Estonia: Jews “Plan Action” against Coalition Government which Includes Anti-Invasion EKRE Party

The official “Jewish Community of Estonia” organization has announced that it is holding a special meeting to develop a “plan of action” against the inclusion of anti-Third World invasion EKRE party in that country’s new coalition government.

According to an official press release issued by the Board of the Jewish Community of Estonia, the Jews—who of course all support Israel which already legally and physically forbids all non-Jewish immigration—said that they express their “utmost concern while observing coalition negotiations and the chances of EKRE gaining power as a ruling political party.”

According to the Jews, “many statements of this party [the Estonian Conservative People’s Party, EKRE] are antagonistic towards national minorities and aim at separating the society into insiders and outsiders. This can only cause frustration and regret.

“For the Jewish community, the principles of international law and European values are important, including the right of all nations to self-determination and preservation of cultural diversity in our state.

“We condemn any manifestation of anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia or other discrimination. In the coming days we will hold a special meeting of the Community Council, where we will discuss the current political situation and develop a plan of action for our organization.”

The statement also referred to a recent incident when someone allegedly shouted “Sieg Heil” in the street at the Chief Rabbi of Estonia, Shmuel Kot, saying that “such manifestations to be unacceptable and impossible” and that the police must investigate this incident.

The recent elections in Estonia saw the anti-Third World invasion EKRE double its vote and take 19 seats in the country’s parliament, campaigning on a highly sensible and reasonable platform of halting immigration, a referendum on EU membership, the promotion of higher child-birth rates among Estonians and the normal family unit of male, female and children.

Although the current prime minister Juri Ratas had earlier ruled out a coalition with the EKRE before the election, the surprise increase in that party’s support has robbed him of his ruling majority.

As a result, Ratas has launched coalition talks with the EKRE leadership to prevent his main rivals, the Estonian Reform Party from forming a government.

EKRE deputy chairman Martin Helme dismissed the Jewish attacks as “malicious and unfounded hysteria,” according to a report in the Estonian Public Broadcasting service, ERR.

“All of this talk about Nazism is embarrassing and stupid; it has lost all credibility whatsoever,” Helme said on ETV’s Esimene studio.

“Estonian society will be patched together under this coalition, as we have very broad support.”

He said that EKRE does not want a “mass Islamic invasion” of Estonia, adding that angry feminists and a number of other societal groups don’t understand their demands.

“We are fighting to ensure that no war zones develop in our country like they have in Sweden, France and Germany,” he explained. “Our message is that immigration must remain under our control.”

Helme also remarked in the alleged “Sieg Heil” Chief Rabbi incident, saying that it was “bad indeed when people are shouted at on the street,” but that the person who shouted the words was a “drunk fare-dodger who was just shouting.”

“I have received threats as well, but why has [Archbishop of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church] Urmas Viilma condemned that [like he did with the Chief Rabbi]? Now they used a drunk fare-dodger who was just shouting.”

Helme added that EKRE has nothing against Estonia’s Jewish community, and noted that his party was the only party in Estonia to declare that Jerusalem must be Israel’s capital.

The Jewish Community of Estonia’s website demonstrates their support for the Jews-only state of Israel, and carried a “happy birthday Israel” greeting to the Jewish ethnostate on its Independence Day.

Their support for Israel—whose prime minister said that that country was for Jews only, and that it built a wall to keep “wild beasts”  (that, is, non-Jews) out of Israel—is directly contradictory to their opposition to the EKRE.

Apparently the Jewish Community of Estonia is perfectly at ease with the idea of Jews in Israel kicking out non-Jews and being “antagonistic towards national minorities and aim at separating the society into insiders and outsiders.”

Once again, it is a case of one set of standards for Jews, and another for non-Jews. Jews are allowed to have their own ethnostate, reserved for them only, but anyone else who even suggests that white people have that exact same right, are “racists, xenophobes and anti-Semites.”

* There are about 1,950 Jews living in Estonia, out of a total population of 1.32 million.

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  1. Please oh please what ever you do Do not let these parasite Jews kill the beautiful white Estonian race If Israel is only for Jews then you have every right to keep these so called refugee invaders out of your country. Why does Israel set an example and open there country to all these so called refugees which problem they created in the first place with there total policy of chaos in the Middle East?

  2. “…including the right of all nations to self-determination and preservation of cultural diversity in our state.”

    Their words are totally contradictory. They claim to support a nation’s right to self-determination along with “diversity” at the same time. If you force diversity on a nation, those people have no right of self-determination. The right of self-determination is the ability to define who your people are, who they are NOT, and the freedom to live by those determinations.

  3. Jewish lobby groups are indeed malicious. In Austria they are agitating aginst the FPÖ and the Identitarians. They take it upon themselves to give orders to their host countries.

  4. The “separating the society into insiders and outsiders” is not simply a misapprehension of EKRE, but is a practical consequence of excessive immigration of people from alien cultures. The big issue is NUMBERS. Concern about excessive numbers of immigrants is not antagonism towards national minorities anymore than concern about excessive numbers of tourists is evidence of antagonism towards tourists. No-one calls opposition to mass tourism “xenophobia”.

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