EU Chief: 60% of Invaders “Not Refugees”

The Netherlands’ European Commissioner—and far leftist Dutch Labor Party member—Frans Timmermans, has admitted that at least 60 percent of the nonwhite invaders who have come to Europe are not “war refugees” but actually just economic migrants.


Speaking in a radio interview with Dutch broadcaster NOS, Timmermans, who is also the European Commission’s first vice president, said that “More than half of the people now coming to Europe come from countries where you can assume they have no reason whatsoever to ask for refugee status. More than half, 60 percent.”

Large numbers of the invaders are from Morocco and Tunisia who reach Europe via Turkey, Timmermans said, referring to figures from European border agency Frontex, which, he said, have not yet been officially published, but to which he has had access.

frans-timmermansTimmermans—who is very pro-nonwhite invasion in his ideological outlook, said that it was important to send these “economic refugees” back home as quickly as possible “to make sure that [public] support for people fleeing war” is not harmed.

“If they could be sent back, it would make an enormous difference,” Timmermans said, indicating that even the far left is aware that the ongoing criminal- and sex-attack rampage by swarms of nonwhite invaders in Europe is damaging their support base.

Timmermans’ comments were immediately attacked by “experts” on the NRC news service, who said that an analysis of the Frontex figures showed that 64 percent of the “refugees” were coming from “war zones such as Syria and Iraq.”

Asked about the contradictory figures, a spokesman for Timmermans told the NRC that he had been referring to all entry points into Europe, not just the Greek islands.

Earlier this week, a number of EU member states applied to the European Commission to extend their “border controls” for up to two years. Dutch junior immigration minister Klaas Dijkhoff was quoted as saying that the “current, existing deadlines to stop are not long enough to have the crisis resolved and have the countries disband their measures.”

The “border controls” are, like almost everything else the liberal western European governments do, a hoax. All they do is inconvenience Europeans who now have to show passports once again to pass from country to country, but “refugees” who claim asylum are generally let in anyway, at least until their applications “are considered”—something which can take two years or more.

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  1. Timmermans, we don’t need muslim loving scum like you to tell us this. The people already know but EU trash don’t listen to the people and they do what they want irrespective!

    1. I see in other media that the EU are now claiming that there is no link between mass immigration and the NYE sex attacks in cologne and other places. Denial!! What kind of fools do they think they are addressing?

    2. When these Marxists start talking trash about the failure of their policies be very careful, there will be a sting in the tail of it.

      They will certainly have some devious reason & will hit with something even more evil.

      Best to get him out of power!

  2. From what we read in the media – I think we know this already. Otherwise, why aren’t they claiming asylum as they reach EU shores??

  3. A friendly settlement within the European Convention on Human Rights Jurisdiction will ensure that Mr Timmermans statement “If they could be sent back” have its obvious conclusion and all these immigrants, and the expected 8 000 000 next year, will find a new home in Europe and they will do as they do in Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Libya chop off each others heads every day to sort out their problems. I am not aware of any plan for a space for the indigenous peoples of Europe, or what will happen when the public purse has been cleaned out by the participants in the Maraud of Merkel and their friends in the Netherlands.

  4. No shit, Sherlock! I don’t want to hail him too much, but Orban have already said that almost half a year ago.
    Well, at least we know we are making some progress.

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