EU Abandons “Compulsory Migrant Redistribution Plan” as Italy Moves to Expel Invaders

In a dramatic development in the ongoing mass nonwhite invasion of Europe, the European Union has announced that it has abandoned its policy of “compulsory redistributing migrants” from Italy and Greece—just as the Italian government takes its first concrete steps to start expelling the invaders.

Italian deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini smiles for the media as the first mass expulsions of fake refugees from Italian taxpayer-funded accommodations  begin.

According to a report in Il Giornale, the EU Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos has said that the “discussion on the compulsory redistribution of migrants is exhausted,” and that they are now “moving towards an agreement on a voluntary basis.”

“There can be different forms to express solidarity, but the main structure of this solidarity mechanism must be built on a voluntary basis,” explained Avramopoulos.

The compulsory redistribution program proposed that the two EU nations most heavily affected by the sea-borne invasion, Italy and Greece, have their load lightened by having the nonwhites “distributed” out to other EU states on a proportionate basis.

States such as Hungary, Poland, and Czechia refused to accept this forced invasion, resulting in legal actions from both the EU and those nations being lodged in EU courts. The EU’s decision to switch the program to a “voluntary” basis is therefore an “easy” solution to the conflict with the eastern EU member states, as it allows them to refuse to take any “redistributed” invaders with punitive or legal consequences.

Meanwhile, the Italian lower house last week approved the “Salvini Decree,” making that bill law. Under the new law, all “humanitarian protection status” for so-called “asylum seekers” has been abolished and only those who are accepted as “asylum seekers” can be housed in council-run reception centers.

All the rest—estimated to be in excess of 100,000 sub-Saharan invaders—have therefore had their state subsidies withdrawn and are being expelled from the accommodation centers which the previous far left government set up for them.

The objective of the expulsions—which are already being decried as “inhumane” by the controlled media and the far left—is of course to encourage the Africans to leave Italy, and the next step is to set up repatriation programs.

Salvini has said that the changes will lead to “more rights for the true refugees and less waste for those who are not refugees.” He has also said the new law means “the party is over” for the invaders who are “sitting in hotels watching TV” at public expense.

Other measures being implemented include the seizure of boats that “rescue” the invaders, and restrictions on the opening hours of “ethnic” shops.

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  1. Why the rest of Europe hasn’t taken this action since 2015 is beyond my comprehension. Has anyone ever seen an article that states where the money comes from within these cash-strapped countries? Across the EU countries, France, Spain, Italy and several others, their unemployment of their own people is high, especially the youngsters. The UK, will stop paying into this corrupt entity called the EU BUT there has been no reports on how they will cope once we stop being their second biggest donor. There have been reports that Germany, Holland, Austria, one of the Scandinavian countries have said they will not pay one euro more than they are already doing. France, Italy and Spain are battling to avoid joining Greece in the poor house. The downside to all this is of course, the ‘controlled media’ doesn’t want the voters to know the truth, they personify anti-democracy, total dictatorship and demand an end to elections within all EU member states. To the next three generations, my apologies that those we elected failed to think of your future.

    1. “To the next three generations, my apologies that those we elected failed to think of your future.”

      That’s the whole point, they have thought about it, but for them, if they have the right people in the right institutions & believe hard enough, everything will work out. Merkel’s “we can do it” is a perfect example, but when she says “we”, she doesn’t mean Germany’s people, but Germany’s institutions & laws.
      We all know that most of the elected politicans have four priorities:

      1) Get elected
      2) Get re-elected
      3) Keep donors happy
      4) Give the illusion of keeping “voters” happy, as long as it doesn’t interfer with 1-3.

      “Has anyone ever seen an article that states where the money comes from within these cash-strapped countries? ”

      That’s easy. European & their own Central Bank provide liquidity & governments issue bonds for investors to buy & pay them interest. The UK for example, pays over £65B a month in borrowing & it affords it through, yes….”borrowing”.
      They literaly rob Peter to pay Paul.

      Anyway, as for “action” by Italy, it sounds great, but do we really expect that 100’000 of these invaders are simply just going to be deported? Like hell they will! Many will “flee” to other countries or even if they can be deported, how likely is it that their home nations won’t just refuse to accept them back, least of all in plane loads at a time?

      It’s a good step, but lets see if Italy’s government walks the walk. Donald Trump promised the Earth & so far has delivered dirt on his supposed “wall” that he & his worthless allies haven’t & don’t want to deliver on.

      1. You don’t seem to realise that Jews control money, in the sense of being allowed to print paper, worthless is there’s no enforcement, and subject to a few controls, such as supposed maximum percentages/year. AND Jews have vicious policies against other races, though this is kept as secret as possible – including by churches. It’s as though psychopaths have their own handouts to feed their schemes.

  2. Good.

    Just hoping that Salvini actually has the guts and the will power to implement this plan.
    Even so, it still doesn’t go far enough.

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