EU “Asylum” Racket: “Syrians” Only 13% of Latest Invaders

Only 13 percent of the 66,908 nonwhite invaders who demanded asylum in Europe in March 2017 claimed to be Syrians—a statistic which completely undermines the entire asylum racket’s claim to be offering shelter to “war refugees.”

According to the European Union’s official European Asylum Support Office (EASO) “Latest asylum trends–March 2017,” the 66,908 nonwhite invaders who claimed asylum in March this year “marked the first monthly increase since August 2016,” and compared to the previous month, “February 2017, the number of applications rose by 14 percent.”

At least 3 percent of the applicants “claimed to be unaccompanied minors (UAMs) when lodging an application,” and the largest shares of UAM applicants were accounted for by Afghan citizens (13 percent), closely followed by Gambian citizens (11 percent).

In March, the top-three claimed citizenships of origin of applicants was composed of Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, the same composition as registered between April 2016 and October 2016.

Nigeria, which since November 2016 alternated between being fourth, second, and third citizenship of origin, dropped to the fourth position in March 2017.

The list of the 10 most frequent citizenships of origin was completed by Pakistan, Albania, Eritrea, Guinea, Bangladesh, and Côte d’Ivoire.

With the exception of Eritrean and Nigerian applicants, which each decreased by 3 percent compared to February, all top 10 citizenships recorded higher numbers of applicants.

In March 2017, 8,512 invaders who said they were Syrians—a claim which is doubtful given the large number of fake and forged Syrian documents in circulation—demanded asylum in Europe.

This amounted to only 13 percent of all applicants in the EU in March 2017—and that from the country where there is indeed a war going on. Of course, even Syrians have no real excuse to claim asylum anywhere, as more than half of their own country is under government control, and they could easily move in peace to those regions.

Nonetheless, the fact that 87 percent of the nonwhite invasion force which swooped on Europe to parasite off European liberalism and welfare handouts, is not from Syria, is conclusive evidence that the entire asylum racket is a hoax.

There is no “asylum crisis”—there is only an ongoing, coordinated, and determined invasion of the white First World by the nonwhite Third World.

It is an invasion which, if left to proceed, will destroy Europe completely and drag it down to the level of the Third World.

Separately, the EASO announced that it had “relocated” a total of 16,477 nonwhite invaders from Greece and Turkey into other countries within the European Union since January 2016.

The “relocation” program entails the EU physically transporting the invaders who have landed in Greece and Italy to the following states: Finland (1,242 “relocated”), Sweden (39), Norway (902), Latvia (290), Lithuania (251), Estonia (100), Romania (568), Bulgaria (29), Croatia (33), Slovenia (166), Switzerland (762), Liechtenstein (10), France (3.157), Spain (886), Portugal (1,251), Luxembourg (277), Belgium (522), Netherlands (1,687), Cyprus (65), Malta (111), and Ireland (382).

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  1. Why is this allowed? The "leaders" of these countries have condemned their own countrymen/women and future generations. Sickening and quite frightening! President Trump may not have all the answers, but, at least he's slowing the madness. Global genocide.

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