US has.

      If ever you lose your right to bear arms, either you forfeit your gun or face a lengthy imprisonment term. This is what it came down to for those who gave up their guns, either they did willingly or they would be jailed!

      If you are going to have a stab at Australia for supposedly being losers due to the government buy back scheme then take a stab at the rest of the Western world while you are at since the majority of those countries have similar laws as us.

      Are you deserving of being accused as the typical stereotype arrogant yank “loser” living in your insular world that doesn’t have a clue how the rest of the world operates? It appears so.

      As its already previously been pointed out not all Australians willingly gave up their guns either, and just for the record guns are not illegal to own or possess in Australia, they are just harder to get now than they used to be.

      By the way I believe everyone has the right to bear arms, its great you have a 2nd amendment that privileges people like yourself to own one with less legal jargon involved.

      1. We have had a lot of young Australians commenting on 2nd ammendment sites. They thought the gun buy back was great, and think the US should do it too. I think those same young people have been brainwashed by the people that brainwashed our young people. We are having an entire generation believing every piece of garbage that the liberals have peddled.
        Good luck over there and be safe. This crap on the news makes my stomach churn…

    4. Laura, I may have misunderstood you but I think you have confused Emma Watson being British and the person who started the petition being Australian, hence your random abuse of Australians. Confusing Australians with Brits is a form of abuse and you should be sent to Calais for two weeks.

  2. Even in the savage infested ‘Jungle’, there will be some sort of hierarchy in place, and no-one will dare cross certain lines.

    So, with this in mind, I can only imagine that this will be a PR exercise, and if she does accept the ‘invitation’ she will be very well protected and looked after, and will then be able to come out and proclaim to the world the “They are all such lovely people, and we need to let them all into Britain where they will be such an asset to our society” or words to that effect.

    I’m disgusted that this young woman is becoming a serious role model for young girls..very dangerous.!

    1. Watson’s actions must match her words. Not only must she go there with no bodyguards, she must go there as an anonymous woman with no trace of her real identity, in order to protect against biased good behaviour/protection from some of the immigrants in order to gain positive publicity. Otherwise, she should shut up, because if she persists in defending something she doesn’t actually believe, she is aiding and abetting future rape crimes and is thereby spitting on her own people.

  3. Free country to voice your opinions Emma, but you are wrong to accuse people who do not share your belief as racists thats wearing a bit thin now. If you really want to help them ,put your money where your mouth is move to France or Germany go and help them but please leave England out of it.

  4. She might also take along her gold or silver watch, gold or silver jewellery, laptop, cell phone I-pad, purple polka dot frilly panties and bra, passport and bank cards.

  5. What is it with luvvies? They don’t have 2 brain cells apiece to rub together. They should stick to acting and not open their mouths off stage.

    1. hear,hear I have a 15 year old granddaughter whom lives with me and to be honest the thought of thousands of them arriving over here is stressing me out so if she thinks I’m racist so be it this is Europe not bl-o-o-dy Africa

        1. Show her the film clip taken in Cologne as dozens of these animals dragged this sceaming young woman into a underpass and gang raped her

  6. Brilliant Mike!! I would love to see her or any other of these #RefugeesWelcome libtards spend even 24 hours in any of these “refugee” camps or centers with NO bodyguards or other protection. Of course these phonies go nowhere without armed guards and then lecture us about tolerance and how we are so evil to want to own firearms.

    1. I agree, one day without guards would show her the error of her ideals and she should take Benedict with her and Yvette Cooper, and that other tiresome person Bob Geldorf.

        1. [1] Ethiopia has had a population explosion; expanses of grass land can’t support them. That was partly Geldof’s work.
          [2] A lot of the money raised went to local ‘warlords’ rather than to the supposed recipients.
          [3] Geldof made a fortune out of it.

  7. She is too young and naive to fully understand the islam culture. She has to live through one ethnic cleansing by islam people to understand the full scale of islam violent culture. Check out what they did to chinese in malaysia and indonesia when china was weak.

  8. And having passed Calais camp on a coach just before Christmas she will need a good nose gay. We could smell the place from several hundred yards through glass windows.

  9. Emma show the men that you are a ballsy woman afraid of nothing. Take them up on this offer and stay a week with no guards. You will silence the mouths of many.

  10. So many actors, pop stars etc, were quick to defend the Refugees ( let them come here) and put their names to the petition, these half a brain idiots have know idea, how everyday people are affected NHS -SCHOOL -HOUSING -JOBS-LIVE IN PROPERTIES NEXT TO THEM- THREATS-ABUSE, ETC ETC, I say to these half a brain celebs, have them stay with you and stop putting your names to petitions, that have no affect on you, totally meanless and if you are that concerned put your money where your month is, YOU PAY FOR THEM

  11. Let her have a wonder about on her own,let her have the full experience,these middle class lefty luvvies,really make me sick.

  12. “Housewives are dependent creatures who are still children – parasites” — Gloria Steinem (Feminist, journalist, and social and political activist who became nationally recognized as a leader and spokeswoman for the Feminist movement in the late 1960s and early 70s, “What It Would Be Like If Women Win,” Time, August 31, 1970)

    So, Watson; you are a devoted follower of a lying ex-CIA operative who not only demonizes men indiscriminately, but also demonizes women who may willingly choose a path different from her own too?

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