Establishment Declares War on Trump

Donald Trump has officially been declared public outlaw number one by the establishment—with the entire spectrum from conservative to far left uniting to condemn him as either the anti-Christ or a second Hitler.

The Washington Post has called for a Republican-Democrat alliance to stop Trump; the NY Daily News has called him the “anti-Christ;” while the far leftist gaggle of Jews in the Southern Poverty Law Center have used Trump’s picture to headline their latest “year in hate” review.

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 1.   From the “right” of the establishment’s political spectrum: In an article penned by Washington Post columnist—and Director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University—Danielle Allen, that paper asserted that journalists ought to stop reporting on Trump, that Democrats should help Republicans to keep Trump from winning the nomination by reregistering as Republicans, and that the Republican establishment had to unite around one anti-Trump candidate.

Allen said that she had “spent my life perplexed about exactly how Hitler could have come to power in Germany. Watching Donald Trump’s rise, I now understand.”

She asserted that journalists, by covering “every crude and cruel thing that comes out of Trump’s mouth,” thereby help to “acculturate all of us to what we are hearing. Perhaps we should just shut the lights out on offensiveness . . . It is time to draw a bright line.”

She goes on to state that the Republicans cannot “count on the Democrats to stop Trump” because the “result of a head-to-head contest between Clinton and Trump would be unpredictable.”

Therefore, all the Republicans should unite behind Marco Rubio to prevent Trump from winning the nomination, because he “has no respect for the basic rights that are the foundation of constitutional democracy, nor for the requirements of decency necessary to sustain democratic citizenship.”


2.   From the “center” of the establishment’s political spectrum: For its part, the New York Daily News—owned by Mortimer Zuckerman, the former chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations—recently published a front page article calling Trump the “Anti-Christ.”

Observers noted that this was ironic, as the Talmud is probably the most anti-Christian book in existence, and even calls for Jesus to be boiled alive in excrement (Talmud, Gittin 56b-57a).


3.   From the “left” of the establishment’s political spectrum: The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a well-known Jewish-run hate group which is quoted by the controlled media as an “authority” on anything which they find offensive—from made-up Ku Klux Klan organizations to groups which promote normal heterosexual families and children—has even used a picture of Trump to headline its “Year in Hate” review.

What is it exactly that has earned Trump so much hate from this Jewish lobby-controlled establishment?

Is it because Trump is a “white nationalist?”  No. In fact he has gone out of his way not to mention race, “white Americans,” or even “white voters.”

Is it because Trump has made racially-abusive statements? No. All he has done is point out that large numbers of illegal aliens from Mexico commit crime—figures which the law enforcement agencies confirm.

The hatred for Trump is not because he is running an overtly pro-white campaign—he is not.

The hatred for Trump is solely based on the fact that he is not pandering to any nonwhite group—unlike every single other candidate, Republican and Democrat alike—and is completely self-funding, and therefore not under the control of any of the Jewish mega-donors who control all the other candidates.

In addition, it is his “made-up using common sense” policy positions—on immigration, economics, tax, and so on—that the establishment finds so disturbing.

In other words, it is Trump’s independence which is the reason for the establishment’s hatred. It is an indication of how far left—and distorted—the establishment has become, that anyone speaking common sense is now labelled “Hitler” and the “anti-Christ.”

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  1. People need to stop buying and advertising in the NY Daily News…hit them in the pocket as they dont give a fig about their country or people…,!!

    1. There are plenty of Jews who support Trump. One example: I was told that NPR or PBS sent a reporter to Bernie Sanders old NY neighborhood where a lot of Russian Jews now live; they all support Trump.

  2. Another very good article. I do hope a significant proportion of American whites wake up to the sheer evil of the Jewish parasites, liars, and warmongers. In my view, whites have evolved to be diverse in their occupations, and many of these need technical skill, patience, endurance, childrearing, and so on. They are not adapted to oppose a tight extremist corps of liars and parasites, of the sort indicated in your article, experts in deception and concealment. Please, please wake up to the threat from jews.

  3. Trump’s the man! He is the only presidential candidate telling the Truth about what’s happening in the US. The corruption, the betrayal of ordinary Americans by bought/paid for slimeball politicians pandering to the wrong elements in the country. He wants to fix the colossal, open-door immigration disaster that’s allowing millions of undesirables to pour in.
    As for Trump’s enemies in the Press and elsewhere. . .who cares. Nobody pays attention to lying media types anymore. They are stooges promoting an elitist agenda. Trump for President!

  4. Maybe Trump is popular because it appears he has received very little in the form of political donations – so he is not in the pocket of those who paid large sums to get him elected. He is NOT politically correct and without special interest groups controlling what he says the general public trust him to act in their interests.

  5. The owners of the Press across the world do not the like anti-establishment figures, and this is the only site that tells us of that with the information we are given. Well done TNO, keep it up!

  6. These tactics won’t work on the Republican base supporting Trump. If Trump gets the Republican Party nomination he will beat the Demcrat in November. If the Republican establishment denies him the nomination, then we will see the end of the Republican Party and the beginning of a revolution.

    1. Good analogy, Bret. Trump will need to author some more forward looking ideas. Rhetorics will not get him through an election.

  7. When I looked up that Washington Post columnist I found references to her as the Washington Post “Obama Girl” Danielle Allen.

  8. The Establishment are scared stiff of Trump because these dictators can not control him like the other puppets. Also, the Establishment does not like the truth that Donald Trump states. What a sad world we live in when the powers that be use manipulation and lies.

    1. Manipulation and lies is nothing new where they’re concerned – we’ve never had anything else from the b*st*rds. They’ve always lied through their teeth, betrayed us repeatedly, sent our children to die in their revenue-raising wars for the banks and treated us as serfs with no real freedom or autonomy. They only allow us to vote so that we THINK we have some say and control. In truth, we have none – the above article perfectly illustrates that fact.

      They are supposed to work for US, but it’s WE who work for them. Has it ever really been any different?

      Isn’t it time we changed it?

    2. He has awaken the sleeping giant that is the long abused and forgotten middle class American White Man, Woman and Child that has been crapped on for decades.

  9. The Washpo and the Daily News are great for toilet paper. The good thing about these headlines, it is showing they are scared they can’t have their Media-run Utopia anymore. The sweat is falling in the Boardroom and i couldn’t be any happier

  10. When the opposition starts with this sort of crap you know that you’ve got them worried and that you’re on the right track Donald.

  11. The latest ‘usual suspect’ trotted out in a foaming at the mouth tirade of inanity. Interesting observing the depraved lengths to which mainstream media will go in their attempts to derail the Trump train. One can almost smell the establishments’ fear of Mr. Trump in their desperate and hysterical rantings. This makes for excellent entertainment, the best any media can offer. Okay, roll out the next ‘usual suspect’.

  12. It’s the same here in the UK … one rule for lying, insult-throwing left-wingers, allowed to make the most outrageous inaccurate claims, while anyone standing for the safety and security of the average working, tax-paying citizen is treated like a disease. The media are unashamedly biased, letting through disgusting untruths and accusations against the true nation-builders and patriots, and trying to make us feel guilty for wanting to protect what we’ve work for all our lives.

  13. The press doesn’t like people that can’t control. The more the bash “the Donald” the more people like him. The stupid jewish media owners can’t see they’re just making him more popular. No matter what his past, this is one American that will cast my vote for him.

  14. I gave up the NYTimes because of its bias.
    These other rags are just that, rags for dog do!
    Trump speaks the truth.
    RUBIO is not eligible in my book. No U.S. Parents. They were Cubans. He Is a citizen but not what is required by law. Of course, the present bum was also illegal, so is that the new excuse?
    Trump all the way!

  15. Real Americans know by and large about the many conspirators in the USG and that Trump is their only possible chance of getting America back to the American people.

  16. This is a re-run of what happened in Australia almost 20 years ago. The media behaved exactly the same with hysterical headlines, printing the most unflattering photos and even calling for an alliance bewteen supposed opposite parties.

    There’s good news: it doesn’t really work. Moreover it lets people see that the system is totally corrupt. That nobody is allowed to play unless they are beholden to the finance power.

    Well Trump has the wealth to say, go jump in the lake! So go Trump! But for God’s sake take care.

  17. It is pleasant to see the leftists squeal as they cannot control the democratic will of the people. It is also a treat to see the mainstream media freak out at their loss of message control through bias based reporting. It is enjoyable to finally see the government’s failure to ensure enslavement of the voters by giving back some of their tax dollars through programs that the people fear losing with a change in leadership. Government money is a misnomer as it is all tax money for whatever level of government and the citizen is only tax payer.

  18. Going by the level of support Trump has, in Europe, among ordinary hard working tax paying citizens, I hope its the same in the USA.
    We are sick of the well oiled , glib , used car salesmen, who make up the majority of politicians.
    They are so far into the free flowing unaccountable cash, that they will stop at nothing to prevent Farage from taking over the UK, and will be conspiring to blame him for everything from Storms to Volcanic eruptions.
    Not wanting to be Groped , Robbed or Raped, does not make you a Right Wing Extremist !

  19. I thought the whole point of a constitutional democracy was to express the ‘Will of the People’. If the will of the people is to elect Donald Trump or Marine Le Pen, then so be it. For other parties to collude to deny a huge proportion of the electorate their DEMOCRATIC choice of leader – as was recently achieved in the French regional elections by the traitors Hollande & Sarkozy – is not only undemocratic but tyrannical and treacherous in the extreme.

    It means we can only have ‘democracy’ (which we never really had anyway) if we elect the establishment’s choice. Consequently, a vast tranche of the electorate have no voice, no choice and never will have, despite voting, and their chosen patriotic parties will never, EVER, be able to achieve power.

    Isn’t this really the equivalent of a ban – in effect an ‘outlawing’ of parties with a patriotic viewpoint? So much for democracy.

  20. People who fear Trump, or rather his followers, are the ones who have been driving our country into a downward spiral to becoming a Third World hellhole. They probably should indeed fear for their future as any criminal who perceives he will be caught does. Time to take the garbage out.

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