EU Citizens Face Extra “Refugee Tax”

Germans—and all European Union nationals—might be burdened with a special extra “refugee tax” on every liter of gasoline they put in their cars in order to pay for Angela Merkel’s nonwhite invader hordes, Germany’s Foreign Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has announced.


Speaking in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, Schäuble—a member of Merkel’s CDU party—said that “if funds are not sufficient in the national and European budgets, then we will propose that a levy be placed on each liter of gasoline. Then we will have the means to cope with the European refugee question.”

When asked if this extra refugee tax was going to be obligatory across the entire European Union, Schäuble said that he would prefer it to be voluntary, rather than mandatory.

“If any [country] is not willing to pay [the levy], then I am in favor of allowing them that option. In this way, we will form a coalition of the willing.”


“Schäuble proposes Europe-wide Gasoline surcharge for Refugee Crisis,” reads the headline in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The reason for this proposal, Schäuble said, was that although the German government had a tax surplus, “we may have a problem with the functioning of the federal system [in meeting its obligations] without debt.”

These obligations are primarily the increased expenditure on “security issues”—that is to say, “more police,”—and that the German government may have to raise “additional funds from the European budget.”

In addition, Schäuble said, Turkey would need “more than the €3 billion” already promised to it to cope with the situation there.

The announcement that there might be an extra tax to pay for the invasion is directly contrary to the October 2015 announcement by Angela Merkel that there would be no tax increases resulting from her policy.


Schäuble’s interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung also revealed that he—and apparently many others in the CDU—actually believe that the majority of nonwhite invaders will peacefully agree to leave Europe.

In a stunning display of naiveté which reveals his unfitness to hold such senior public office, Schäuble told the newspaper that “it was going to be the norm” for the “refugees” to go home. (Die Rückkehr sollte der Normalfall sein).


“We offer provisional protection to those who need to flee a war zone, in particular Syria, in terms of the Geneva Convention,” he said. “This is associated with a timed residence permit [set to end when] the war in Syria ends, and normal conditions in that country prevail.”

Even the official figures—as inaccurate as they are—reveal that a majority of the nonwhite invaders who have poured into Germany are not from Syria. This makes a mockery of Schäuble’s belief that they are all going to “go back” once peace breaks out in that country.

It is clear that if the majority of invaders had any honest intention of seeking “temporary protection” because of “war,” then all the Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Afghans, Somalis, Moroccans, Algerians, sub-Saharan Africans, and so on, would never have made the trek in the first place.

The mere fact that they have taken up Merkel’s free-for-all offer to invade Europe is prima facie evidence that they are there with malicious intent.

Schäuble, and anyone else, who thinks that these swindling nonwhite hordes have any intention of voluntarily returning to their own self-inflicted disaster nations—when they have the option of living off the German taxpayer instead—is quite literally mad.

The only way these invaders will leave again is by force—and the types like Schäuble do not have the political will or ability to make that a reality.

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  1. “If any [country] is not willing to pay [the levy], then I am in favor of allowing them that option. In this way, we will form a coalition of the willing.”
    Is that before or after the thumb screws are applied, Herr Schauble ?

    1. Being that I’m in Australia, an ex-Brit hoping to see the break up of the EU every time I look at the news, and, I don’t have to pay, I can see an upside in this. Firstly it will put the squeeze on Cameron, can I hush this up or disguise it? Second although the masses in UK are all somnambulists as far as serious matters go, just about everyone is affected by a petrol rise, and hopefully they’d associate this with the ever higher taxing EU, and it’d swing in a good tranche of out voters.

      1. Lucky you, being in Australia, far away from the insanity of the EU. Like you I hope daily the EU will collapse. You are right that the masses here in the UK are not bothered by the EU but that is partly because for years all our media has been gagged, apart from the Daily Express, shame on them. I think there is a good chance the collapse of the EU could start in Germany. Imagine the mind set of the basically honest, impeccably clean, mannered and orderly Germans (and I’m not a German fan) faced with invasions of these aggressive, scruffy, ill mannered, demanding, angry hordes abusing their women and leaving their rubbish and waste for others to clean up. If it weren’t so serious it would be laughable ‘hoist by their own petard’. They must be choked by the affrontery of these mobs.

        1. The EU will eventually collapse, like the USSR did. White nations will once again be white and healthy and this insanity will stop one day. This will not continue forever, I promise!

    2. Coalition of the willing? Go for it then Schauble. Voluntary? Great, you may garner a few shillings from the coalition of the confused, good luck with that. Perfect qualifications to be a non elected EU zombie, fervent Merkel supporter with no brains, a natural for the EU.

  2. Schäuble is a lawyer who runs German financial affairs and the Ugly Angie has a degree in physics and rund German immigration affairs – isn’t this a bit strange?

  3. This is the first time I’ve read about a ‘timed residence permit’. How are they going to find and return all the asylum seekers if/when Syria is returned to a state of peace and harmony? They will have disappeared before that happens, no doubt to the stupid country UK that takes anybody in.

  4. Hope there`s contingency plans in place for an EU rescue when bankruptcy comes calling. That can`t be far off judging by the largesse shown to every ME country that waves a begging bowl.
    Leading this motley band of beggars is Turkey, a country that`s definitely no `turkey` at sleight of hand.
    “Now you see it!! Now you don`t!! More please!!! ” ad infinitum.

    1. Sure hope so Mike, as its passed its Use By date! I’m and many I know are strongly NO to the EU Dictatorship but YES to Europe as strange as that appears.

  5. “Turkey would need “more than the €3 billion” already promised”

    Only those who promised need to deliver – no worries, mate!

  6. And so the dictatorship continues, even as Germany and Merkel’s regime crumbles…

    I read yesterday that she will be standing for re-election in September – does anyone believe she’ll still be in power in September.?

    Of course this explains why they are going to try and ban the NPD in March, because if this continues, they’d probably win a majority by September.!

    1. Actually Stu, the next German elections are scheduled to take place in Fall 2017 but can be held earlier, eg. if the government loses a confidence motion – they have the ruling coalition CSU/CDU (just over 40% seats in Bundestag) with some major opposition inside and the vice-Chancellor, Gabriel, is a Jewish socialist from SPD (25% seats) … so you never know!

      1. Can’t find where I read that Kol, but you obviously know more than I, or whoever wrote the article I was reading.

        Regardless of what happens now politically, I can only see full scale conflict as a resolution to this. These savages aren’t going to leave Europe without a fight, and it may be a fight we’ll lose unless everyone unites against them.

        1. Stu, the elections in Germany are most likely going to take place earlier than it was scheduled, anyway. During his latest interview in German radio ARD the parliamentary group leader of the ruling CDU and CSU from Bavaria in the German Bundestag, Volker Kauder, confirmed the existence of the inside letter requesting German border closure. The letter is signed by almost 50% of the group members and will continue until 19th of January and will be discussed later during the CDU/CSU meeting – the Ugly Angie has a serious inside oppostion!

  7. Mad Merkel shouted from the airways come now she wants everyone to pay – but Mad Merkel was only voted in by the German voters. Germany is several times as strong financially as anyone else in Europe – the Uk is trillions in debt and rising daily – perhaps the Greeks or the Frogs ?

  8. “In addition, Schäuble said, Turkey would need “more than the €3 billion” already promised to it to cope with the situation there.”

    Germany and Merkel have been well and truly conned. For the 3 billion euros received so far they have done nothing to stop the freeloaders crossing the Aegean Sea. And Turkey needs more? Erdogan is one slimy conniver.

    1. It’s starting to look better for us in the polls (of course May proved how wrong the polls can be) with a 6% lead for the BREXIT campaign. We can only hope.

  9. NO! Bloody iniquitous. GERMANS should be made to pay for the horde. As Orbon said, it’s a German problem.
    Then German taxpayers would feel the pinch and DO something about this wretched pair, Merkel and Schaubel.

  10. There is a massive tax increase coming for Germans and Europeans in general. It is inevitable.
    With millions more to come and comatose Merkel still in power this is an easy prediction.

  11. In the last three years gas prices in Europe have stayed pretty constant, despite the fact that on the international market the oil prices have fallen by some 70% gasoline is still taxed as if the price were what it was years ago.In other words this slimy mealy-mouthed thief, tis miserable leech on the public purse is saying forget about the 70% you are already overpaying, pay some more

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