French History Rewritten to Suit Invaders

FN_ouvrez-les-yeuxThe ethnic cleansing of the French people from France has reached such proportions that history books in that nation’s schools have now been rewritten to downplay white European culture and boost that of nonwhite immigrants.

Fortunately, some white French parents, teachers and lawyers have threatened legal action over new textbooks issued to all state schools in France which have “revised” content which, according to the traitorous French government, “avoids insulting ethnic minority pupils.”

In the new history books, the Crusades are twisted around and portrayed as an attack upon and an insult to Muslims (in fact the Crusades were a response to violent Islamic aggression which resulted in the seizure of Egypt, the Middle East and Turkey, which were all originally Christian lands long before Islam was even created).

In addition, the textbooks contain 20 pages devoted to the black Trans-Atlantic slave trade, while ignoring the far bigger and far longer in duration Muslim slave trade in black people. To add insult to injury, only six pages are devoted to France’s most dominant historical character, Napoleon — and even then he is described as the “Colonel Ghadaffi of his day.”

In a deliberate provocation, the books contain a cartoon of Napoleon with his trousers down, sitting on a toilet. The book contains no such disrespectful images of Mohammed or any non-white leaders, for obvious reasons.

A further ten percent of the book is devoted to the 13th Century Muslim state of Mali, which was essentially an Arab creation in West Africa.

Earlier, the French government announced that lessons on the French Revolution were to be replaced by studies of the alleged African “kingdom of Monomotapah.”

This obscure “state,” which has been built up to be some sort of majestic medieval empire, was in fact a minor tribal fiefdom in southeast Africa, which, like all similar tribal entities, was illiterate and kept no records. As a result, deluded liberals have ascribed all manner of “feats” to this largely imaginary “kingdom,” including a ludicrous claim that the Arab-built ruins of Zimbabwe were built by this tribe.

According to independent TV station RT News, parents and teachers are “enraged” and had threatened legal action.

However, even these protests are bound by the straightjacket of political correctness and ignorance.

A history professor interviewed by RT television, Dimitri Casali, warned that if France did not “teach [its] minorities the history of their adopted country, they won’t feel French.”

This attitude sums up the dilemma of the present-day liberal. Completely blind to the reality of racial demographic replacement, they pretend that “if only” the Third World immigrants would just “learn the culture” then everything would be parfaite.

This delusion ignores the reality that a changed population will result in a changed culture, and a Third World-origin population will result in a Third World culture.

France’s Third World immigrant population is now well in excess of twenty-five percent, and an even higher percentage amongst the younger generations.

Unless French nationalists make a breakthrough, and soon, Salam will soon replace bonjour as the way to say “hello” in France.

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  1. We must reverse this. Whites must do what all other races do always align by races and keep their lsnds and nations borders.. diversity fantasy did not work and the migrants are just to wipe the white culture out! It's a globalist plan to destroy what we built and end our race. 1965 all the white countries changed immigration laws from mostly white immigration. Now 50 years later All the same countries all at once decide to take migrants in such numbers as to guarantee there is no chance of assimilation. from countries who opposition to our ways of life and rule of law and culture is known. Say they are refugees and rule of law.
    the UN refugee group said if we sent the money they could house thousands of refugees more there than if we spent the same money bringing them to our countries. More humanitarian to help more there in their own countries but remember thus isnt really about help the refugees. Its about destroying all countries which are of white christian ancestry. The rape culture being brought from the third world is a blatant demonstration that these people are being used by globalists as virtual weapons against us and our culture. Iwe whites must realize this is the endgame and not to fight now is to lose eurochristian white races and with them the civilization culture rule of law science technology and all the benefits weve shared. We are a worthwhile race whose empathy has been used against us. Stand up for our rights. We deserve our countries for us. No nonwhite country is alliwing their nonwhite citizens to be overrun with whites. Save yourselves and your white brothers and sisters.. That is a declaration of war. Come on time to fight back. Its time to dig up your guns and use them indefense of your women and your children and your land!!!

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