Erdogan: Syrians to Become Turks

Turkish President Recep Erdogan has announced that Turkey will soon offer Turkish citizenship to the 2.7 million displaced Syrians living in that country.

Should Turkey join the EU, these “new Turkish citizens” will be able to move to Europe without even pretending to be refugees.


According to the Anatolian news agency, Erdogan was in the southern Turkish province of Kilis, which borders Syria and hosts more than 120,000 Syrians, when he made his announcement.

“Many of the Syrians now in Turkey want to become citizens of the Republic of Turkey,” he said.

“There are steps our Interior Ministry has taken on the issue,” he said. “We will give the chance to [acquire] citizenship by helping out these brothers and sisters by monitoring through offices set up by the ministry,” Erdogan said.

Around 2.7 million Syrians who have fled the war in Syria—ironically instigated by Turkey and other anti-Assad nations who have financed and supported the “rebels”— are now being sheltered at camps inside Turkey.

Even though they are perfectly safe in Turkey, nearly 700,000 Syrians took up the offer by Angela Merkel last year to move to Germany.

The fact that they were not fleeing any threat in Turkey automatically disqualified them from “refugee” status in the EU, but this was completely ignored in the rush to grant them residence.

The move to grant Turkish citizenship to the Syrians will also have the short-term effect of boosting the number of votes which Erdogan’s AKP party can poll—which in turn will allow him to push ahead with his policy of the creeping Islamification of Turkey.

Renewed talks on Turkey’s EU membership started on June 30 in Brussels, when negotiations about Turkey’s budget contributions began—an indication of just how far the membership negotiations have proceeded.

The major sticking points between Turkey and the EU remain the Turkish anti-terror laws, which the EU sees as repressive, and the refusal by Turkey to recognize Cyprus as a country. Cyprus was invaded by Turkey in 1974, and the northern half of that island state is still occupied by the Turks.

This weekend’s announcement by Erdogan of plans to give Syrians Turkish citizenship is clearly a ploy to speed up the transfer of those people to Europe in light of the EU membership talks—and it is therefore little surprise that the controlled media in Europe has largely ignored the news.

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  1. It would appear that the plan is for all the “Syrians” to become Turks, then Turkey to join the EU, and export all of it’s newly created Turkish Muslim invaders en masse into Europe.

  2. Yes I said that this would happen when the Merkel -Turkey deal was forged, they don’t even need to gain EU membership , once the visa free travel is granted to all Turkish citizens 2.7 Syrians are free to travel to the EU and how many do you think will come back to Turkey when their “visit ” is over. The EU can’t even get rid of the people who have been told to leave.

  3. Good article! Thank you, I have friend of Turkish decent who has been trying to explain the situation and the politics involved. He says the whole situation is a mess. I’m saving this so next time I see him, we can pull out the Atlas and I’ll be able to understand much better.

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