Erdogan Openly Blackmails Merkel

If emergency talks between the European Union and Turkey do not result in visa-free admission for Turks to the EU, Turkey will withdraw from the “migrant readmission agreement.”

This barely-concealed blackmail attempt was announced by Turkish President Recep Erdogan today after initial talks failed to reach an agreement.


According to the Bild newspaper, German Chancellor Angela Merkel “made it clear” after talks with Erdogan in Istanbul that the June 30 target date of instituting the visa-free admission program “was no longer tenable.”

The sticking point has come on Erdogan’s refusal to reform the current anti-terrorism laws in Turkey, which are being used to squash internal dissent.

The revisal of this law, Merkel told Erdogan, was an “EU requirement” for the visa requirement to be lifted.

Today, Erdogan said that the Turkish Foreign Minister would now continue the negotiations with the EU in his place.

“Should however these talks bring no results, then no decision and no law regarding the readmission agreement and the implementation process would be adopted” by the Turkish parliament, he said.

“If you’re still imposing criteria on Turkey which provides important support to the European Union by preventing those living in camps and pre-fabricated homes who are waiting to go to Europe (from getting there), then I’m sorry,” he said.

Erdogan accused the EU of only introducing the demand to reform that law after the “readmission agreement” was negotiated.

This is, however, another lie, because this requirement had been part of the agreement made with the Erdogan government in 2013.

Then, Erdogan—who was Prime Minister at the time—had called the agreement a “milestone.”

Today, however, he said that the EU was “not going to constantly impose new criteria upon us.”

“We will tolerate this up to a certain point, but after enduring it, Turkey has taken a final decision: And after having made the decision, then, no with offense, we say: Just you think it over.”

The EU offered Turkey the visa waiver as incentive—along with €6 billion ($6.8 billion) for Syrian refugees and fast-track EU membership talks—in order to get that country to stop the nonwhite invasion from Turkey.

The promised money has, however, not yet been paid over, another point which rankles Erdogan. However, the flow of invaders from Turkey has not been stopped either.

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  1. Shoot anyoine who tries to come from Turkey. Spines are needed to stop this totally genocidal madness. Start with getting rid of Merkel and to hell with Turkey. We certainly do not want any more muslims. We want rid of them!

  2. “However, the flow of invaders from Turkey has not been stopped either.”

    Did anyone in their right mind even consider that it would?

  3. Good, in the sense that Merkel shouldn’t prostrate herself before the Sultan of Turkey just to get her abominable mess cleared up (and pay billions of euros into the bargain). She’d better listen to her people. There’s trouble brewing.

  4. There once was a despot in Turkey,
    Who blackmailed the EU sans mercy!
    You give me my dough,
    Or I’ll send more Negroes!
    Cried the fat little tyrant from Turkey.

  5. “The sticking point has come on Erdogan’s refusal to reform the current anti-terrorism laws in Turkey, which are being used to squash internal dissent”

    How is that an different from the EU suppression of dissent? This what Junker has to say after the Austrian election:
    “The EU will isolate and use sanctions against any far-right or populist governments that are swept to power or presidential office on the wave of popular anger against migration.
    There is no debate or dialogue with the far-right.”

  6. Very good that they haven’t paid the money for Turkey yet. Turks are not allowing the doctors and engineers to travel further to Europe, whom foolish Merkel wanted so badly. They’re just sending over the uneducated troublemakers, meanwhile even getting paid for it, twice! It’s a no brainer for the Turks.
    So now Syrians are being shot at at the Turkish border in order to keep them out, which was inevitable, but no, we, we should just let the hordes in, let’s sacrifice some Europeans before we come to our senses.
    Maybe shouldn’t have had to follow Obama blindly all the time.

  7. Merkel knows all about bribery, it’s inbred throughout the EU, all the media are dancing to their tune and have been for a long time.

  8. Merkel and junker are lunatics, they have destroyed Europe with their invitation for invaders to come to countries that dident want them. This woman should be prosecuted for the destruction of the indigenous people of the European Union .

    1. Punishment of those who are hell bent on ruining Europe by importing scum from their filthy cesspits is a helluva long time coming.
      Surely prosecution would be a waste of time and money considering that their heinous scheme has already virtually bankrupted us.
      And anyway WE the jury already know the Verdict : GUILTY AS CHARGED.

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